Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale TOP 20 WTF and Easter Eggs

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale TOP 20 WTF and Easter Eggs

when I was a girl my brother told me it
was made with a thousand swords from Aegon’s fallen enemies hi everyone its
Charlie this is going to be my Game of Thrones finale video so here we go we
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finale on the video obviously a spoiler warning for everything in the game of
Thrones finale because there’s so much to get through I just did this as a top
20 video instead of like the normal top 15 or top 10 that I would do so starting
with number 20 the title of the episode in the new intro they changed some of
the things about the intro because of all the damage to King’s Landing last
week the title of the episode maybe you’re not surprised by this was the
Iron Throne HBO’s whole marketing campaign for
season 8 was for the throne so it makes sense that they would reference the Iron
Throne in the finale title in some way I was hoping it would be a reference to
one of the books but I feel like this is also probably acceptable it was either
going to be a dream of spring or some reference like a time of wolves which
used to be the old title the George R Martin had for a dream of spring until
he changed it so in a way it is a time for wolves now because the stark family
has almost you could say won the Game of Thrones effectively even though the
stark that wound up on the throne wasn’t the obvious choice as I said they
changed Kings Landing in the intro the little model of it to reflect all the
Battle Damage from episode five so the gates have been blown open the red keep
had been torn down just a little bit but as we all saw during the episode
surprisingly the only thing in the throne room left standing was the iron
throne itself the other thing that I liked about the intro is that you
basically pick up with Tyrion doing almost the exact same thing that he did
during season 7 episode 4 witnessing all the horror of what Daenerys have done
burning all those Lannister troops only now it’s on a much much bigger scale so
the way they filmed it was also really cool to the put you in Tyrion said just
to give you a sense for the horror and all the shock that he was going through
in this moment number 19 they come on grey worm who’s executing all the
Lannister soldiers that they’ve captured and defeated Daenerys has commanded us
to everyone who serve Cersei Lannister so that’s what
we’re going to do and even though it looks like he and Johnson we’re going to
throw down into a fight I didn’t actually expect there to be any fighting
I think they just wanted to let you know that the unsullied we’re going to continue
to be a big problem for them in the future regardless of what would happen
to Daenerys so I know a lot of you are upset about what happened to Jon Snow at
the end I’ll talk about that don’t worry we’ll get into all the endings for all
the stark characters but you have to remember that the unsullied would have
always been a big problem had they not given them that win number 18 Tyrion
walks back through the wreckage of the red keep when he walks back through this
room he’s mostly thinking about his time as hand to the king because that was all
season 2 then it’s time there with Tywin Lannister when Tywin became hand to the
king so he spent a lot of time in this room here then obviously this sort of
brings it full circle when he becomes the new hand of the king at the end of
the episode but we’re still mostly in shock and horror mode so he obviously
takes the torch down into the basement to the escape route to see if Jaime and
Cersei got out and it finds their bodies so the music of the episode finally cuts
in once he sees their faces and starts breaking down crying and it’s a remix of
the rains of castamere which they’ve kind of been using as a Lannister theme
for the past couple of seasons so pretty much the first half of the episode is
all really really sad everyone’s either completely horrified at what’s happened
or they’re just crying open it like you saw the northern soldier that they
walked by on their way to the red cape just breaking down into tears
nobody except for the unsullied and the Dothraki can handle it but they’re super
jazzed up they’re like oh yeah this is going to be awesome this new regime we’re going to go around and liberate the world so number 17 Daenerys makes her grand
entrance and I love the way that they shot her in front of drogon so when his
wings unfurl it’s almost like she’s the dragon you’ve woken the dragon like
Viserys used to say you don’t want to wake the dragon do you and she gives
them her best dictator speech so it’s his grand victory celebration she gets
them all stoked up about this new campaign that she’s going to start all
over the world and suddenly it starts to sink in like you look at Taran and Jon
Snow looking at each other I loved a lot of the nonverbal acting that they did
