Gran Turismo Sport – Opening Trailer | PS4

Gran Turismo Sport – Opening Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport – Opening Trailer | PS4

  1. GT Sport is garbage. There is no single player mode to build up and collect cars, nor move up in levels. Plus everything is online and you have to have a wicked internet connection to play. Very dissapointed! Don't buy!!!

  2. Just watching this just touches my heart. Now that I’m more mature I truly understand racing and this video is just an amazing masterpiece and so inspiring. This is why I love Gran Turismo.

  3. Why have Forza Motorsport when you have this? It’s literally a masterpiece! At the very day I posted this comment the updates were all about the missing cars and bugs which just makes me smile seeing some cars from the previous Gran Turismo game returning!

  4. Sounded like I was watching a trailer for the new Steven Spielberg movie. What happen to the Van Halen and rock music the old GT games use to have?

  5. 1:43 i knew it was too real, if you look closer you can see these frames of video are real footage and not from video game, well i guess in my perspective, to me that frames are real footage, not trying to bring down the work or the game it self, cause i like the game and i have and love the graphics but you know just saying what i saw. and now probably i shouldnt express my opinion on the internet i know how this is gonna end. anyways just spot that. nothing more expect from that, 10/10 would ride again.

  6. The music makes me think of a film in trying to pitch to Disney, the name of the film is "The Great Race", in fact the film is based off of Initial D's origins, and the whole Gran Turismo franchise itself. Plus it has a unique story, one of the characters is a former car mechanic named Penelope who tunes and fixes cars, but she mostly tunes up vehicles. In addition, she used to work as a mechanic as mentioned, and got a nickname, and that is "Scruff" .

  7. Notice the the signa barl next to a drivers name that apparently doesn't matter..1 bar 2 bar should you really be in a online race…stupid

  8. The music eeminds me of the intros to the Mighty Ducks movies. Someone please take me back to the 90s

  9. GTS needs to add the Corvette ZR1, or at least the Vette Zo6.
    Also GTS needs a better Ford Mustang. 😣
    Actually GT6 was a better game because of the wider variety of car choices that gamers had.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the visuals & the customization thats on GTS, but needs a wider variety of car choices.

  10. Pensé que esa animación era un software de diseño y arquitectura😨😨😨😨👌…..Lumion pero no….. se ve muy bien aunque la música está graciosa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  11. I've been playing Forza since the day Forza Motorsport (the original) released, and I can confirm that Gran Turismo is FAR better with their openings than Forza

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