Free Game Giveaways! (PS4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch)

Free Game Giveaways! (PS4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch)

what’s up everybody this is your boy
grid the Gama holic and I’m excited because one of the console giveaways
have just ended but I’m still giving away three more console giveaways
absolutely for free I want to say thank you everybody who’s been participating
I’m being a lot of positive feedback on the new software I’ve been using so I’m
gonna keep using this one but I have the 19 finalists for the last console
giveaway so if your name is at the bottom in the description or in the
comments you will see there’s 19 winners pick 19 finalists pick one of these
people is gonna want a free console of their choice but I need to pick one more
name that’s gonna be on the next episode I’m gonna pick one more name that’s
going to be the 20th finalist and then I’m gonna pick one of those 20 people
and one of those 20 people is gonna be able to win a PlayStation 4 Xbox 1s or a
Nintendo suite so if you see your name below you’re already a finalist if you
don’t see your name don’t worry it’s not too late you may become a finalist on
the next episode all right so the other three free console giveaways one of them
is for the actual referral giveaway so basically if you invite friends to this
giveaway if one of your friends win a console you win a console the link is in
the below to sign up and again that’s console giveaways 1 & 2 you’ll see it in
the link and again that’s free of charge and then the other free console giveaway
for those people who want to be a tech subscriber you’ll get text messages when
I have new episodes or new entry possibilities and you’ll get bonus entry
texts as well for the other console giveaways but text the word epic to the
phone number that’s in the description to become a Texas Fryeburg data rate and
text messaging rates do apply so if you don’t get free text messages I don’t
advise you being in that because they don’t cost your money all right
and then lastly I want to give a shout out and and also a shout out to my new
members they just signed up in the month of November but also I do a console
giveaway strictly for my paying members who pay a membership fee of at least $5
enough you can sign up at any time you can cancel anytime
typically the cars discharged on the first of the month and again is the only
$5 for the one console giveaway but I’m gonna continue to add another console
giveaway for those people who pay $20 on them but I’m gonna get into that in just
a second so the first cons of us are the first shoutout I want to say hey thank
you welcome in the month of November we got actually Rodriguez as a Premium
Member so shout outs you actually thanks for the love and support we got cement
the Lydon’s thank you so much appreciate you we got men mande made you know she’s
actually a $10 subscriber so again thank you shout out for you I appreciate you
we have Phil written or return sorry I mispronounced your name but Phil I
appreciate you and then lastly we have see Glinda Foley
she is a twenty dollar membership member and she actually won a church to receive
their shirt not too long ago but again thanks for the love and support in being
a twenty dollar member now I just posted right today
the member console giveaway so you have until the fifth to take the quiz now how
the membership console giveaways work you take a monthly quiz it’s just random
trivia it give you math science about video games history sports it’s all
random and it could be anywhere between five and ten questions each quiz but
each quit I’m sorry each question you get right will be entries towards the
member exclusive console giveaway right now I want to stab about a good 25
members 20 no I’m sorry 27 members and that giveaway so you’re canceling to win
is very high you have until the fifth of the month to sign up to be a part of
this giveaway cuz this giveaway ends on the fifth but again I’m gonna do another
one every single month so if you sign up after the fifth that would be for the
month of December the one that ends on the fifth is the one for the month of
the November so sign up if you can to get is only five bucks you can go
month-to-month or you could just do it for one month this however you want to
do it the link is in the description click the link and at the bottom it’ll
say sign up to be a member now for the $20 members again I appreciate
each and every one of you guys right now I have five $20 memberships so for those
people who are twenty on the membership once I get to ten once I get to ten
members I’m gonna give away a console strictly to those people who pay $20 a
month so if I get to ten this month then I’m going to do another drawing with
those same tribute questions but strictly for those people who are tween
our membership so right now there’s only five if I get five more you literally
have basically you only be competing with ten other people so you’re never
gonna get better eyes than this on anything ever I’m talking about the
lottery I’m talking about any other people’s giveaways so if you got 20
bucks signup even if it’s just for this month that’s fine but I’m gonna try to
do that monthly as long as if I have ten members to sign up so right now have
five so if you want to be one of those new five people go ahead and sign up but
with that being said if you have any questions let me know but I appreciate
y’all I love y’all sign them for all the free giveaways or the member giveaways
at the bottom and I will talk to you guys soon yeah that’s all I got I love
y’all it’s been an exciting day all right y’all peace

53 thoughts on “Free Game Giveaways! (PS4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch)

  1. Appreciate you doing stufd like this.. Man i dont want to be greedy but can I please get one because my pc is not good and it broke

  2. I hope I am a finalist because I wanted to Nintendo switch for almost a year now and my mom can’t afford one and every time I What one I can’t get it because my mom can’t afford it and I really want something to play games on all I have is my phone Which is a Samsung and I really want a Nintendo switch because I love Nintendo games and I really wanna Nintendo switch so I hope I become a finalist I’ve entered so many giveaways and having one so if you see this please reply and tell me my chances on being a finalist please and thank you

  3. I am unscribing as i am an active subscriber since a year and i am participating in the giveaways since then and never won yet.??

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