the first half of the episode when they’re just kind of reacting not sure
what to do about Daenerys I’ll talk about what happened to the Dothraki and
the unsullied at the end of the episode too because they’re like there’s this
big idea of a campaign that they’re not really going on anymore
Daenerys names off a couple big places that we haven’t visited and Game of
Thrones yet there’s a lot of places on the southern parts of the map
that we’ve never actually visited like so thorough so I think that the prequel
series is going to pick up with some of those cheering quits his hand of the
king which seems pretty logical it seems like he was building to that moment like
I can’t have any of this but predictably she arrests him because she found out
about him freeing Jamie so after she gives John Snow a look like she
registers his disappointment Arya shows up next to John like a ninja and people
start planting the idea to get rid of Daenerys into John’s head you have to
her there’s no way that Sansa is ever going to bend the knee remember
during episode two when they were talking about potentially letting the
north be independent and Daenerys just recoiled at the thought like there’s no
way that she’s going to allow the north to be free John snow seemed like he was
genuinely surprised with her skills I don’t think that he ever saw her steal a
face though so maybe someday she’ll talk to him about that because at the end of
the episode even though she says I’m not coming back it’s always possible that a
future version of Arya way down the road could come back and visit a very old
version of Jon Snow 15 John goes to visit Tyrion they make a couple of jokes
there’s a couple references to dialogue from early in the series he also
references something that maester aemon said love is the death of duty
so Amon was actually talking about all the times that he had to not go help his
family after he had taken the black remember maester aemon is very old so he
took the black after the period of the black by rebellion after that settled
down with the Bloodraven who also took the black at the same time but he was
much older at the time before he became the three-eyed raven maester aemon took
the black when he was a young man so all these subsequent Wars and
problems in the Targaryen family he just had to sit out and watch it all play
while he was up at the wall one of his great regrets most recently was during
Robert’s rebellion he wasn’t able to come to de nurse’s aid he was talking
about a Targaryen alone in the world being a very terrible thing a lot of
Tyrians conversation with Jon Snow is referencing things that people were
trying to deal with after last week’s episode so there were a lot of people
after Daenerys burned King’s Landing that were trying to point to all the
things that foreshadowed that she was going to be doing something like this
John sort of takes the voice of all the other people trying to defend Daenerys
he actually does try to defend Daenerys his actions for a brief period is just
that stupid stubborn Ned Stark level honor that always gets him into trouble
she’s my queen it will be for her to decide
who sits on the Iron Throne the only thing that really gets John is when
Tyrion kind of slips in that line about his sister’s do you think that your
sisters will ever bend the knee so it’s not really clear what moment exactly Jon
Snow makes up his mind but I think it’s while he’s walking to the iron throne
room by the time he has that last speech with Daenerys before he decides what
he’s going to do even though it totally wasn’t necessary I love the scene of
John trying to slowly edge his way by drogon who was just sleeping underneath
that pile of snow and it was snow so I will talk about Daenerys his vision in
the house of the undying number 14 though they obviously pay off that
vision with a couple of minor edits like they destroyed way more of the throne
room I think that was just to be truer to the actual damage that she had done
and to let more light in because it’s very dark during that scene when she’s
in the house of the undying so miraculously the only thing that
survived in that room was the iron throne itself and just like her vision
she reaches out and touches it with the hand this is almost the exact same scene
Emilia Clarke actually said that this was the very last scene that she filmed
it was just a small insert of her hand which is obviously the scene of her
reaching to touch the iron throne the thing that she’s fought for this whole
time just like in the vision she does not get a chance to sit on the Iron
Throne though before Jon Snow walks in and you know whatever she was feeling in
that moment earlier when she gave him that look she’s completely past it she’s
drinking her own kool-aid she’s excited to build this new world by force it
seems and Jon Snow is still just trying to talk her out of it what about all the
children have you seen any of the destruction on the streets even though I
never felt like Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington had great chemistry together
