Game Theory: Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy

Game Theory: Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy

I Win reload (Sexy pose you got there Earl) Fine you get that one, but you were lucky reload just call me the comeback Kid reload Kukuku Killer combo two-game winning streak (sexy intro music) Hello internet! Welcome to Game Theory Where today, we’re showing you how to win the battle before it even begins using psychological cheat codes. Kinda like the Konami code up up down down left brain right brain left brain right brain start hey Remember that time we talked about team fortress 2 or league of legends. No you’re only here for the fnaf theories? wow uh Okay, then (u bastard u made matpat sad! 1v1 me m8!) Well today I’m thrilled because I wanted to do a theory on those games for a long time and today is that day? Just how long you ask doesn’t matter I just kind of put it in the script, so it flow better so I’ve had a lot of requests to do a theory on those games and the mind blowing super Exciting rock your socks off subject that we’re gonna be talking about today is Drumroll please (donkey kong drum rolling…) Colors we’re going to be talking about colors what that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you Hey Listen, not every theory is about the main character being dead and or evil and/or his own father okay and besides This is one you actually might find helpful as you’re playing games with your friends because what if I told you that in competitive multiplayer? games whether they’re FPS games like TF2 Halo or Cod or mobas like league of Legends smite dota or heroes of the storm? Despite the mechanics for team battles being pretty much identical for both sides there is an inherent (sry blue but noone luvs u) Unbalance that exists hard to believe right? these games are built on being as balanced as possible! Ensuring that winning and losing is based on player skill, strategy and reflexes rather than simply exploiting some unfair advantage of the game and with these esports games with Literally millions of dollars in prize money on the line You would hope that it would be fair, right? But what if I told you it Wasn’t and that it was through no fault of the game designers that your chances of winning or losing the match are Partially determined before even being dropped into the fields of justice the true reason behind it all is you guessed it colors? (SCARY LIGHTNING!!!! hold me mamapat) They don’t sound so lame now do they? let me explain. The relationship between colors and competitions goes back a long way when you think of Competitions between people or teams or anything really you usually think of each team as having a color like when you think chess you think of a black side fighting against a White side and no, not those black and white sides you sjws. They’re just the two most common colors for chess pieces, okay? That said though chess is a white supremacist game as the white side actually has a statistical advantage over the black side #CHESSRACISM that said the unbalance that exists in most video games is different from chess Racism. The white side in chess is favored because it moves first But in competitive multiplayer games everyone’s dropped into the field at the same time so that first mover advantage Doesn’t really apply. No. It actually has to do with your team’s color It’s common that in most competitive team games team colors are red and blue unless of course you’re playing splatoon And it’s hot Magenta and electric yellow. Now I know, we’re all rationally minded theorists who don’t believe in superstition and Magic But I also know that when given the choice [between] two colors Everyone has a preference well believe it or not your team color actually has a Significant impact on your chances of winning or losing. Let me hit you with some stats. In 2008, there was a study published in the journal of cyber psychology and behavior, which besides sounding like a magazine from Battlestar Galactica also analyzed Data from 1347 Matches of the Classic Red Vs.. Blue video game unreal tournament 2004 all of the games were team Deathmatch where the team with the most kills was the winner and they were all played by evenly matched players, so that the skill level of the players involved would have as little impact as possible on the end results of the study after three months the results were Undeniable red teams were consistently winning 54.9% of the time over the blue competitors. That’s a 55/45 Split in a game that should look 50/50 that’s crazy and sure it may seem like a small margin But the conclusion that they reached was that this color differential actually mattered most when the two teams were equally matched for skill. Think about the implications for tournament play where every team is the top of their field. This is a definitive difference. We’re gamers, and we want every statistical advantage possible, so if I were to whip out my 1.1, Gigahertz hewlett-packard desktop PC And load up some unreal today you can bet I’d probably be waiting in a matchmaking lobby for a while since not many other people are playing the game today but if they were you can bet your life that I want to be on that red team like white on rice or red on My team’s banner you get the idea and this trend isn’t exclusive to unreal tournaments another more recent study by the website the skeptical Statistician looked at the rich stats who chooses not to mingle with the poor stats provided by Halo 4 and saw that after 30 total team Slayer matches red [won] 21 times while blue only won 9. Granted the sample size is much, much smaller So maybe Sprinkle a grain of salt or two in there But that’s a huge deviation based purely on team color in a game where color shouldn’t matter at all and it’s not just in