Game Theory: Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?

Game Theory: Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?

Get ready to beat your face! Not that way… That way. Cuz we’re about to serve up some fierce, industrial, glam, JRPG realness. Hello internet, welcome to Game Theory. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been appearing on The Completionist’s channel, to talk about my thoughts on, and favorite moments from Final Fantasy 7. And the first thing that always comes to my mind when I think about that game, is girls writing sexual fanfics about Cloud and Sephiroth. Oh, and, uh, Tifa’s boobs. So, about 50% of the time it’s fanfics, and 50% boobs. But, after those three things, what always comes to my mind is Cloud’s cross-dressing scene. For those of you not familiar with the game, let me explain the situation. Our sandy-haired, manly man, (Purple outfit excluded) Must infiltrate a heavily guarded mansion to rescue the aforementioned boobs McGee. But the mansion is locked, to all but the hottest women of the slum. As such, Cloud must survive: Male hot tub parties, Squat challenges, and vending machine panty raids. In his quest to become Belle uh da ball, Cloud gets all dolled up, and depending on the items you collect, he has the possibility of getting selected for a “Roll in the Hay” with the master of the house, Don Corneo. Uncomfortable pelvic thrusting and not so subtle wordplay ensue, until finally Cloud reveals that he’s packing a sword. Two, in fact. It’s such a weird, risque quest, which makes it so incredibly memorable. I mean, can you imagine if a game developer created a scene like this nowadays? But is there anything this bizarre scenario can teach us about the world of cross-dressing? And more importantly, about our favorite form of interactive media? All tea, no shade, This episode might very well be the most important one the show has tackled so far. First, it’s essential to understand what drag is. Strictly defined, drag is: A) A costume or outfit And B) Clothing typical of one sex worn by a person of the opposite sex. Easy as that. No implications around a person’s sexuality or gender identity. And by gender identity I mean whether you identify yourself as a: Male, female, both, or neither. But that’s Webster’s definition of drag. Which is, ironically enough, a drag. Webster is the lame nerd of the dictionary party. I like to hang out with the cool kids. Like, New Oxford English and Funk and Wagnalls. What Webster’s definition lacks, is that drag is actually a catch-all term for a wide variety of cross-dressing styles. Many of which are more genres of onstage performance. Styles I had no clue existed before I started watching Rupaul’s Best Friend Race. -This is not Rupaul’s Best Friend Race!
-No sh*t Sherlock Sorry, Rupaul’s Drag Race… One such style: the Club Kids. Whereas most drag for men is interpreting feminine looks and behavior, Club Kids outright challenge what we think of as typical male and female classifications. That’s why they also go by the name “Gender F*ck”. They don’t wear clothes so much as they wear artistic pieces. Extreme and abstract. An evolution of Glam Rock and the punk movement in the 80s and early 90s. Outside of the images we’ve just been scrolling through, an example in the gaming world would be: Zack from Dead or Alive with his silver Teletubby inspired jumpsuit. That would fit right in with the Club Kids. Serving up preschool PBS pledge drive realness. An Eleganza Extravaganza. Tingle from Zelda, his verdant, cone-headed garb could also fit right into a Club Kid’s closet. Moving on though, Other types include: Camp Queens, who are mostly geared towards comedy, and High Drag, which exaggerate drag’s already exaggerated portrayal of womanhood, with even bigger hair, bigger boobs and hips, and more extreme costumes. Interesting enough, Cloud actually falls into two drag styles, based on whether or not Don Corneo chooses him. In the scenarios where he’s not selected, Cloud would be considered in Skag, or Bear Drag. This is when someone dresses in female clothes, while still retaining clearly masculine features. Like stubble, an unshaven beard, or a beer gut. The Magypsies, The Magypsies from Mother 3 are a great example. As is Jean Armstrong from Phoenix Wright. The comedy here comes from extremely feminine clothing and hair, clashing against highly masculine features like stocky bodies and facial hair. But if Cloud is successfully able to pass everyone’s inspection, he’s the epitome of a new and trendy style of drag. Fishy Drag. Weird name, right? Drag artists serving up fish aren’t