so I never really bought them as a couple I did love this scene obviously
they had to nail it because it was such an important scene so I do think that
regardless of what you think about the script they did a great job of
performing that number 13 though Jon Snow obviously says you’ll always be my
queen and winds up her I think the exact moment that he finally decided
that he had to her was when she said those other people when he
references what about all the other people and what they think is a good
idea is when Daenerys says those other people don’t get to decide so it’s
basically her giving her really great tyrant speech having drunken all of her
own kool-aid then fulfilling the prophecy from the next part of her
vision of the house the undying before she actually gets to sit on the Iron
Throne she walks through this door into the
afterlife where she sees Khal Drogo and her baby
Rago that died predictably number 12 drogon senses that something’s wrong
comes to find an heiress you do kind of think that he’s going to John for a
second until he just unleashes flame everywhere in his greep
I know it seemed weird that he melted the Iron Throne specifically like you
wonder how smart he is like is he burning that purpose or is he just
breathing out flame because he’s in distress I think it’s more that he’s in
distress and they just filmed it in a way that seen Quinn Satana like oh he
just happens to be melting the Iron Throne this thing that Daenerys had been
fighting for her whole life I mostly expected going into the episode that
they would destroy the Iron Throne in one way or another and the only way to
melt it down like that is to use dragon fire because when Aegon was forging the
Iron Throne after the conquest he had to use balerion the black dread to help
smelt all the swords it actually took them months in the books the story is is
that it was actually Smith’s that made it like you Smith would make a sword so
they made the Iron Throne but because they’re not artists and craftsmen this
way the real Iron Throne of the books is so asymmetrical looking whatever lines
of dialogue to the story she tells that Viserys told me as a child about the
iron throne a thousand swords imagine what that looks like to a little girl it
just the writers making a really meta joke about their version of the iron
throne because this is obviously not a thousand swords this is what a thousand
swords looks like but the reason why they didn’t make this version of the
iron throne for the TV show is because it’d be way too unwieldy to film so they
just had to make something that would fit on camera better drogon flies away
with her body headed east we don’t know what he’s going to be doing going
forward but bran makes a reference saying maybe I can find him likes I
think that’s a joke about him potentially working the dragon because
it’s been such a big fan theory for so long in him just using his normal
abilities to warg Ravens and other animals to just get information when he
wants it there’s a small time jump we learned that Tyrion and Jon Snow have
been imprisoned by the unsullied for several weeks because you see all this
beard growth on Tyrion so number 11 there’s been enough time for a great
council to form and you have all the different realms being represented by a
lot of people that are familiar they’re a couple of new people here – there’s
Sansa and Arya representing the north Gendry representing the Stormlands with
one of his new bannermen Edmure Tully representing the Riverlands Brienne and
Davos I don’t know exactly which region they’re going to be
representing but you’re a Greyjoy representing the Iron Islands sweet
Robin and Yan Royce representing the Vale and then the new Prince of Dorne I
don’t know who this actor is I don’t know which family he belongs to if he’s
a Martell or if he’s one of their cousins but they’re basically trying to
placate the unsullied because the unsullied in the Dothraki still control
King’s Landing but there’s a northern army outside the gates because they want
to get Jon Snow back Davos even offers grey worm in the unsullied land in the
reach to form their own house and he’s like nope not having it but he wants
justice he’s out for blood so they have to make the deal with them so a lot of
this gets into the logic of how they send Jon Snow back to the north but they
need a new king so number 10 Tyrion gives his big speech about why
bran should be king brand thebroken first of his name because stories are
what bring all them together and bran has all the best stories he literally a
living memory of everything in human history so of course he has the best
stories but remember he’s also the keeper of everyone’s secrets as well so
the other reason why he’s a really good King is because of his ability to gather
information like he does kind of need a master of whispers as he says later but
because he can ward the Ravens and other animals he can get whatever information