video games in A 2011 article by the Association for psychological science researchers analyzed the results of the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece and discovered that across the board athletes wearing red performed far better than athletes wearing blue. Especially An aggressive hand hand events like boxing and wrestling and in a similar study about taekwondo 42 referees were shown two sets of videos of red and blue opponents sparring and then were asked to award them points based on their performance. Now get this; the second set of videos was identical to the first except that the colors of the fighters were digitally reverse so that the fighter wearing blue before was then wearing red and Vice-versa. In both cases the fighter in Red was awarded an average of 13% more points than the fighter in blue is that not totally insane? It’s almost exactly like the games But in real life, so should we all start boycotting blue teams now, returning to tournament hosts and demanding recounts? Well maybe it’s not as bad as all that Let’s take a look at mobas the most popular mobile in the world in fact League of Legends and hey that’s statistically speaking don’t be giving me a hard time making judgment calls on that one in a study last year for the daily dot with a sample size of 224 games a team with 34 wins over the other was Wait the blue team and why buy so much as the article points out? That’s like the blue team winning four games for every three games that the red team does so we need some more statistics here well another prime example came in the 2014 North American Summer playoffs where the blue side had a seventy nine point [three] percent win rate over the red side That’s enormous. So what’s actually? Happening in the games taking our league of Legends example aside from polls and capture points There’s also a handful of secondary objectives that can grant your team various resource advantages and buffs. At the time of our example, Where blue teams dominated blue players in the study tended to go straight for the red Team’s Defensive towers early game Where the Red Team’s by and large went jungling at that time in the Game’s Evolution killing jungle Monsters gave? Resources in the form of gold, but didn’t directly impact the players abilities taking down Towers also Gave gold But unlike jungling also served to weaken the area they stood in for the red team which helped blue team during the more crucial late-game But why blue red and league, but then red blue in FPS. Well the problem isn’t the game it’s us It’s actually a lingering quirk in our psychology leftover from evolution Neuroscientist Gerald D. Kralik spearheaded a study at Dartmouth to investigate the effects of various colors on the psyche of primates male and female experimenters approached the monkeys in pairs wearing various combinations of solid Red, Green, and Blue color shirts and hats and then would simultaneously present Apple Slices before backing away They then record which apple slice the monkey would choose as you may have guessed from the way I decided to include the results in this video the results were Mind-blowing. The monkeys responded exactly the same across the board regardless of practically any variable the experimenter being male or female had no effect on the choice of Apple slice nor did the Experimenters wearing the color green or even the experimenters wearing the color blue however in almost every case Definitively the person wearing red was totally avoided which according to the researchers indicates that primates and humans Avoid the color red. We view it as aggressive which stems from an evolutionary adaptation where we perceive it as being Stronger and more dangerous than other colors. That’s why stop signs work So well because they elicit a primary fear response. At least outside of California and apparently Arkansas too if Gaijin Goombahs Twitter account is to be believed. Primates, including humans take a lot of cues from what we see around us looking at the redness of someone’s skin their lips or even their cover your ears kids and nuns. Their Dingleberries can inspire all kinds of a ggressive and submissive actions in us because in the past we didn’t have language in Context to do that work for us red was the color of blood it meant intense emotion it meant danger and it meant power and According to the scientists at Dartmouth this effect is absolutely strong enough to affect competitions even to this day So much, so that following their primate study They issued a warning for anyone holding a competition that this color can actually be used “In ways that may unfairly influence people” basically it’s easier to win if you wear red because it makes you subconsciously more aggressive And it makes your opponents subconsciously more afraid of you, and there’s nothing really that we can do about it It’s in our evolutionary background so that investigation goes a long way to explain the results in unreal team fortress Halo, but it leaves some big holes especially when it comes to all the opposite evidence coming from League of Legends Why don’t red teams win there? Surprise surprise! It’s more evolutionary psychology in another study from the University of British Columbia? 