– I actually had to sell
one of these for wedding money. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be showing you ten video game systems.
– Okay. This is totally foreign to me. – (FBE) These are actually
the ten best selling systems of all time and we’re gonna
see if you can guess where in the top ten
each one ranks. – Gotcha, okay.
That’s gonna be interesting. – Oh, so basically like
the top ten toys one? – (FBE) Now, some of these
margins are razor thin and have been reported
with different numbers over time, but we’re going with the consensus
of what we found online based on the numbers
of units sold. – Oh, jeez.
Well this sounds like a very challenging task
for my generation. – (FBE) So after you see
each system, we’re gonna ask you where
you think each one ranks in the top ten.
And this episode is one of the first of the
new Generations React. You’ll be competing against
all the other different age groups. – Okay, I need to get this
right, then. – Oh no.
Now that’s a competition. Ooh, okay, okay.
Let’s do this. – Well, I think I got
the perfect age group. I know enough about
about the old school and I’m up with the new school,
so this is gonna be a win. – (FBE) Here is your first system.
– A Game Boy. – Oh, it’s a Game Boy.
This is old. – I played it a few times,
but not too much, though. – I didn’t have this Game Boy.
I had the Game Boy SP that was a little more advanced. – Game Boy is what started
it all for my Nintendo video game addiction. – This is pre-light days,
so you had to get the accessory that clipped
on top and it was a little flashlight you could
shine on the Game Boy. – A lot of people had
Game Boys back when I wasn’t alive.
I’ll put it at number four. – Seven. – I’m gonna start at seven. – Eight. – Game Boy seems
sort of old, so I’ll put at eight. – (FBE) And here’s the next system.
– Oh my God, what is this? Oh, PlayStation. – Oh, the original PlayStation. – Is it just the first PlayStation? – This brings back memories.
Oh my God. – I actually had to sell one
of these for wedding money. And I was like, “No!”
’cause I’m like, “What am I gonna play
Tony Hawk Pro Skater on?” – This is one of the consoles
that my dad had when I was younger
and it was everything. We would play Twisted Metal,
Tomb Raider. – I’m putting it at number six. – It had to be up there, too.
I’m going to say four. – I’ll probably put this
one number four. This was the first thing
that actually competed with Nintendo, I feel like
back in the day. – I’ma put this at
number three. – I would say number three. – Probably more than the Game Boy.
I’ll go six. I’m playing it safe. – Seven, or six, no.
Seven. – Seven, just because I still
feel like the portable gaming with the Nintendo Game Boy
is still above this one. – Oh PS2. – This is PlayStation,
oh my God, 2 – I know nothing about it.
Is this the newest version? – This is very nostalgic right now.
I gotta hold him. – We still have ours.
This one lasted for years. – I still have this at home.
It still works. – I’m putting it number five. – Yeah, I’ll just put two.
People usually buy more the sequel. – Five for now. – This has to go at
number nine. I feel like there’s
a lot more famouser PlayStations. – I’m gonna put this one
at number three for right now, because I feel like there’s
a couple consoles I don’t think it’s outsold,
but I also know again, for its time, this was
pretty crazy. – Oh, Game Boy Advanced. – I really just like–
I wanna turn this on, so I can play it. – Okay, so this is the Game Boy
that I played with, except mine was purple. – I don’t know much about it.
Now we’re moving into the realm of the unknown.
I’m going nine with the Game Boy Advance. – I’ma put it at number seven. – I’m saying seven.
It’s not new and it’s a small screen
and it’s a single player. – Nine.
I was only born in 2007, so most of these things
weren’t even out. – Okay, I don’t even know
what this is. Looks like a transformer
from my childhood. – This looks like an
old fashioned camera. – Oh, look at that.
Isn’t that fancy shmancy? – Nintendo DS.
I used to have one of these. – This was such a craze
around Christmas time when it first came out.
I know I got it for Christmas and then a bunch of my friends
also got it for Christmas, so I feel like it was that one
hot toy that year. – Metroid and the PictoChat.
My next door neighbor and I would always write to each other,
do all that [bleep]. It was so dope. – Well, I’m putting that
at number nine. – Probably like six.
It looks a little familiar, but I just wasn’t into ’em. – Two screen action
was pretty crazy, but I also feel like
there’s some consoles that oustsold this thing,
so I’m gonna put this one right at number five. – I’m gonna put it
at number six. – I’m gonna put it
at a four and hope that I don’t regret it. – I’m just gonna put in
number six. I’m not sure what’s
gonna be next, so I still wanna keep those
places open. – All right, whoa.
A little more advanced. – Is this PlayStation
or what does PSP mean on the back? – I feel like these had
a really short shelf life. It was really cool,
but I don’t think it– for some reason,
I don’t feel like it lasted that long. – This one tried really hard
to be cool and it maybe lasted a year
or less with the hype, but it wasn’t that great. – This is definitely number ten.
I’ve never heard of this thing. – Yeah, I’ll put five. – This looks super cool,
so I’m gonna put the– I’m gonna put that
at number two. – I’m gonna put that
at number six. – I’m putting it up there
because I feel like maybe after PlayStation being popular,
that now you could take it off on your own. – Xbox. – I knew there was gonna be
an Xbox up here. – The Xbox 360?
