Game of Thrones Fans are Losing It over the George R.R. Martin News! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

Game of Thrones Fans are Losing It over the George R.R. Martin News! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Why the Game of Thrones
fans are loosing it over the latest George R.R. Martin news. Are we living in a groundhog
day scenario because seriously for a show that has been off
the air for almost half a year, this week has been packed
to brim with Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones adjacent stories. And on Tuesday we even
got more news about the fantasy franchise when
new details revealed the fate of the two spin off
shows that were in development for HBO. The first was bad news and
that the untitled prequel set thousands of years
before Game of Thrones, that had also shot a pilot this
year was not moving forward. The good news being that the
other prequel series based on the Targaryen family history called House of the Dragon. Got a straight to series order for the premium cable channel. And now the creator and
author of the entire world that holds Westeros and
Essos, George R.R. Martin has weighed in on the future
of the world of Game of Thrones both on-screen and on the page and this update has fans excited. Taking to his, Not A
Blog, George R.R. Martin or as Kyle Anderson insist we call him George Railroad Martin, wrote about the two successor series. He first opened things
up by announcing the House of the Dragon series
and said it is based on the fictional Archmaster Gyldayn’s history of the Targaryen family. Fire and Blood which was
written by old railroad himself. He went on to praise the
minds behind the series, veteran Game of Thrones
director Miguel Sapochnik and producer Ryan Condal. He then revealed that House
of the Dragon has been in development for several years, though the title has
changed a couple of times during that process. It was actually the first
concept I pitched to HBO when we started talking
about a successor show way back in the summer of 2016. But it wasn’t all peaches and cream. He also expressed sadness about the loss of the other spinoff writing
HBO Also announced that it has decided not to proceed
with the other successor show we had in development. The one I kept calling The Long Night, though it was and remains
officially untitled. The pilot for which was
shot in Northern Ireland last spring and summer. Set thousands of years
before either Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon
and centered on the Starks and the White Walkers. Yeah it goes without saying
that I was saddened to hear the show would not be going to series. Martin then added, I do not know why HBO
decided not to go to series on this one, but I do
not think it had to do with House of the Dragon. This was never an either or situation. However, he did include a hopeful note. If television has room
enough for multiple CSIs and Chicago shows. Well Westeros and Essos are
a lot bigger with thousands of years of history and
enough tales and legends and characters for a dozen shows. Despite the sad news
Martin included a rather healthy outline for the work
ahead on House of the Dragon. Ryan Condal has already done
a considerable amount of writing on the House of the Dragon, but a lot of work remains ahead of us. There’s a writer’s room to be assembled, episodes to be broken down and scripted, a casting crew to be assembled, budgets and production
details to be worked out. As yet, we don’t even know
where we will be shooting, though I expect we will
revisit at least some of the countries David and Dan
used for Game of Thrones, Ireland, Iceland, Scotland,
Croatia, Morocco, Malta and Spain. While no doubt audiences are
excited to see the direction this series takes, there was one little tidbit
in Martin’s Not A Blog, that has kicked the fan
hype train into overdrive. I expect to be involved in
all of this to some extent and who knows if things work
out I may even be able to script a few episodes as I did for the first four
seasons for Game of Thrones. But let me make this perfectly clear, I am not taking on any
scripts until I have finished and delivered Winds of Winter. Winter is still coming and
Winds remains my priority as much as I’d love to
write an episode of House. Wait, George R.R. Martin
wants to write for House MD? That show has been off the air for years. (drum roll) All jokes aside, while fans
would be excited to see him write for Game of Thrones series again, it’s the implication of what
he’s saying that has fans over the moon. If the Winds of Winter is his
priority and he won’t take on any scripting duties
until he’s delivered that and he expects to be involved
with House of the Dragon in some way. Well that had fans
theorizing and speculating that the long awaited sixth
book, the Winds of Winter might be much much much
closer to hitting bookshelves than anyone expected. Could this really be the case? Could we see the next
book in this century? It’s quite possible. Obviously this statement
could just be a reaffirmation of his commitment to writing
instead of a coded message that he is close to finished. But with a book series as
layered and deep as Martins, it’s hard not to read into what he says. Plus, it’s just more fun
to hold onto hope that something great is on the horizon. But I guess we’ll just
have to wait and see. And if there’s something fans
of a song of Ice and Fire are good at, it’s waiting. But what do you folks think? Are you excited for House of the Dragon? Do you think that the Winds of Winter is close to coming out? And what other Game of
Thrones successor shows would you like to see from old railroad? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. If you like what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe. If you wanna get notified
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100 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Fans are Losing It over the George R.R. Martin News! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

  1. no one gives a fuck anymore. the true fans are bitter and many have probably started writing, learned the craft, and published books in the time they've waited for GRRM to finish.

