Gaming On Youtube Has Changed

  09 Nov 2019   , , ,

Hi! it’s like 4:30 a.m. right now, And I can’t sleep. I’ve been trying for the last while. And I just have so many thoughts bouncing around inside my head that I just can’t sleep. What’s up bitches! …which is a reoccurring thing with me! usually I–I have a hard time sleeping just ’cause I’m thinking about stuff probably more than I should be but I’ve had some thoughts bouncing around in my head that I kinda wanna talk about that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while –I mean nothing serious, or anything, just stuff that… I used to do these things fairly often before, a year or two ago Where I would just–if anything was in my head I would kind of just blurt it out in a video and just kinda chat to you guys. Which I miss, and I I kinda dropped the ball on that stuff for a while and some of the community aspect of the channel kinda lacks then when you don’t do that, ’cause you dont have a real connection then. It’s hard to connect when you’re doing let’s plays or any other type of video so, It was another excuse to do another one of these types of videos! Something that I– I get asked every now and then lately is: if my channel is “dying”? or if… like– Everyone–people saying stuff like “Ohh you changed, you were so much better before, you had so much energy before–” things like that and I mean, people are gonna say stuff all the time anyway stuff like that to… any sort of youtuber um, but one that keeps happening is like– “is Jacksepticeye’s channel DYING?” and–no! It’s not (laughs) even if I stopped uploading, tomorrow for like a year, there would still be some residual views coming in all the time. It’s just so funny on youtube, it’s either you’re… you’re “top of the game” or you’re “dying”. (laughs) But, sometimes it kinda bothers me, because it seems like, some people on the channel, some people who watch the videos that I do seem to care more about the numbers aspect of it more than I do. I think the biggest factor to it is that… I just don’t upload as much as I used to ’cause I used to upload two videos, every day and that was all I could talk about, that’s all I could do, because that was my entire schedule. My whole life revolved around getting two videos out every day, to the point where it started to like– REALLY affect my day-to-day life? ‘Cause I didn’t even have time to go out and get groceries or anything Well, no, was it July? Yeah, July, I went to LA last year in July and I took a week off, re-evaluated what I wanted to do and I tried to get some of my energy back? and, I came back and I decided, “okay I’m doing one video a day, from now on,” because two videos a day was just It was too much time, I had no time to do any of the projects I wanted to do I had no time to even hang out with some friends that I wanted to hang out with, and if I missed a video I’d get really upset with myself. So, I’m just not pumping out the same quantity of videos anymore, uh, so obviously, like– the view count has just–halved on the channel on a month-by-month

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