he wants from anywhere he even says why do you think I came down this whole way
when they offer him the crown because he’s basically saying that I saw this in
the future I knew it was going to happen I’m sure we’ll be talking about the
logic of picking bran as king going forward because a lot of people were
expecting Jon Snow to sit on the Iron Throne so you guys can let me know in
the comments what do you think about the logic of the choice and you know given
some of Brande skills I think as long as he has the right people around him which
it kind of seems like he does he should be okay in the way that Isaac Hempstead
right explains it is is that this version of bran
having had his powers for a couple seasons now has gotten better at using
them and is therefore more able to interact with people like an actual
person would wear as way back at the beginning of season seven when he first
came back to Winterfell he was a little bit more like a turnip all hail King
turnip first of his name big changes to the round going forward though number
nine Sansa claims that the North has vowed too hard and lost too much they’re
never going to bend the knee so she wants to remain independent bran
now acting as king allows that to happen he says okay fine you get to be
independent so Sansa is technically Queen in the north they even cheer her
at the end of the episode when they put the crown on her head just like they
cheered Johnson when they named him king in the north at
the end of season 6 but all the other realms are still going to be part of
brands new regime including Dorne so they have a joke about it when Tyrion
says all hail bran king of the 6 kingdoms number 8 though big
surprise brand names Tyrion his hand of the king and his penance for all the bad
things that he’s done he reminds them about Shaye about Tywin
even the unsullied still won his head because of his role in Daenerys his
death but bran says that he’s going to serve penance by helping make the realm
better one day at a time for the rest of his life this is one of those
interesting scenarios where I feel like either one would have been a good option
for Tyrians character as part of his character arc he does work really well
as hand of the king but it also would have been an appropriately bittersweet
ending for his character would he have been executed by Daenerys or the
unsullied 7 the compromise with the unsullied to keep them from starting
another protracted war in King’s Landing is to make Jon Snow take the black his
consequence for Daenerys so if you were confused by why they had to do
that it was because the own so lead had almost the exact same number of troops
that all of the other northern Allied forces have and even Yara Greyjoy was
still team Daenerys so even though they kind of throw Jon Snow under the bus I
think that Jon Snow accepts it knowing that he belongs in the north like
tormund says and he’s just so sad about what he had to do to Daenerys because he
really did love her if it wasn’t clear I know obviously they didn’t have a lot of
chemistry together as actors so number 6 we start to get all of our goodbyes this
is sort of the Lord of the Rings versions of the endings from Return of
the King where you get four or five different endings for all the different
characters starting with the first one grey worm watches Jon Snow walked by
still hates his guts but he tells the other unsullied that they’re headed down
to Knauth which is basically him fulfilling his promise to missandei it
seems like the Dothraki are either headed to the reach as part of da bosses
offer just giving them some land or they’re headed back to the east back to
the great grass sea five all the stark children get their final goodbye Sansa
Arya and bran John says Arya is welcome to come visit him like I said but it
doesn’t seem like Arya is planning on coming back anytime in the next 10 to 20
years she references her line of dialogue from season 6 I think it was
either episode 8 or one of the middle episodes where she’s talking about
what’s west of Westeros so if we’re talking about satisfying conclusions for
characters I feel like Arya’s conclusion is pretty satisfying sonses
makes sense as well we all kind of expected her to become queen of the
north for bran becomes the new commander of the Kingsguard wearing the golden
armor she looks through the white book of names she sees Arthur Dayne Barristan
Selmy and then Jaime Lannister and continues filling in the rest of his
great deeds the last couple of seasons the really interesting thing about
brianne’s love story with Jamie and her becoming the Lord Commander of the
Kingsguard is it also mirrors Barristan Selmy –zz story because he was
commander of the Kingsguard for a long time Brienne did not get to be with the
person that she loved so it was destined to be tragic romance Barristan Selmy was
also in love with ashara dayne as a young person but did not get to be
with her because she herself when she learned of Arthur Danes fate at the
Tower of joy she threw herself from the battlements three is the new small
