Games for Toddlers | First Orchard by Haba | Play and Review

Oh my goodness! Grayson! What does that mean?
Hi friends and thanks for watching this episode of What’s in a Game today
we’re playing First Orchard this game is designed for ages 2 and up and the
objective is to collect all the fruits in the orchard before the nasty Raven
gets to it to do that players will roll their die and see what
colour they get if they get a red one they’re going to pick a red apple and
put it in their basket if they roll a nasty Raven, then the Raven is one step
closer to picking all the fruit if players roll basket then they’re able to
pick whatever colour that they want to put in their basket if you can collect
all the fruit before the Raven gets to it then you win and you get to go make a
delicious fruit cobbler at home if the Raven goes step by step closer until it
reaches past the gate then you lose and the Raven eats all of your fruit if you
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our channel that is the only thing required to get your entry in but there
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PST your turn to roll the die let’s see what fruit you get what colour did you get red! yellow! red is on top you were right let’s grab a red
apple good choice oh I’m so excited to pick all this fruit I got red too I’m
gonna grab a red apple also your turn green what are you gonna grab a green
apple you can grab an apple good job my turn to roll oh no I
got Raven a crow yeah let’s move them up on the square
hey we’re not moving him up two we don’t want to get get into our fruit alright your
turn to roll what did you get yellow a Yellow what what is that
a yellow pair good job good job green I may pick a green apple your
turn to roll A Raven alright let’s move him
up a square I hope he doesn’t eat all our fruit i hope not Oh no a Raven all right he’s a little closer
to eating our fruit we better pick fast pick fast roll the die Green apple a pear a red apple a tasty pie What did I get I got a basket
that means I get to play the blue plum and the crow doesn’t get any good job
bud yeah thanks for watching us play First
Orchard that this is a really fun game to play its fostering those social
skills as well as colour recognition and fruit recognition and then just taking
turns which is really important to learn as a toddler I love that they include
these beautiful wooden pieces that you can use playing kitchen or store or
feeding them to your stuffed animals if I’m being extremely nit picky with this
game I do wish that they would have done a little bit more fruit variety so we
have our red apple and we have our green apple and I wish that the red was
cherries or that the green was maybe a line so that you’re able to have a
little bit more variety and teach your children that fruit recognition with a
little bit more than just apples plums and pears but that’s quite a picky
critique and overall I think this game is fantastic to have in your collection
it plays like a true board game and so if you’re introducing tabletop gaming
into your home and wanting to start those family game nights this is a
really great way to do so at a young age finding a 2 plus game is really hard to
do and this game does a fantastic job of teaching those tabletop skills thank you
for watching this episode make sure to check out the link below to see how you
can win our copy and we’ll see you next time on What’s in a Game

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