600 subjects were asked to perform cognitive tasks on screens that were either red Blue or white what they found was that while red heightened our alertness focus and attention? Blue instead encouraged people to be creative think long term and relax that’s because instead of blood and sex Blue makes us think of the sky, cool still water natural elements in the world around us in the league of legends example while the Red team [was] Racking up kills against giant savage beasts in the jungle [for] immediate rewards the blue team tended to look more long-term Their strategy was based on thinking ahead and strategically weighing which attack points would be most Rewarding early, and then also later on in the game! Their’s was a style of gameplay based around cool-headed Strategy and an active resistance to the temptation of running into the jungle for some aggressive fast burn wins So you know what it doesn’t end there because the influence of color not [only] affects your gaming but literally Everything that you do in the world and that includes everything that you buy in Advertising the color red has much [the] same impact on your brain as it does in the context of the game Red Triggers urgency focus fast decision-making otherwise known as The red sign is telling you to buy this now because otherwise it’s going to be gone focusing your instinctual The red sign is telling you to buy [this] now because otherwise it’s going to be gone focusing your instinctual Attention and telling you to act now think later blue on the other hand triggers our creativity and long-term planning in the real world Advertisers sometimes use blue and stores designed for shoppers on a budget or bulk Comfortable with what they just got and what they spent on it think of Target versus Walmart two huge box store chains Comfortable with what they just got and what they spend on it think of Target versus Walmart [two] huge box store chains Target is all A bit, but Walmart works the opposite way with blue roll back signs greeting you at the door A bit, but [Walmart] works the opposite way with blue roll back signs greeting you at the door Larger bulk purchases all things telling you that you can feel comfortable exploring the store Calmly filling your cart each model is designed in its own way to make its customers want the products They’re buying and then come back [for] more, and it works whether we realize it or not Cities in some countries with higher suicide rates like Japan or the nordic countries that are all dark with winters that are really long have Cities in some countries with higher suicide rates like Japan or [the] nordic countries that are all dark with winters that are really long have Started to use blue tinted light in public places as subtle ways to make people feel calmer reduce crime and bring down suicide Rates some airports use blue light pods to help people adjust a jet lag because the blue light makes your head feel clearer and helps You stay more away ever wonder why you’re able to stay awake and clear-headed longer when you look at your phone or tablet in bed all your mobile devices emit light is the because the light receptors that sense it have nothing to do with vision Red light on the other hand has effects all of its own that science is beginning to understand according to NASA, Devices Red light on the other hand has effects all of its own that science is beginning to understand according to [NaSa] Devices They’ve been testing that emit light far into the red spectrum. Can actually help your cells heal so the next time you enter a round of serious competitive gaming or even just that casual weekend unreal [so] the next time you enter a round of serious competitive gaming or even just that casual weekend unreal Competition on that old Gateway desktop with the cow print on it Make sure that you’re choosing your side carefully it might make all the difference Knowing how to use the power of color to your advantage is serious business or if nothing else Knowing how to use the power of color to your advantage [is] serious business or if nothing else I just gave you a new excuse for losing other than lag Theory! thanks for watching Using color to optimize your life is one strategy, but over the last few weeks. I’ve been learning a lot from the mastermind behind Minecraft Notch not from talking to in mind you heck no. I wished that would be so cool. no from his biography Minecraft Knotch not from talking to in mind you heck [no]. I wished that would be so cool. [no] from his biography Minecraft the unlikely tale of Markus notch Sure, the title is absurdly long like seriously pick a title and just stay with it but from listening to it Sure, the title is absurdly long like seriously pick a title and just stay with [it] but from listening to it I’ve heard a lot of details about his early career and the aftermath of Minecraft success that have really inspired me 180,000 other titles to download from if the book sounds interesting to you Or if you’re just a fan of game theory and want to help support the show go to M-A-T-P-A-T and get yourself a free book while helping us deliver more videos to you guys watching I’ve even included a link in the description for you to click so a free book and Supporting us to get yourself more videos not bad really. it’s super easy. There’s no excuses not to you know Supporting us to get yourself more videos not bad really. [it’s] super easy. There’s no excuses not to you know What else I’m listening to Paper Towns by? Nerdfighter John Green because he’s fellow YouTube creator that I want to support see I do this kind of thing, too I launched a couple weeks ago might be good to get familiar with that anyway notch’s biography I launched a couple weeks ago might be good to get familiar with that anyway notches biography And honestly I think that’s a message that can apply to us all so I think they’re both worth checking out remember. That’s remember your support makes all the difference now if you’ll excuse me. There are some scantily clad women that needs some deep Researching if you catch my drift, which is exactly what I just said some scantily clad women need to be researched for scientific purposes. But you know what? it doesn’t end there because the influence of color not only affects your gaming but literally

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