FORTNITE Cinematic Game Trailer (2017) PS4, Xbox One, PC Game

FORTNITE Cinematic Game Trailer (2017) PS4, Xbox One, PC Game

RAMIREZ: Alright people. let’s search this dump and get out of here ASAP. NINJA: Dump?! What’s wrong with the Durr Burger? CONSTRUCTOR: Yeah, it’s got everything – garbage, rats… CONSTRUCTOR: …severe structural damage… OUTLANDER: Some people just can’t appreciate fine dining. RAMIREZ: Ew. OUTLANDER: Did you hear that? NINJA: You’ve got nothing to worry about. Trust me. I’ve got the heightened senses of a Ninja. MOM: Oh! I am so sorry! RAMIREZ: Hey hey, it’s okay. We’re gonna get you out of here. MOM: Thank you. We though you were more of those… things. DAUGHTER: Mom, the monsters are coming! RAMIREZ: Looks like we’re staying put. RAMIREZ: Alright, you two stick with me. DAUGHTER: Yes, ma’am! RAMIREZ: Let’s get to work! NINJA: Woah! CONSTRUCTOR: Okay, heads up! NINJA: Woah! CONSTRUCTOR: Ha ha! CONSTRUCTOR: Ok, look out! OUTLANDER: Hey! DAUGHTER: Here, take this! OUTLANDER: Thanks kid! RAMIREZ: Everyone! Get down! RAMIREZ: Is that all you got!?! RAMIREZ: SMASHER! NINJA: To the rescu– RAMIREZ: Stay back. *Daughter screams* RAMIREZ: Take it out! OUTLANDER: Whaa, oh. Go long! CONSTRUCTOR: I’m on it. Order up! NINJA:Hoo-aaaaahhhhhh!! NINJA: Huh, I guess meat is murder! OUTLANDER: Ugh. You’re killing me, man. RAMIREZ: Okayyy, let’s head to the roof for EVAC. MOM: Aside from the part where we almost died, that was amazing. RAMIREZ: Hey, don’t mention it. It’s all in a night’s work. SURVIVORS: Help! RAMIREZ: Alright guys, who’s up for pizza? NINJA: Aw yeaaaah! Pizza!

14 thoughts on “FORTNITE Cinematic Game Trailer (2017) PS4, Xbox One, PC Game

  1. I like the Red headed girl with freckles in Fortnite (a skin that doesn't have battle pass)
    but Ramirez is my sec fave

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