GAMESHARE with me Xbox 360/One

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  1. I gots GTA 5 2k16 2k15 2k14 2k13 gta san Andreas gta 4 farcry classic farcry 3 farcry 3 blood dragon call of duty bo1 bo2 bo3 modern warfare 1 2 3 4 battle field 3 and 4 dbz xenoverse hitman absolute metal gears gears of war 3 gears of war 1 rayman origins witcher assassin of kings doungron defenders FIFA 17 and 18 madden 17 ww1 I'm getting ww2 for xbox 1 assassin creed rouge, black flag, liberation, 1,2,3 origins revelations castle crasher Terraria Minecraft xenoverse 2 for xbox 1 infinite and advance warfare all the dlc games I have that are able to use I have ex: bo3 all dlc and maps borderlands 2 borderlands 1 forza horizon 2 and 1 forza motersport ,3,4,5,7 f1 2013 . mafia 2,thief god mode fallout 3 and new Vargas for 360 mw4 fallout 4 for xbox 1 skyrim all dlcs elder scrolls oblivion meat boy hydro thunder wwe17 naruto generation I'm looking to trade for 2k17 and 2k18 and naruto storm revolution no scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I got more

  2. Anyone want to gameshare? I have skate 3, CODMW3, GTA V, NBA 2K17, SKYRIM, AC 4, BATMAN ARKHAM CITY. PLEASEEEE IWANT FARCRY 4 OR 3

  3. Can anyone gameshare me bo2 i dont remember my account password so I cant really give anything but I can give a 15 dollar gift card

  4. Does anybody wants to give me gta 5 my disk broke so i cant play it anymore so please if anybody wants to share please comment

  5. I got first
    I have
    Gta v
    Assassin creed 3
    Forza 4 Motorsports
    Forza 2

    I want bo2 and i also go first
    My kik=Dilawar115

  6. I have grind 2 saint row 4 desolate space and other game.I'm looking for Naruto game like storm 3 or revolution.Contact me on kik: Matte1027

  7. Got over 30+ games For example got Fifa 18 Naruto storm revolution and more Snap=coolin.mario
    Looking for madden or NBA 2k16-18

  8. If anyone has dark souls 2 and wanna license transfer with me add me on messenger my name is
    bob icecrem
    Or my gamertag is
    bob56 icecrem
    Or my instagram is
    The games i have are
    Cod bo2 all dlc almost all camos
    Cod bo1
    Cod bo3
    Gta 5
    Cod ghost
    Cod aw game and season pass
    Saints row, 3,4 saints row 4 season pass
    Far cry 4
    Titan fall Deluxe edition
    Battle block
    Castle Crashers
    Dark souls 1
    Border lands 2 all dlc
    Dead island
    Pay day 2 all dlc
    Skate 3
    Plants v zombies garden warfare
    The orange box
    Battle field 3
    Destiny I dont have taken king but have the other 2
    All skyrim dlc but not game
    Gears of war 3
    Max payne 3
    Re revelations 2
    Sniper elite 3 and some dlc snipers
    Bw: Battlegrounds
    OF: dragon rising
    Hitman Absolution
    Bioshock infinite
    Sniper elite v2
    Halo reach
    Halo 4
    Gotham city imposters
    Sleeping dogs
    Just cause 2
    Those are all the games that I will trade for a lisense transfer if you have dark souls 2.or something else but preferable that its darl souls 2.

  9. Who wants to gameshare if yes add my snap eth_an004 my brother reset my Xbox so I don’t have anything anymore so plz it would make my day

  10. Can anybody gameshare with me on the 360?Im looking for the amazing spiderman and naruto storm 2 or 3 i have a lot of good games to offer.My gt is ChipChellios and my instagram is @younglonely18

  11. who wants to gameshare i got Battleblock Theater,bo2 FHZ:fast and furious, Goat Simulator, GTA IV, GTA:San Andreas, minecraft, Mortal kombat Arcade,saintsrow4,and, tombraider _______ ill take any game but i really want gta5 add me gt DevotedBus30

  12. Games I have
    GTA 5
    Cod bo2
    Bo2 a lot of dlc
    Skate 3
    Dragon ball
    Street fighter
    Naruto ninja storm r
    Plants vs zombies garden warfare
    All Gears Of war games
    Tomb raider
    Plants v zombies
    Rainbow six vegas 2
    And other games
    What I want:
    ALL I WANT IS MW2 PLZ SOMEBODY SC.:jeffjefferson21

  13. would anyone be kind enough to gameshare a 360 game with me I don't really have anything to offer just hopeing someone would be kind enough to help me out .

  14. Hi please may I have gta my gamertag is Akshay Arcy tag me and I will talk to you on xbox

  15. Does these work if one of my friends does it on xbox One and I am on xbox 360 like to play gta v online without having gold

  16. anyone wanting to gameshare? i have mw3 i dont have a problem with going first as long as you have minecraft or bo2? xbox 360

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