council so tyrion has a funny moment he’s sort of settling in and obviously
it’s a big callback to season two when he became hand of the king during the
early seasons but his small council is now bran who is master of coin they’re
going to finance the reconstruction of King’s Landing because of all that
damage Davos is the new master of ships Samwell is the new grand maester I felt
like that was a very appropriate choice and then obviously they say that they
need a new master of laws a new master of whisperers in a new master of war and
big surprise bran got that bigger castle he wound up getting Highgarden the only
thing that I was not really happy about with this scene was them actually doing
the Lord of the Rings ending where Frodo is finishing Bilbo’s book o Lord of the
Rings and he writes it down Oh maester ebro’s finished his book about
the wars after Robert’s rebellion I helped him with the title it’s called A
Song of Ice and Fire maybe you laughed during that scene but
I felt like they could have done without that joke also Tyrion tries to tell his
honeycomb brothel story again I’ll do a separate video talking about that too
because I think we’ve actually figured what the story out is Podrick is also a
part of the Kingsguard you find two and he’s the one who is now charged with
wheeling bran all over the red keep wherever he wants to go number two is a
time for wolves the Ascension of the stark children so remember like I said
George are Morton’s original title for the final book and A Song of Ice and
Fire was going to be called a time for wolves
Sansa being crowned Queen in the north wearing a new gray dress this looks kind
of like the heart tree because it’s got those red leaves all over it Arya still
has her Valyrian dagger is on the ship with the Starck sigil
sailing west of Westeros to the mysterious western continent that we
don’t really know anything about then John arrives at Castle black and becomes
the new 1000 Lord Commander of the Nights Watch he’s both the nine hundred
and ninety 8th Lord Commander then remember he passed the Duty on to EDD
who became the 999th Lord Commander so now that Jon Snow is back he’s even
number 1,000 so you kind of see how they did that ghost is there he gives him all
the good boy pets and hugs that he deserves so we finally got that I was
really happy that they finally had a ghost scene at the end but the number
one there final scene is of them walking north of the wall taking the wildlings
back to what is now their territory again and you see this little green
plant growing up right next to the wall I think that’s just a reference to a
dream of spring as in things are getting warmer they’re getting better everything
that was destroyed during the war with the White Walkers and then with each
other in the realm the Civil War is going to grow back but you notice that
the theme song that they’re playing is actually a remix of the stark theme
mixed with the official game of Thrones theme they also played a remix of the
Game of Thrones theme when tenaris was touching the Iron Throne earlier –
they’re also walking into the haunted forest which was the very first place
that the show started in the pilot episode the haunted forest was where
that first big scene where they saw the White Walkers was where they open the
pilot episode I know you’re all asking the big question how close is this
ending to George RR Martin’s ending in the books I will do a separate video
about that tomorrow because a lot of it will be the same but there will be some
differences so don’t worry that’ll be a whole separate video there’s so much to
unpack and process about the finale I still don’t know how I feel about it
it’s going to take me a couple days to figure it out I will do a couple more
videos talking a little bit more about the ending in what’s next for the
characters going forward because like Arya Sansa Jon they’re all still alive
don’t forget about the bonus episode that’s airing next Sunday – I’ll do a
regular episode video for that just like I would for any other Game of Thrones
episode but thank you so much this has been so fun I can’t wait to start
talking about the game of Thrones prequel series I’ll start doing that
later this week sometime but leave all your bonus video requests in the
comments below will you wait for everything click here for my episode 5
video and click here for my episode 4 video thank you so much for watching
everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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  26. In defense of Drogon melting the iron throne, they make references in the books to how intelligent dragons are, and how a rider has to treat them as an equal. This would suggest that they might be capable of some measure of higher intelligence, even if they can't really talk or anything. So the dragons may have been aware of their mother's plight for the throne the entire time, and realized that it had a corrupting effect on her and everyone else.

