Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 1 | Inside the Episode (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 1 | Inside the Episode (HBO)

-♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ The kind of pomp and majesty
of Dany’s arrival, it just felt like the natural
place to start the season. The arrival was a way to capturewhat was at stake
for Dany and for Jon.
Looking back
to the very beginning and how young Maisie was
back then,and wearing the Stark soldier’s
helmet falling over her head,
and she just looks like
this little kid.
And now she’s a grown woman,
and she’s there watching again.
But this time, she steps asideto let a little kid come in
to watch
’cause she remembers
how thrilling it was.
It’s a whole new procession,
and so instead of Robert
arriving with Queen Cerseiand Jamie Lannister
and The Hound,
it’s Daenerys coming
with Jon Snow.
I don’t think the Northis the most welcoming place
to outsiders.
Dany’s smart. She senses
that distrust, and she’s…
gonna make the best
of a bad situation, but that doesn’t mean that
she likes it or she’s happy. When you’re doing something good
for people, and you get met
with what Sansa gives herwhen they meet in the courtyard,it’s understandable
that she would be upset.
We’ve been with these characters
on a pretty regular basis all the time for the past
however many years. The fact they’re coming back
together againfor the first timemeans more to them
than it may mean to us.
Lady of Winterfell… Has a nice ring to it. So does Hand of the Queen… depending on the queen,
I suppose. I think that if Tyrion were
to have shown up on his own to Winterfell,
he would’ve gotten a much different reception
from Sansa than he did coming as the Hand of the Queen,
Daenerys Targaryen. There’s also the specific thing
that happens in that scene,which is Tyrion
has told everybody
that the Lannisters are coming
to join the cause,
and it’s amazing to her
that this person
she thought was so smart
would ever
take Cersei at her word
on something like that.
I used to think you were
the cleverest man alive. How did you survive a knife
through the heart? I didn’t. DAVID BENIOFF:
Jon Snow and Arya
are two of the most important
characters in the story,
and they love each other
very deeply.
Arya was the only one
who treated Jon like a real member of the family
when he was a child, and he was the only one
who treated her with the respect that she needed
when she was a kid.Jon has invited this…huge army of foreigners
into their home, and Arya understands
why he did it,but Arya’s on Sansa’s side.You are defending her. I’m defending our family. So is she. I’m her family too. Don’t forget that. BENIOFF:Blood is definitely
thicker than water
when it comes to Starks.Go on. I don’t know how to ride
a dragon. Nobody does
until they ride a dragon. No one’s ever ridden a dragon
except for Dany. Only Targaryens
can ride dragons, and that should be a sign
for Jon.Jon’s not always the quickest
on the uptake,
but eventually gets there.We wanted to kind of re-anchor
their relationship.It seemed important for it
to involve the dragons,
since the dragons play
such an important role.
It’s a major thing for her
when she seesthey have some kind
of connection to him,
they allow him
to be around them.
And when he flies up with her and shows her where he used
to hunt as a kid,I think she falls
even farther in love with him.
Seeing Jon and Dany
on the dragons together, it’s a Jon and Dany moment,
but it also seeds in the idea that these creatures will accept
Jon Snow as one of their riders. Don’t be afraid. (DROGON SNORTS) One of the challenges, but also one
of the exciting things about this episode,
this whole season, is bringing together characters
who have never met. Sam has long been one of the more important
characters in the story.But he’s never seen
Queen Daenerys,
and yet they’re connected
by various threads.
The obvious one, which we knowfrom the beginning of the scene,
is Jorah.
Sam saved him, and so Jorah
owes him this great debt.
What none of them realize
until midway through this scene is that they have another,
horrible connection. There are all these things
that you know about those characters that the other characters
don’t know. And some of them
are very important.Dany murdered
Samwell’s father and brother.
That’s a really complicated
thing for Sam because he had a really fraught
relationship with his father.Yet Sam’s older brother
was not a bad person,
and died, really, quite bravely,
standing by his father’s side. John Bradley did
an excellent job.The difference between
the way he takes the news
of his father’s deathand the way he takes the news
of his brother’s death,
it was a subtle thing
that he does
with very few words.It’s the kind of thing
that he could find outin a number of different ways,but it seemed like
a very ineffective preamble
and way into that later
Daenerys… She executed
my father and brother. I’ve executed men
who disobeyed me. You’ve also spared men. Thousands of wildlings
when they refused to kneel. -I wasn’t a king.
-But you were. The fact that Jon’s real parents
were who Jon’s real parents were is not news to us at this point,
but what we don’t know is the way that Jon
is going to take this.How’s the explosion
gonna look?
BENIOFF:Sam, as a brother
of the Night’s Watch,
and Jon are more brothers than
Bran and Jon ever really were.
He knows it’s gonna hurt Jon and it’s going to shatter
his whole worldview. For all they know,
the Army of the Dead could attack the next day, and someone has to tell Jon
before that. D.B. WEISS:
He’s being told something
that he both knows is true
and can’t handle.
So he tries to throw things
in front of it
to prevent him
from having to deal with the– the truth of what
he’s being told. The thing he throws
in front of it here is the fact that it means
his father was lying to him his whole life. SAMWELL TARLY:
You’ve never been a bastard. You’re a true heir
to the Iron Throne. The truth that Samwell tells Jon is probably the most
incendiary fact in the entire world of the show.We chose to play the whole thing
on Jon’s face
because, as great a job
as John Bradley is doing presenting this information, he’s really just presenting
information we know already. -Daenerys is our queen.
-SAMWELL: She shouldn’t be. -That’s treason.
-It’s the truth. ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪

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  1. Stop with the fucking quotes, we all saw the fucking episode. It's a funny reminder but it kills the humor the 1000th time you read it on every fucking video! Shut up!

