GAME OF BIKE (kids bike edition) |SickSeries#30

GAME OF BIKE (kids bike edition) |SickSeries#30

hey guys it´s us again, Sick Series and today we will have again something very special today we are here in Reuthe at the Dirt spot from our friend Peter Kaiser we will have a look at it and we have something special with us right, very interesting get it out bro get it out we are happy to show you this we brought a kids bike with us we are at least no Dirtjumpers and we never tried it out, but today we will try it on a kids bike and see what we can do we have to change some parts to get it rideable we also have some cat´s eye´s on it and the most important thing for pimping up the bike: Sick Series stickers let´s pimp it perfect I think we will need the “Second first try” today Sick Series patron saint That´s our bike, 20″ wheels so what´s to say about it; Specialized Frame Think it´s my Dreambike We are ready and the bike looks also ready with the stickers let´s have a look how it works – let´s go so, now we are here at peter´s spot unbelievable and you know what we will do now? GAME OF BIKE on a kids bike so let´s start I would say we will just do another Sching Schnag Schnug who will start So I would say I will start, and I know what I will do what? I would say we will start with something quite easy, jumping normally over the first jump over there jumping straight? yes yeah it´s not that easy with this bike haha we can try it haha have fun thanks over this jump ok, we will have a look at it have fun this jump was far haha so Fabio, I think it´s your turn do it, have fun it´s not that easy but I think we have to come to the next step this jump I wanna try this jump I´m pretty nervous, at least because of this bike haha yeah have fun I think we will have a look at it from the top – the whole setup is pretty scatchy with this bike? to be honest have fun thanks, especially the drop in the drop in – you can´t just ride down, you have to drop in but yeah, let´s do it let´s go are you serious? haha yeah Elias, it´s your turn are you ready? guy´s you know, that each of us has one second first try and I will take it ok, so you will take it now? ok, let´s go, I´m excited but it was landed so it´s your turn again this jump this jump and “no foot” no foot, ok, have fun guy´s it´s a? B so now we will step up the game again I would say we will try a 360 over this jump where you just jumped sensational I never ever tried a 360 over a jump like this at least not with a kids bike, but it does not matter… let´s go are you serious? have a look at this landing have look at this landing have a look at this rut “s´Stöckli” could have shown me this rut I never ever did a 360 before, even not on a normal bike turn around I will fall anyway try it dude that was close dude That means? B I so it´s my turn again right? yeah it´s your turn to show a trick what´s next? No Hand Joe is back in the Game with this bike? ok we will just have a look at it at least because normally I´m just riding click pedals, and now on flats but we have to pull out the sattle, because without this you can´t tuck with your knees conjured thanks you´re welcome do it was it enough? yeah enough! but I´m also allowed to do it like this – it wasn´t perfect but we can take it so it´s my turn, how we already know – I´m not the nohands pro but I´ll try it ok, let´s go I won´t take my second firt try you won´t take it? no, i won´t take my second first try I will just step up the game again you don´t get the trick but want to step up the game? that´s right yeah B to be sure Fabio, it´s your turn again It´s my turn again what are you thinking about? let´s see if I´m able to frontflip this bike not backflip but frontflip dude you´re crazy this is really crazy yeah frontflip with this bike, if I can do it I will… yes yeah let´s have a look, I will try it in any case I´m excited if it´s possible, but I think not but we will try it ok, let´s go Fabio, what´s up? don´t know how i should do it sh*t nice try bro I will take the second first try second first try dude, no way that close at least I didn´t land it, but at least good fun big big respect bro! the standing is BI to BI right, and I´m happy that I´ve not to try the frontflip that was soo close however it´s my turn again so what? what will you try? you tried the frontflip, so I will do the backflip dude ok, have fun let´s go at least on such a silly kids bike but to be serious, this bike is just awesome have a look at this have you see how often it falled on the ground? nothing, perfect it´s awesome – shotout to Specialized to be honest I think it´s because of our stickers yeah, for sure – second first try now the sun comes back respect for your try but that means? B I K BIK now it´s gonna be close right? ok yeah, let´s go, Fabio it´s your turn so when Elias isn´t able to do the flip, I will try it haha yeah have fun have fun I´ve a good day today!! but I´ve also a try now it´s your turn you´ve BIK It could be my ruin give me the cam and let´s go I think I have to do it! that´s right haha the all decisive jump guy´s, yes another win goes into the books of “GAME OF BIKE” that was close I thought I made it I thought perfect safe, i´ve made it What a game guy´s, what a game at least we had so much fun especially thanks to Peter Kaiser for the possibility to ride his spot was really really cool! Thanks but now it´s time for our all known award ceremony the winner ceremony I´m excited we just forgot the wandering log of wood see you soon so we have the winner of the GAME OF BIKE please say hello to the winner, the winner of the hearts, the winner of the game and anything Fabio Wibmer so now it´s time for the winners interview how´re you feeling Mr. Wibmer? sensationell to be honest after the second win in the second game – I´m speechless yeah, I´m nearly crying after the wandering log of wood, I´m holding the wandering watering can in my hands it will get a special place in the shelf he doesn´t have a lot of medals and trophies but this kind of trophies are priceless that´s right you just get it once guy´s we just hope you enjoyed it thanks for watching till the next time cheers!

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  1. To celebrate 30 episodes of Sick Series we decided to make another GAME OF BIKE.
    This time on a kids bike haha. Let's go!

  2. Gracias por subtitularlo , me gustan mucho tus videos pero no entendia nada , gracias por subtitularlo en español alemanes pijos adinerados .

  3. المرجو عمل ترجة العربية ارجوك
    انت رائع وان من متاتبيعيك والا اجيد لختك

  4. Нуль в немецком, а смотрю уже не первый десяток видеороликов Фабио целиком 😀

  5. Bin ich der einzige der überhaupt nicht biked, solche Rampen niemals springen würde dafür aber parkour macht?

  6. As an English speaker who doesn't understand one bit of German, I really enjoyed this video with captions even more than if it were spoken in English.

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