  2. Why do I feel if D&D didn't screw everything up , that the series The Long Night would have taken place. Also IF the Long Night book is finished…. THEN WHY THE HECK DIDNT THEY START WITH THAT INSTEAD?? I mean the book is finished there would have been No excuses for any writers to say they didn't have any source material. THEN RR would have had more time to finish Game of Thrones books ( perhaps) and THAT could have been a spin off instead of getting season 7 and 8 that were completely horrific 😱. Just a thought

  3. I prefer him to finish the books over any new show any day. Hopefully he will also drastically change the ending from the Tv-show as well.

  4. 2011!! I've been waiting since 2011 for this? For fuck sakes George… I'm not mad, though I'm thoroughly disappointed.

  5. The news making the rounds is that the Long Night was given the heave ho because the pilot was just too woke. Think about that, it was to woke for HBO. More woke than the latest Terminator?

  6. Damn he should try to give the rights to Netflix or Disney. There should be at least a half dozen shows or movies going on at one due too so much source material. HBO is extremely picky on what they put on air I cannot see them greenlight more than 1 series at a time. Grrm try to get out contract and give to studio who can shove the content down our throats the way we want !! More! More! More!

  7. I have GOT Fatigue like I did with Lord of the Rings fatigue … I want something NEW on the screen…. I'm done. I will read Winds of Winter then I'm done..   I want  the Wheel of Time series on Amazon to be my next big Fantasy Obsession for the next few years thank you  🙂

  8. Surprised you didn't mention the Elden Ring, the game he's working on with FromSoftware, which is thr game company that developed Dark Souls.

  9. Give me a break. He says his priority is winds of winter?? He spent years writing the tweener books that they're now trying to make series out of instead of writing the ending for the main series. It should have been his priority long before the existing books were optioned for a TV series. We got a crappy last 2 seasons of a show because he refused to make finishing the existing series a priority. I'll believe it when I see it. If it actually happens and fans don't drop from heart attacks am sure it will be a huge best seller. Not sure who will voice the audio version though since Roy Doltrice died. Loved listening to the audio books voiced by him.

  10. What do people want him to do- End a book.

    What he does- TV series, other books, attending, everything he's invited to, a fucking game(hyped BTW).

    Absolute elder god

  11. So they're losing it because a spin off was announced? this was announced before the GoT series even ended. click bait bull-crap.

  12. This explains why WOW can't fit into WOW and why GRRM is having so much trouble finishing the book series. It's been over 8 years since any material has been produced. Who is to blame for the TV series ending the way it did? GRRM has a broad idea of the ending but no clue how to get there. The story/plot has taken on a life of its own.

    How can the Winds of Winter fit into the WOW?

  13. I think he just likes raking in the money because he doesn’t have to write the shows. All the money for way less work. Can’t blame him but I wish he’d stop pretending.

  14. My prediction: When GRRM dies he'll be placed on a pile of logs and be set ablaze, Old World style. The pages from the book he never finished will be used to light that pyre. And we'll never know if there are actual words on those pages or some gibberish and random doodles.

  15. All he said is he won't write for the series until the book is done. That has nothing to do with being involved with the show in some ways other than writing for it… Click bait garbage, nothing we hadn't already heard, definitely no scoops…

  16. 2:27 I found out why they didn't proceed with it, partially from what I heard on The Dragon Demand's channel… Seemed like they had no clue about their story and weren't going to tie it in to the main story either, w/nothing being the same.

  17. Have not watched one episode of the TV series and will not until the book series is finished, or any other shows for that matter, your move Martin.

  18. Grr is just giving us love kernels (crazy ex girlfriend fans know what I mean) In reality he’s just not that into winds of winter anymore :/

  19. I like to see them remake the last season of game of thrones with 10 episodes like it should have had and not a couple frat bro idiots in charge.

  20. How can you begin a prequel—either book or show—when you haven't even completed the primary story? Doesn't make much sense to me.

  21. I hope for the book readers that he will finish that book and dont die before this rate that is a big possability.

  22. The bad unspoken news in all this is that he didn't mention A Dream of Spring as priority. Which means he could work on the new show before that happens? 😛

  23. Dear Martin, I admire your work and I am grateful for the fantasy universe you built, but it's been almost ten years and you still haven't finished the story 😓

  24. 1. No point in doing the Long Night since Night King is dead.
    2. Why not make a sequel, since all prequels lead to no where new.
    3. Taragaryan history is nice and all, but we all know their fate.
    4. Even if the original cast of GoT didn't want to return for full seasons, going forward with the story allows for them to make cameos.
    Come on HBO, this is sitcom and story writing 101.