  2. People forget that Sam's reaction wasn't just from grieving over his brother, but because Dany singlehandedly fucked his house. Dickon can't be the lord now, and Sam's becoming a Maester. So RIP House Tarly. Makes seeing his reaction even more brutal.

  3. Loved seeing Dany truely happy and the dragons gave their blessing for their relationship. It must of been really lonely knowing you were the last of your kind (Targareyn) ..I think after she gets over the initial shock of Jons parentage she is going to love it – she is finally not alone in the world.

  4. One thing I do want to know is, how is Theon getting from Kings Landing to Winterfell before the Night King arrives?

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  6. This show is dead. Without the books these "writers" reduced the show to a bunch of reunions + big battles with dragons. Nothing of substance happens so we need them to explain to us some kind of meaning or mirroring with previous episodes. It's basically two guys who know techniques of writing but have zero imagination or creativity, so we are watching them practice writing techniques on screen. It's a good thing that they told me that something exciting happened in this episode, because I didn't notice it.

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    Bran to Jamie: push me
    Jamie with a face of confusion: what?
    Bran: push my wheelchair

    Closing credit. Lol

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  9. Sam: "Jon, you are king of Westeros!"
    Jon: "Great, but Daenarys army is pretty much exclusively Unsullied and Dothraki who have personal allegiance to her, not the Seven kingdoms!"

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  11. 2:17 Arya was the only one who treats Jon like a member of the family. So I guess we are just forgetting about how Bran and Robb treated.

  12. 1.Dany and Jamie will become friends after he tells her the truth about what actually happened, being backed up by Bran.
    2.Night King will seek the ghost/walker of his long lost lover in the crypts beneath winterfell.
    3.Jon Snow will kill viserion with the weapon that Arya had Gendry made.
    4.Ghost will die and become a Night King Puppet, and kill Sansa.
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    10.Arya would kill Jon and become the many faced God who is infact the real Night King.
    11. Arya kills herself.

  13. Episode 2
    1.Arya and gendry get it on
    2. Jaime apologizes to bran
    3. Theon returns to winterfell
    4. Aegon tells the truth to Danny about him
    5. White walkers reach winterfell but night king is not seen
    6. Jaime knights brienne
    7. Jorah and lady mormont meet
    8. Samwell gives his family's sword to jorah
    I have written this comment before the show airs and I hope these are all the things that take place
    PS. : Somebody name the song that podrick sings at the end please

  14. Sansa would never act that way towards Tyrion because he was with Daenerys, she already knew Tyrion was with Daenerys and she doesn't even know why, which is what Tyrion and Sansa could have discussed in their scene together, instead you riun their scene because you made it seem like they didn't even know each other.

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  18. Isnt it sams younger brother?
    Sam was sent to the wall because he was Randals heir so….. you know why would he be sent to the wall if he had an older brother to take Randals place. pretty sure that is a slip up.

  19. When they explain it, that whole nonsensical how to train your dragon Jon Daenerys thing doesn't seem so lame.

  20. Sick of this show ignoring the books, Targaryens aren't the only ones capable of being dragon riders, what about all the dragon riders in the Dance of the Dragons, half weren't Targaryens

  21. commentary: Arya was just a kid when she was watching Robert arrived. Now we see her as a grown woman, fucking for the first time!

  22. Enjoy how us Fanatics pity the non-converted. The 41 minute Epic battle of Winter Fell will result in the noble deaths of many beloved core characters. Been an exhausting 72 episondes. Go the Knight King do a Infinity Wars. So conflicted happy that it is back sad that it is the final season.

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  26. At 4:27, David Benioff says that Sam's older brother was not a bad person but actually he is Sam's younger brother.

  27. "Sam's older brother was not a bad person" The whole reason Sam had to join the Night's Watch was because he was in the way of his younger brother. YOUNGER brother.

  28. Hey Crave I really love your 4k content along with your 5.1 audio…..opps thats right 720p and 2 channel sound for over 20.00 a month.

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  30. "And instead of making use of color TV like we did in the first episode we decided it would be cool to go for a monochrome unsaturated blue look which is the cheapest way to fake some atmosphere into a boring episode."

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  32. Who else loves the Targaryen theme playing at the end this video? Ramin is a genious, that melody has so much depth to it, its mysterious,ancient, kind of evil and powerful. At least to me. I just love the soundtrack.

  33. watching this last season I wonder what happened… listening to these two here, I understand. Their incompetence happened. I can't really think of a more sterile and useless opening to a season and they did that with the second episode as well…
    Oh, and btw that scene with the dragons was absolutely USELESS. "She falls more in love with him" ?!?! THey already FUCKED last season bro, how do you take that up a notch with a kiss ?! These guys seem so fuckin removed from humanity…

  34. i really love arya stark she was the smartest and strongest and all her family she is so amazing and so john snow and all the cast are so amazing keep up!!!

  35. All of these "Inside the Episode" BS they add after the episode is just the writers justifying the mess that they did and make everyone go to their side and accept their mediocre work.

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  42. Petition to remake game of thrones S8. It has more than 1 million people signed, all you have to do is click a button, nothing else.

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    Episode 3 ruined it
    4 was awful
    5 terrible
    6 was just.. disappointing.

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    SAM is the older brother hence being forced into the nightswatch by his father. otherwise randyll wouldnt have given two shits about sam being a useless fat slob.

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