Game of Thrones S08E03: An Unbridled Rage

what the fuck have you guys done we open with them showing us that the cavalry is on the frontline, what the fuck why ? why… do you know what a cavalry is for ? where the fuck did Melisandre come from ? she emerged from the fucking enemy territory what the fuck, when you supposed to be in Volantis why the fuck are you here ? why don’t you have bonfires across the fucking battlefield ? why haven’t you lit them already ? your enemy, is literally fucking allergic to fire why all your defenses literally fucking stacked you have literal thousands of men make some goddamn ten foot trenches fuck it make a moat make something more than a collection of sticks that amounts to fuck all so she can actually activate fire at a distance at will cause there’s a lot of fucking uses i can imagine for that shit and so the Dothrakis charge wait what ? you’re sending your entire cavalry which looks to be in a fucking thousands into a pitch black zombie infested abyss fuckin miles away from any goddamn support what the hell are you doing ? you sould be using them to flank later when the dead have actually engaged this is a fuckin cavalry you firing trebuchets now as well isn’t this more reason to not send your fuckin cavalry ? wait, why the fuck ain’t your trebuchets behind the castle walls ? or the very least behind the front fuckin lines ? did the Dothrakis honestly fuckin agree to be slaughted as an opening suicidal wave ? are you kidding ? just because they fight in open fields on horse back just not mean they’re well suited to blindly walkin to an army of thousands

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