generally entertainers. Their goal is to blend into society. Actually play with the illusion of being a female. Even getting mistaken for one. Sounds a lot like Cloud’s mission, right? So why is it called Fish? Well, it’s a man that’s able to resemble a woman so well, That the true gender is confusing, or fishy. I get it… And with that, unfortunately ends the fun part of the episode. To use a drag term, Now it’s time to read the gaming industry to filth. First let me say this: I’m sorry. After some serious critiques of gamers and the game industry with the last four episodes, I wanted this one to be a fun, light-hearted romp through the world of drag queens. Honestly! I started off this episode planning to review more drag styles in depth, and ultimately write a conclusion about how this all ties into the game’s theme of identity. Cloud wearing fishy drag and being mistaken as a woman as a method of reinforcing his quest for self-discovery throughout the game. Our studly soldier discovering the truth about who (or what) he is is a central motif throughout Final Fantasy 7. And the crossdress scene is one of the game’s earliest examples. Jirard’s videos actually do a great job on the subject, so I highly encourage you to check it out. I’ll link to it at the end. But while I was researching for this video, I noticed a distubing trend. A trend I wanted to talk about. It all started with Cloud’s quest to acquire his drag items. This is what happens in the hot tub. When I was younger I thought nothing of it. Looking back now though, the language here is incredibly suggestive. Lines like, “It hurts, Heave, pant, Join the club, and Daddy’s lonely”. Suggest some form of non-consensual touching at best, and outright rape at worst. I hate using that word. But, this is a video about drag. So, I paid it no mind, made a little note, and dug deeper into gaming’s most famous cross-dressing and/or transgendered characters. Here’s the list I compiled, let’s see if you can spot a trend. Birdo, Flea from Chrono Trigger, Poison from Final Fight, Alfred Ashford from Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and Mother 3’s Magypsies. Any ideas? Villain, villain, villain, villain and out of his f*ing mind, I mean just LISTEN to that laugh! But seriously he actually has a mental disorder. And finally, the Magypsies. Not villains, but also not human… Speaking of inhuman, Banjo-Tooie also has a crossdresser, Merry Maggie. The character looks and acts like an idiot. Oh, and then there’s Space Quest 4, in which a man buying female clothes is accused of being a sicko. So, do you see the trend yet? Well, it doesn’t just stop at cross-dressing characters, and I found that it affects the whole spectrum of LGBT life. As a recent example, Trevor from GTA V is shown to be attracted to the same sex, but he’s also shown to be bipolar. So similar to Alfred Ashford, homosexuals are apparently mentally challenged. Next, we have a trio of bisexual characters from Metal Gear Solid: Vamp, Volgin, Rykov. Villain, villain, and villain. Oh, and this one’s even a sadist! Speaking of winning combos, Ash from Streets of Rage 3, Villain, and a blatant stereotype. Genaro Seneschal is gay, obnoxious and racist. 1995’s The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery not only features the longest most boring title in gaming, but also features Baron Von Glower, homosexual villain sexually pursuing protagonist Gabriel. He’s also a werewolf breed, also a monster. Inhuman. Or how about the first non-heterosexual character to ever appear in a video game, Curtis Craig from Phantasmagoria 2. Oh, he can’t just be bisexual, he also has to be into S&M. In short, sexuality deviating from male-female relations is repeatedly getting equated to mental problems, violence, and being inhuman, or some sort of monster. Speaking of violence though, the fighting game World Heroes Perfect took it to a whole new level. Not only is hero Rasputin shown as stereotypically gay, (note the Marilyn Monroe poses and the effeminate biting of his thumb) his “Super Move” is removing his robe, taking his opponent behind a bush, and raping them. And if you time it right, you can go two rounds back-to-back. I would make a joke here, but honestly, this is no laughing matter. Even more recently, 2010’s Red Dead Redemption had Captain Vincent a De Santé, again a villain, this time either homosexual or bisexual, alluded to being a child rapist. Upon his defeat, “A lot of young boys will sleep safe in their bed.” But there’s more. LGBT and cross-dressing characters that aren’t portrayed in some negative light get censored in North America. Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for example. In the Japanese version the character is a male who identifies as a female. he starts the game as a villain, (Because of course he does) but after getting abused one too many times by his sisters, joins Mario. A cross-dressing villain gets redeemed. Huzzah! In the English version, All references to Vivian’s questionable gender are removed. And again in 2001. Nintendo removed the possibility for same-sex relationships from The Sims for the Game Boy Advance and DS Releases Perfectly normal, healthy homosexual couples are flat-out disallowed. But if you think that’s the last of it, don’t worry. Some forms of alternative sexuality are okay. While Street Fighter’s Eagle, a confident homosexual man, had all lines alluding to his homosexuality eliminated in English releases, Juri’s official profile has no problem saying she likes large breasts. Moving to another fighting game in the Darkstalkers series, Lilith and Morrigan are allowed to be openly bisexual. I wonder why they would choose to leave the two half-naked female vampires unchanged in their sexuality? Hmmm… Hmmmmmmm…. Yeah, I got nothin’. Mass Effect 2 had no problem with female Shepard sleeping with Kelly Chambers, but is a male Shepard allowed to date the male members of the crew? No. Similar story with Saints Row 4. The caucasian female protagonist is allowed to be bisexual, while all others are hetero by default. Oh, but don’t worry, Not all lesbian relationships are okay. Dead Rising 2 featured twin sisters Crystal and Amber, who were implied to be in an incestuous relationship. Again an example of an uncensored lesbian relationship, but don’t worry the game clearly painted them as villains. Gay, incestuous, villains. I’m sure many of you have already left in the comments, “Persona!!!” or… “PERSONA!!!” but that’s just one series. Sure, Guilty Gear has Bridget, Earthbound has Tony, Mass effect 3 allowed more same-sex options, and games like Fable have always been open to non-heterosexual pairings. But a few games here and there can’t compete with the list I just went through. Games that depict gay characters as villains, inhuman, psychotic and violent. (Unless of course you’re a lesbian) Meanwhile, the characters that can serve as positive depictions from these communities like Eagle get censored, neutered, and un-sexed. There’s always a lot of talk about gamers being so narrow-minded, so filled with hate and bigotry. But the games we’re being given do nothing to expand our knowledge of these communities. Quite the contrary, they make the LGBT community the other. Evil, simply because they’re different. If games provided more realistic, well-rounded portrayals of these characters, rather than just making them outdated stereotypes or villainous stock characters, would the gaming community be a more open, accepting place? Or in the end is it our fault? We just did three episodes on what gamers want. Are game companies just giving us the storylines the heterosexual male gamers are comfortable playing? For all its progressive storytelling, Persona’s numbers aren’t anything to look at. So what’s the problem here? Is there a problem here? And to think, all this heavy discussion started because I wanted to do a fun video on a guy in a dress. Anyway lots of food for thought. But hey, that’s just a theory,. A Game Theory! Thanks for watching! Welcome back to the Super Amazing End Card Tournament! Where the decision to subscribe, is always the right choice. Last episode’s pasta poll saw you evenly divided between spicy and smooth sauces, 40% to 40%. No chunky fans here apparently. And back to the topic at hand. If this is a subject that interests you there are numerous games out there that do address these issues. As I said before Persona is an excellent example. Another one is DYS4ia. It’s a small little flash game, well, not so much game as it is a flash experience, that appeared on the website, Newgrounds a couple years back., still up there, didn’t go anywhere, Newgrounds is still around, but definitely worth checking out. Basically it takes you through one person’s gender transformation told through small little minigames. So definitely worth checking out. Oh, and by the way, I said I would link to Jirard’s series videos over here, so click on this for over an hour’s worth of Final Fantasy 7 goodness, Featuring yours truly. Anyway, so I’ve given you something else to watch on another channel and a video game to play, so there you go friends. That’s all for today. Something a little bit lighter next time. I don’t have to be your friend to win this show!

