Gear.Club Unlimited | Making of EN | Car modeling | Microids & Eden Games

Gear.Club Unlimited | Making of EN | Car modeling | Microids & Eden Games

I’m in charge of the 3D car modelling. We work closely with the car manufacturers. They give us all the information we need, like the dimensions. For modern cars, they provide resources in the form of technical work documents… …industrial design files, called CAD files … but they’re not designed to be displayed in real time. We use these files to get as close as possible to the actual vehicle We remodel over it: it helps us make the car perfect, with each detail in the right place. For older vehicles where there aren’t any files like that, we work from photos to do the modelling. The artist’s eye and observation, the ability to reproduce what they see, to interpret perspective, lets them recreate the car. A major part of my work in production was to make the modelling tool, which is completely specific to Gear Club Unlimited. In fact, we have a precise polycount defining the technical limits that we have to respect. After that, we do the modelling with four levels of resolution which gives us a car that’s as optimized as we can make it, and that looks good, so we’re giving players the best quality we can. …while at the same time that way we get a constant framerate on our console.

4 thoughts on “Gear.Club Unlimited | Making of EN | Car modeling | Microids & Eden Games

  1. How does it feel to trow away ur talents on building a good racing game for this? I mean how do u get up in the morning and can think: Man today we gonna go further on this awesome racing game… for the switch. Just wondering!

  2. hey guys love your game and I can't wait to buy gear club unlimited 2 but I just have one question how much did the graphics improve since the mobile game because i know you guys are the experts but I'm pretty sure the switch can do more than that why not show the actual limits of the switch

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