  27. Yall forgetting the fact that the king of qarth Xaro Xhoan Daxos got stuck on that dark scary ass chamber?

  28. Thank you Charlie for the great job and analysis you have provided as at times that ended up being more interesting than the show itself. My favorite scene in episode 6 was Drogon responding to Daenerys death. I thought that was moving and I have read that dragons are suppose to be very intelligent so I felt he destroyed the throne because of all the pain and chaos it had caused. I also thought that was Drogon letting Jon know he made the wrong choice which as far as I'm concerned he did. I thought one of the worst scenes and there were many in this episode was the small council meeting. It just reeked of how nothing was or had really changed. I watched the episode a few times after it's original airing and after the second time I just changed the channel after Drogon flew off with Daenerys. I would like to see a sequel about Drogon and where he went with Daenerys and if she is resurrected and what would happen if that were the case.

  29. I'm having a hard time letting Jon Snow go my friends…….Probably the most impactful character from the screen for me in many years. However, i started watching Outlander and it has been a great elixir. James Fraser has a lot of Jon Snow in him!

  30. Look at the cover of season 1, you see Ned Stark on the iron throne. If you look more closely, you'll see a raven on the armrest. The three eyed raven. We could have known…

  31. Re-Watch GOT Seasons 1-8 and change your perspective to the journey of Jorah Mormont…rename the series ‘The Exiled Knight,’ and you will have the most satisfying story arc and conclusion.👍

  32. if someone is going to watch this series 5 years later, he will find it perfect!!!
    the many stupid theories and spoilers killed this series.
    And i am sorry that it has becomed so popular!
    Popularity kills quality!

  33. They took too long to bring this show back, then they bring it back to change good characters you love to being evil.

  34. I feel that this was sadly ended very wrongly . and im very upset about it. And I hope the prequels are better

  35. Honestly, I like the ending. I would loved Jon to be on the throne, but it makes sense. The Unsullied would’ve hated it, so Tyrion thought up Bran, which makes sense because Bran is literally the wisest person in the world. Although honestly I hated how corrupt Daenerys became.

  36. Thank you Charlie for all the Game of Thrones videos. I've watch most of them the last years and for someone who hasn't read the books they really give valuable additional information.

  37. I thought John snow and that dragon lady would be sitting on and off the iron throne. That chair look uncomfortable to me, so it needed to be destroyed. I stopped carrying about this show when the killed the mon of the north. I liked her and she should had never died. The old lady that killed that stupid weird looking butt munch of a kid wanna be king, should have never been killed either. I liked her a lot. I didn't like how easy the white Walker guy got killed by that stupid wanna be faceless weirdo of a girl. Whatever man. The white Walker main dude should had been killed by the dragon tearing his ass apart. The dragon mom messed up burning them people like that. She needed to die if she did that. The bunch of losers following her to the iron throne, should had died with her by the dragon burning their asses for being stupid and the dragon smarter then all of them put together. This show sucked a big one after what I said with the mon of the north. The stupid queen should had been shamed again then executed in front of everyone who hated her. That killed what she did by having her died where no one was watching. Yes, the writers messed up big time and ruined Game of bones cause too many died for no reason. They got stupid and thought it was funny just killing for the sake of killing. Rubbish

  38. This episode made me feel like Jon Snow… Knows Nothing. From the look on his face in that final scene, he still knows nothing, just like the rest of us. I was expecting a way better final episode, but atlas we got was a Dexter final episode… boring. rings a hand bell SHAME! …. SHAME!

  39. I'll just point out that Tyrion's discussion with Jon is a way for writers to lie to the audience to excuse the plot shifts. Remember how Tyrion implied liberating the people of Slaver's Bay was the same as liberating the people of King's Landing. Tyrion should know the freed slaves are very much still alive-he probably saw some of them.

    Either Tyrion forgot what the word liberate means or the writers were trying to pull a fast one. Also the discussion shouldn't be between those opposing or defending Daenerys after King's Landing was burned. It should be a discussion on if King's Landing would actually have been burned in the first place.

    Thanks for mentioning your discussion in the video but I feel like they are trying to use that discussion to hide what the real discussion is.


    Remember that Tyrion said Bran himself (not all of human memory but Bran as a person) had the best story.

    Bran generally did nothing and did not have a better story than most other characters (in the tv series, books will be different).  However there is the possibility he is actually the most evil of them all.  He actually knows more of the future than any other character and more of what can happen if he acts.  He chooses to spread info of Jon's linage likely knowing it will not get Jon the throne but help stress Daenerys out enough that she will have mental break and kill thousands of people.  So Bran seems to have helped ruin two people's lives and get thousands killed to get two contenders for the throne out of the way.

    As supporting evidence for the theory above Bran didn't warn Daenerys about Euron's ambush which ended up getting 1 more dragon killed plus the relatively innocent Missandei.  Bran could see this far away and this far into the future.  After all Bran did know ahead of time to come to Kings Landing to become the new king.