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  1. The month this was filmed is ironic! It was literally filmed a single month before pride month! Lol

  2. i was expecting way more dislikes
    then rembered that the video was made before gamegate and internet culture bullshit

  3. I know this was like 5 years ago but damn Mat should’ve put James Charles in that Beat Your Face part

  4. Hello YouTube. Yeah, my Recommended tab is acting weird during Pride month, could you do something about it?

  5. Homosexual or transgender characters should only appear in videogames, series ect. if they are relevant to the story. If the maker of a story felt that a character should be homosexual then its fine and vise versa. No creator should or must go through the process of including every sexuality just to appease some people. The story its whats important not political correctness.

  6. Fallout is the most progressive game series of all times. Fallout 2 is one of the first( I think it the first major game) to have homosexual relations. Even though they do require high charisma, you could have them back in 1998.

  7. Well lesbian couples are allowed in video games because we are fetishised by a lot of straight men. (not all, some are great)

  8. Even if you don't agree with the beliefs of the LGBTQ community, seeing an entire group of people oppressed in one of the most common forms of media is just… sad.

  9. Lilith and Morrigan are technically the same person since Lilith was spawned from a piece of Morrigans own power that was syphoned from her by her father because she wasn’t able to handle the whole thing

  10. This video hasn’t really aged well tbh there’s a lot more lgbt characters now so I’m glad things have changed

  11. Gotta say, this video still holds up pretty well 5 years later. Sure, some of the language is a little "problematic" (I hate that word) but the arguments are still solid and I think should represent the gaming community as a place for all genders and sexualities to be recognized, accepted, and celebrated

  12. (8:45) You say "first non-heterosexual character" is from a game from 1996. This means that all characters before that game must be confirmed heterosexuals, with no possiblity of being any other sexuality, not even asexuals. – I find this hard to believe. I get what you wanted to say, but you said it in the wrong way.

  13. FF7 remake, huge overhaul. Get ready for cross dressing Cloud 2020.

    Better be in there- I mean Oh my God it's Thunderhead everybody remastered! Lmao

  14. MatPat:Can you imagine if a game developer created a scene like this now a days?

    Me: Zelda Breath of the Wild!

  15. Wait…why do ppl even ship Cloud with Sephiroth? I'm not homophobic or anything, I just find that strange

  16. Matt Pat I take offense to your inability to play Saints Row 4 in more than just one angle that's the only game that is open all the way by the way if you play Saints Row 1 you only play a guy which kind of sucks and when you switch to the others it's the same exact guy but you're playing a female so it's really a trans character anyway and on top of that you can do guy on guy love to all you have to do is get Gap back and you could also hook up with Pierce being a guy. So please play that game right and give it a better comb thru.

  17. I think the slight comment that was made about S&M was pretty offensive too. It’s just a kink? Unless I don’t know of some sort of stereotype…

  18. While it is wrong to condemn or even harm queers in a liberty-loving free society, it's equally important to not celebrate it. In the case of trans people, it IS a mental disorder as made painfully clear by their staggeringly high suicide rates that actually rise higher in trans-positive environments (especially if they get a sex change operation).

    The reason I say being queer shouldn't be celebrated is because it's not an accomplishment. I believe accomplishments should be celebrated, not the state you're born into. We don't celebrate being straight, being male, or being female, white, black, or whatever because that isn't an accomplishment. We DO celebrate things like parenthood (which is the most important thing any human can become as it continues the specie), as well as feats of physical or mental excellence. I myself have a very high I.Q., but I don't celebrate that because for one, I was born that way, and two, I haven't done anything with my intellect that would be worthy of praise.

