Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Reveal Trailer | PS4

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Reveal Trailer | PS4

  20 Jan 2020   , , ,

Are you troubled by strange noises in the night? Do you experience feelings of dread
in your basement or attic? Have you or your family actually seen a
spook, a specter, a ghost? If the answer is yes,
then don’t wait another minute. Just pick up the phone and call the professionals. Call the…Ghostbusers! [“GHOSTBUSTERS”
BY RAY PARKER JR. PLAYING] It wasn’t me this time.
I swear it. Now she calls my name. Block the exits! Don’t let it escape with her! Hit it with fire!

100 thoughts on “Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. Before I found out the game is coming out on the Switch: “I don’t need to get it, I have it as backward compatible on my Xbox”
    After I found out the game is coming out on the Switch: “Day 1 buy for me”

  2. Hopefully this sells well. I would really love a full fledged co-op story action/adventure Ghostbusters game.

  3. I love this, this was the real 3rd movie and more than lives up to the series and it didn't have an untalented hack of a director calling the fans sexist if they didn't like it

  4. A moment of silence for everyone that tried to get all the achievements or trophies on the ps3/xbox only to find they couldn't because no one was playing online

  5. Please tell me they put the cut bosses back in!
    ▪Ghost Shark with the half fisherman trailing behind
    ▪Graveyard wrestler with a ring made of gravestones
    ▪T'rex skeleton in the museum

  6. Me: Man it's sad how 2019 is running out of great games.

    Childhood nostalgia: Allow us to introduce ourselves!

  7. Ghost busters 2016:I'm the best ghost busters game ever on ps4

    Ghostbusters remastered:hold my ectoplasm

  8. Oh great now I gotta buy another ps4 because I sold it to buy a switch smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😖

  9. The very true spirit and heart of Ghostbusters this is Ghostbusters 3 it should be made into a CGI realistic movie I mean come on.

  10. I mean, this was pretty much Ghostbusters 3, and I'll always love it for that, but did we really need a remastering of this game?

  11. I am beyond hype. This is straight up Ghostbusters 3: The Video Game and I've always loved it. Gonna be amazing to play it again with some more visual beef behind it.

  12. We seriously need a Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas )video game,Captain Planet Video game, gargoyle video game done by Square in ex or insomniacs!

  13. リマスター!?素晴らしい!
    Remastered! ? Great! Please release the Japanese version!

  14. I really hope it comes out in late August or late September in time for the fall and of course the Halloween season.

  15. You know, I've played both the Original PS2 & 3 releases of this game.

    You'd be surprised how different they are, and Honestly, the PS2 one was a better game I'd argue then the PS3 one.

    Still interesting to see it's getting remastered though~

  16. I played this on the wii a long time ago and if I could have it on Xbox that would be amazing but sadly don’t think it will be

  17. Ok this was the best game I ever played on the ps3 sooooooooooooooooooooo of to gamestop I go. ( once it’s out)

  18. What do you think are the odds that this game will have new game plus? I'd love to use the stasis stream on Stay Puft!

  19. Alert: New Leak that comes from a UK Retailer says the Game is releasing in November most Retailers put December 31st has a Placeholder so this could be true.

  20. I’m all happy for this. I really truly am. But I’m not the only one who realizes that the entire trailer was only the cutscenes am I?

  21. Looks great and all, but I'd like it more if the trailer wasn't all prerendered cutscenes FROM THE ORIGINAL GAME. Don't get me wrong, I'm as hyped as the rest of you, but I'm just the tiniest bit skeptical.

  22. I hope this game gets new game + so we can every upgrade we get maybe we the proton pack from ghostbusters 2016

  23. Ps4 pro did bad in sims 4 how is ghostbusters on ps4
    Sony put on store not the disc is wasted of money
    Ps4 ghostbuster will be offline only due to ps3 ghostbuster not any be on

  24. Looks cool, woulda been cooler to just remake a brand new high detail, kinda serious style. Open world even 🤯

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