    This is the same Bran that knew Theon may die so was nice enough to tell him he was a good man but not nice enough to tell him that he could just wait one minute (so Arya would kill the Night King) which would allow Theon to live.

  40. Missandei's death made them destroy the entire city full of innocent people, yet the fookin queen is murdered and they killed … No one ?

  41. They push Jon into the North to ended his bloodline. Really ?
    He's practically King of the North, Prime Commander of Castle Black and the one true leader of the wildlings. So that practically makes the North his Giant Fucking Brothel.

  42. So i literally just finished the series, and even though i hade the whole finale spoiled for me the day i started the series, i still cried like a baby throughout the episode.

  43. Please stop saying there was no chemistry between Dany and Jon as if it was a fact! It’s not! It’s merely Your opinion. I thought their chemistry was riveting!!!

  44. After rewatching entire season 8, the WORST comment Dumb & Dumber uttered is DANY FORGOT ABOUT EURON & the Iron Fleet. WHAT?
    FORGOT? That’s like the Jews forgetting Nazis were gassing & burning them in the camps & got on the trains anyway.
    That single remark makes the writers look like untalented buffoons who shouldn’t talk- at all.
    Danys descent into madness was poorly developed. From the queen who locked up VESERION & Rhaegal because they burned a child to total massacre of 1000’s of innocents was not logical.
    The conversation she had with Jon the night before gave us a clue. She told Jon she knows only fear, no love. Jon, the idiot, kisses her but cannot love her as a lover, which is what she wanted at that moment. Jon could have simply held her & comforted her, to show her he loved her & didn’t want to take advantage of her while she was grieving. Jon is not the sharpest tool. He’s the most lovable character in this series even though he isn’t the smartest.
    Had Dany felt love from Jon, the burning of Kings Landing would not have happened.
    Her final statement to Jon holds the key. LET IT BE FEAR.

  45. As usual, you missed a lot. Draygon burned down the "Iron Throne" because it was a symbol of the Dragon Kingdom and the last his mother's death meant that no more Dragons would ever sit on the throne. It was over and the obvious answer to the question "where did he take her body?" is back to her ancestral home land. She did not belong in Westrall, despite being born there. She had travelled further than any of her family and overcame more hardships and fought in more meaningful battles than any member of her clan. He spirit would never have rested if she'd been buried on that land. Thank you.

  46. I rather would have had a nice ending where danny and john rule the seven kindoms together, danny doesnt go mental, john doesnt go regicidal and they stop the inherited line of succession and 'break the wheel' in the seven kindoms at least. I would rather have that than the fucking shit show ending we got.

  47. I wasn't extremely happy do the finale but I was actually SUPER HAPPY with Jon Snow. That's what he wanted, he loves the North and the true North.

  48. I do feel john snow should have the right to sit on the throne and be king over 6 kingdoms…daenerys got what she deserved,,she allowed greed and power to overcome her sense of dignity and consideration for the people that were innocent bystanders!

  49. They should have let Jon kill the night king if he wasn’t going to become king. Let him have a win and still be relevant instead of being a secondary character in season 8.

  50. D&D couldn't wait to get their hands on that sweet Star War's $$$ but didn't want anyone-else to finish their legacy so they left and took their ball home.

  51. Season 1-3: Perfection.
    Season 4: Awesome! But… Something is different…
    Season 5: HARDHOME BEST EPISODE EVER! But… Something is kinda off….
    Season 6: Yeah, something is definetely off.
    Season 7: HAHA! Disaster. This show is dead… But, you know, might as well keep watching just to see how it ends.
    Season 8, Ep 1-5: Let the hate flow trough the fans!
    Season 8, Ep 6: Huh, some flaws but still a pretty cool ending.
    "It's not about what you said, it's about how you said it".

    Now let's go watch The Lord of The Rings extended version again!

  52. I think drogon ruined the chair cuz he thought it was why dany died. But no ones even gotten their hair singed. The end sucked all around

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