    So it's important to learn that only the content of our character and our actions should determine if we are celebrated or condemned, not our race, sexuality, or other aspects we've been granted.
    Also, the entirety of the queer "community" consists of about 2% of the population, sooo, not sure why it's trendy to make everyone and their cousins gay in media these days. Other than to virtue signal how righteous you are for not judging butt pirates, though let's be honest, you do judge, as we all do. It's human nature to judge; even the queers judge, lol! It's okay to disapprove of queers, so long as you don't seek to harm them. You are not a bad person for having a difference of opinion; you are merely human for it.

  19. Yeah…. over stereotyping, mostly criminal, censored… yeah, honestly, I can see it. It’s sad, and frustrating!

  20. Just do some research the next time and you'll find a lot of games with lgbt+ characters from the 80's to today. Not all of them are lesbians and not all of them are villains.

    Police Quest: Open Season
    Caper in the Castro
    The Sims
    Rise of the Dragon
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Assassin's Creed
    Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony
    Final Fantasy VII (NOT the crossdressing Cloud Strife)
    Final Fantasy IX (Quina is non-binary)
    The Longest Journey
    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    Megami Tensei
    Shadow Hearts
    Circuit's Edge
    Phantasy Star II
    Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender

    Dracula Unleashed
    Return of the Phantom
    The Orion Conspiracy
    Deus Ex: Invisible War
    The Temple of Elemental Evil
    Metal Gear

  21. If you haven’t noticed, it’s 95% gay MEN. If it’s lesbians no one really cares. Lesbians are always accepted. Even nowadays.

  22. Thank you, I needed this, you blew me away, I saw the thumbnail paired with the older game theory intro, and thought "I don't want to have to unsubscribe from game theory" but you delivered, as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community I want to thank you for bringing this to light at a time when it was scarcely talked about. I love how you also mention the sort of fetish around us lesbians (I once came out to a guy and told me that it was "hot" that I was a lesbian) that most of those relationships in those games were not representation for us, but fantasy fulfillment for the men who play those games. Queer coding villains in all forms of media was very present throughout my younger-tween years (I'm 14 now), and it wasn't until I saw Glee that I really found a positive representation of members of this community. I wholeheartedly believe that representation is an important factor in our fight against ignorance, a lot of hate we get is caused by ignorance and representation is a good way to teach everyone that we exist, and are human just like everyone else. Sorry for ranting I just felt the need to put my opinion out there because the internet totally needs more of that. Living with homophobic parents is hard man I just needed to get it of my chest. lol, uhm I don't know how to end this comment so… laterz my dude

  23. Well, being mentally challenged or having another brain/mental disorder would make a lot of sense with being LGBT.

  24. They are villains, they have made themselves as an enemy of Jesus if they enjoy being a homosexual. Turn away from your sins, understand that the lord's law is the lord's law. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 states that homosexuals shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, woe to those who put sweet for bitter, and bitter for sweet. And most of all, woe to those who feel sympathy for darkness, truly we say to you those who enjoy sin and bid a god speed to those who rebel are a partaker of wickedness. "Simply because there different" is what you said, so repent of your sin lad, before it's too late. This the lord commands, that all men everywhere repent, otherwise they shall perish, and burn in eternal hell fire in the presence of the lamb and the holy angels

  25. I remember seeing this episode around the same time I came out and I was just like fake gasps in pansexual

  26. "a male that identifies as a female" goes on to refer to her as "he"

    this not only speaks to this video's age but also just how even cis "allies" act LMAO

  27. In gta, a web page of one of the tv shows in the game called space rangers has a message that clearly displays disgust for male gay relationships but outright support for lesbian relationships because they are "hotter". See a trend here

  28. Perhaps Matt can look into this again- see how have things changed in recent years.
    I mean we have plenty of games that make LGBT+ look normal and treated no differently.
    He could even call out the gams that "Queer bait" or make characters queer for the attention.
    I'd honestly love to see more, hope Matt does.

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