  25. Under no set of circumstance will I ever invest ANY time in another GoT. Unlike most, I hold RR just as responsible as DD. RR stating he will finish the book?!? Please, someone tell this ahole GoT was finished for his lazy, procrastinating ass! It was finished by a couple of morons, and it is his fault.

  26. Screw the series they ruined it…screw the new TV crap we no longer trust you and I won’t invest my time in it… and as a avid book reader/supporter screw HIM…. leaving millions and millions of readers hanging year after year after year after year… he’s NEVER going to finish his series… and now I won’t buy it… screw that guy.

  27. I would only be happy with a Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood without banners spinoff, slaughtering Lannisters for seven seasons straight at this point but I won't hold my breath…

  28. George is doing this show because it saves him from revealing that his story has no deep cohesive mythology, no ingenious keystone explanations, no real answers to a thousand empty mysteries. It was political intrigue dressed up in fake fantasy

  29. Hopefully some day we will have a season 8 redone, I don't give a shit use anybody, but what they did to the show and the fans was a total blaspheme

  30. And here I thought you were going to say that Martin was dragging his fat ass off the never ending con circuit, and FINALLY getting back to writing.

  31. He let D&D destroy and desecrate the last season to the point that anything related to GOT puts me off. It’s so sad how legendary the series could have ended… THE ONLY THING THAT COULD FIX THIS… is that he finish the winds of winter with a completely different ending not like s8 at all.

  32. Really hard for me to get back into this mythos after the train wreck that was the last two seasons of the HBO show. Although I still appreciate GRRM's world building and take on TSOIAF, the show really flattened his story. GRRM can spin us a nice story that there are thousands of years of stories to tell; however, he should understand that everyone's investment was solely on the novels of Game of Thrones. The show writers literally destroyed any investment or repaly value of his mythos. This is like Steven King taking over JJR Tolkien and finishing The Return of the King by having a stove explode and killing Aragorn before he becomes the King. ok poor example, but hopefully you guys get the drift. Either way, I might just pass on this, it's just "too soon" after that disaster of an ending.

  33. "for a show that's been off the air for half a year there's a lot of news".. you mean a book series that still being written ?

  34. He is going to end it like Robert Jordan did with The Wheel of Time. Dying, and let someone else finish the series. At least Robert Jordan tried, and wrote a shit load more than GRRM


  36. GRRM is a wealthy guy that doesn't care about investing more time and energy into his brand. Dude too fat now (literally)

  37. Being how everything played out with the Knight King HBO ain't trying to touch nothing that has to do with the White Walkers.

  38. That’s terrible news. I could care less about the Targaryens. The Long Winter is the real reason I even watched GOT. That was supposed to be the tru threat.

  39. He's a human being. If he doesn't have a love for writing these books right now, he has every right to not. He doesn't need to do anything. If you want a satisfying ending, stop complaining and make it yourself.

  40. At this point I’ve kind of accepted that he’ll never finish the series. I think it’s quite obvious he’s less passionate about the main asoiaf series than he used to be, and he has written himself into a huge corner.

  41. He'll never be in the ranks of truly great fantasy authors like Brian Sanderson, Tolkien, Brent Weeks if he doesn't finish ASOAIF

  42. Really hard to take him seriously. He is the reason GOT ranked. Yes Dan and Dave screwed up the ending, but they shouldnt have had to write the material. GRRM was supposed to provide it. And he dropped the ball. How the hell were D&D going to write it? That's not what they do. He wasn't even around to point them in the right direction. And obviously, he doesn't know the ending either or he'd be writing. I think they had a falling out that no one is talking about. Otherwise, why wouldnt he have been MORE hands on in writing the show, since the writers had nothing to go by? They can't stick their heads up his ass and read his mind. I have zero respect for D and D but they are scapegoats. They were out of their element. Their crime was not getting help and instead, tried to do something they lacked the skill for.

  43. Hey, Everyone lay off criticizing RR! He's a national treasure! RR should listen to his muse and ignore all us hacks who come close to creating the Opus he's created in our wildist dreams.

  44. He is a shitty writer anyway. Can we stop following the imaginations of all fat , useless people with inferior genes? Like he has no tether to the ultimate truth…

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