That was a big one. – When this dropped,
it was a game changer. – I remember having my PS2,
before the PS3 and everyone was getting
an Xbox, everyone. Everyone and their mother
was getting an Xbox 360. – The Xbox 360 was my
entire middle school years just because that one,
we would play Left 4 Dead, that was where GTA started
coming out. – I’ll put that as number one.
A lot of people started getting them and it really blew up. – Okay, I’m going number three. – I’ll put that at four. – I’m putting that at two.
So many classics. It was so good. – Okay, I’m putting this
as number one, ’cause I’ve heard–
here’s my logic. I’ve heard a lot about this. – I see it.
PS3. You don’t even
gotta tell me! I already know!
Oh my God. – PlayStation 3, wow.
I know a lot of people got that too. – I don’t really have too many
memories of this one, but I do respect it
for what it did for gaming. – This really throws off
the list, ’cause I had not anticipated–
I should have known, but I wasn’t ready for this. – I guess I’ll put that at three. – Number five. – It just looks cool to me,
so it’s gonna go at number one. – Gonna have to put it
in the number two spot. I’m definitely gonna change that,
’cause Xbox is better than PlayStation. – I’m gonna put it
up here with the other PlayStations, but I have
a feeling it might be higher. – (gasps)
Why didn’t I think of this one? – Aw, the Wii.
This was peak family gaming. – Oh, this is a Wii.
Yeah, I’ve played this. This was very popular. – This one has to be up there, man.
It’s so user friendly for the parents. – I’m gonna put that
at number seven. – I’m gonna put this one
at number ten. – I’ll put this one
at number two. Anyone could play it,
that was the whole gimmick. – Boy, that’s pretty.
That’s a sexy thing. – There she is.
What’s up, gorgeous? – This is another PlayStation.
Half of these are PlayStations. – Which PlayStation is this?
The PS4? See, I stopped at PS2.
Oh man, I’m old. – Looks so new and improved.
I have to put ten, but it’s probably
the exact opposite. – Well, it has to go
in number one. – Definitely gonna make
some changes. – (FBE) Now we’re gonna give you
some time to reorder. – Gonna change this
to number two. – I think I gotta switch
Xbox 360 and PS4. I think I’m just gonna
make that move. – The Xbox 360, I think
that would be a three. – I don’t think I’m gonna
do anything other than make myself crazier
than I already am, so I’m gonna stick with it. – (FBE) Okay, so now that
you’re done, we’re going from number ten to
number one and we’ll see how many
you got right. Number ten is PlayStation 4.
– Really? – Really?
Oh my gosh. – I put that as number one. – Oh, [bleep].
Oh, God, okay. – Oh my goodness.
Okay, so the PSP actually outsold the PS4.
I did not see that one coming. – (FBE) Number nine
is the Game Boy Advance. – Okay.
I was kinda close. – I’m doing terrible already. – I did get that one. – Oh my God, a miracle.
Yay. – Yes. – Yes, I got that right!
I got something right. – (FBE) Number eight
is PSP. – PSP number eight. – Let’s go.
One right, one right. – Nope, didn’t get
that one either. – Okay, so number eight
is the PSP. So far, not good. – I’m a little disappointed now.
I feel like I didn’t do PlayStation justice by
putting the first one higher. – (FBE) Number seven
is PlayStation 3. – Oh, damn, okay. – Okay.
We got a problem, all right. – Okay, I got that one right, too. – I got something right.
I got one right. Hooray! – Ah, I got one!
Okay, awesome. That was totally a shot
in the dark, but I’m happy with that. – (FBE) Number six
is Xbox 360. – I put that as
my number one. – I put that as number two. – Ah, what?
That throws me off. – (FBE) Number five
is the Nintendo Wii. – Nope, I got Game Boy. – Nintendo Wii is five.
I had it four. – I had it at eight.
No. I mean, I’m proud
of you, Wii, but gosh dang it. – (FBE) So, number four
is the original PlayStation. – What? – I got that right. – Yeah, that’s been around
so long that I should have figured it probably sold
more units, the older it is. – (FBE) Number three
is the Game Boy. – Okay, I got that one right too. – Oh, yay!
That’s two. It’s so much more fun
to get them right. – Damn. – Yeah, a lot of people
had those, huh. – Seriously?
The original Game Boy? That’s awesome. – (FBE) Number two
is the Nintendo DS. – I was way off on there. – I should have known though,
’cause my whole rationale here was maybe the way older
ones would have done better, but I’m surprised though
that the DS is number two. – (FBE) And number one
is actually PlayStation 2. – I only got one right. – One right out of ten.
I tried. – I’m just surprised,
but yeah, it was fun. – That’s unbelievable.
We still play it and maybe that’s why.
It’s the longevity of it. It’s such a good console. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Generations React. – Subscribe and shoutout
to Ana Li and Eric Pena. – Thanks for watching, bye. – Hey guys, Kyle here,
a producer at FBE and this is the next generation
of Kyle, my son. Thank you so much
for watching one of the first ever episodes
of Generations React. What should we have
the Generations react to next? Let us know down
in the comments. Bye, guys.


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  2. PS2 was marketed as a DVD player aside from it being able to play games. Plus, it cost so close to a DVD player that makes ppl just purchase it instead.

  3. Wauw i did this too and i actually switched psp nd ps4, ps3 with ps1and ds with xbox like i got 4 right but ps 2 ftw

  4. I feel like a nerd right now because I had all those gaming consoles as a kid but had to sell them during the 2008 recession crisis

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