Forget About Gaming Headsets! THIS Is What You Need!

Forget About Gaming Headsets! THIS Is What You Need!

good people for $100 this is the best
gaming headset experience you can get and treat yourself with and if you’ve
come here with a similar budget in mind well look no further we have received so
many requests to check out the Philips SHP9500 and see what all the fuss is
about and thank you to everyone who has pointed us towards this wonderful
inexpensive gem based on countless user reviews it’s like the best 69 dollars
you can spend on a pair of open-back headphones but combine that with the
boom pro microphone from V-moda you have yourself incredible sound for your ears
and for your voice to the new cooler master master mouth 710 a weird name but
damn this thing is good with an ultra lightweight body at only 53 grams for
excellent flick control and aim correction the ultra weave cable is
awesome for Wireless like feel the ambidextrous shape for me personally is
super comfortable and then like the shorter body plus the glide is smooth
thanks to white PTFE feet enjoy the domination with an excellent optical
sensor and despite the funky name the cooler master mm 710 is legit check it
out the low all right let’s run down the basics for the headphones first the SHP9500 is a lightweight at 320 grams it is size adjustable to fit all head sizes
with numbers on the headband to remember your profile the build quality is mainly
plastic with metal mesh covering the driver with a good amount of resistance
on those swivel joints they’re not playing around and conform to the shape
of your head the pattern here is enough for my preference I don’t make contact
with the driver wall and the clamping force is pretty light there’s no way
you’d have any pressure or fatigue after hours of use but some might feel this
thing is a bit too light clamping force wise the cable is removable it’s too
long in my opinion tow at 3 meters but at least it’s rubber so the cable noise
is not that significant and it’s because of the removable cable we’re able to
convert this into a headset so meet the $35 boompro by V-moda one of the best
microphones I’ve tested in its class which is why it’s so easy to recommend
so as long as your headphone has a 3.5 millimeter jack you’ll be able to use
the blue bro with it it carries both the
headphone and microphone signals there’s an inline remote for volume and mic mute
plus the low profile nature of the mic is just a bonus I initially wanted to
run this pair with the mod mic Wireless and that is a great microphone but that
would just skyrocket our total value for this contraption that we’re creating and
then boom Pro is just a better value overall plus it replaces the default
cable therefore we’re not adding any bulk and that’s for the microphone test
this is what the boomPro sounds like we have done a full comprehensive analysis
and comparison with this mic and many other gaming headsets make sure to check
it out and that will give you an idea of how this thing compares and just how
good of a value it is for $30 now the clarity is there it sounds natural and
doesn’t sound nasally it has beautiful bass and fullness to the vocals
unfortunately or fortunately it does not have any noise compression and noise
cancellation of the background so you can say it’s kind of negative if you’re
typing on the keyboard it will pick that up if you’re using a mouse it will pick
that up if you can hear Michael typing from a different dimension it will pick
it up as well and the reason why this thing sounds so good is because we don’t
have any noise compression characteristics and no noise
cancellation built into the microphone capsule and for me that is a positive
but let me know what you think now in terms of sound quality I can describe it
in three terms open sound clear detail and smooth playback the open nature of
the drivers plus light clamping force delivers a type of mellow and non
aggressive listening experience the clarity is impressive especially with
any vocal playback but at the same time pushing through with that smooth high
end it really interesting combination that keeps the detail without any harsh
elements the low end is present so the signature is a bit fuller but just don’t
expect anything too deep with regards to the bass my only complaint with the
sound signature would be the mid-range as it’s not so forward making some
elements sound a bit too distant and this is already an open-back headset
therefore the mid-range is like little bit too far now in the gaming
environment like red that too it gives me nice environmental expansion
so the sound is open with good definition of raindrops mosquitoes in
the forest and the of the wind the footsteps and the speech
all come through very well the mid-range could be slightly more forward to give
you even more definition in the entire spectrum but this thing is fantastic for
competitive genres so like in modern warfare 2 it’s a great example where
audio cues are crucial as those footsteps are just so loud and help with
directionality the open style and good clarity is that perfect combination for
shooters like COD and having that quality mic in there is just a massive
bonus for online play I do have a few complaints about this pair and even
though it’s $69 let’s still mention them the clamping force for users who prefer
a tighter seal even with an open back design like the HD58X or 650 or
whatever from Sennheiser you might be disappointed because these are quiet
light on the clamping force the cable well note this one but the original
cable is 3 meters which is way too long for mobile use the left and right
distinction on the ear cups is just a bit obnoxious sure it’s part of the
design element but we already have the left and right distinction inside the
headband so why are they repeated and number 4 the little confusion that is
caused by the 9500 versus the newer 9500s which is significantly more expensive
at $99 and that also comes with a 1.5 millimeter cable instead of 3 meter
cable so that’s a positive and a slightly different frequency tuned on
the drivers and that is the main difference but it’s like they’re
practically an identical pair let’s get some more opinion Sieber what are your
first impressions first impressions I am actually really impressed with the
Philips 9500 I mean for 70 bucks this thing when I when I just had this I I do
not expect you to be $70 because you I didn’t know the price was so as soon as
I tried them on for the first time I’m like wow this it’s great really oh thank
you I appreciate that it picks up your hair every time when I when I when we
when we switch headsets good I mean I can still see your hair on it because
the material is yeah it’s definitely difficult to keep clean so that’s
something to keep note of but other than that I can’t really complain anything
about this headset especially since it cost $70 that’s that’s my take
on it peace out mics in the hot seat working first
impressions when it comes to comfort comfort I find that they’re nice and
light the only problem that I have is that the clamping force for my head just
isn’t enough they feel like they’re moving around a little bit too much and
even if I go to the smallest setting they do feel a little bit like they’re
actually writing on the top of my ears so the mic I absolutely love the quality
my issue is that it’s a little bit too malleable so if you bump it it’s gonna
get all bent out of sorts and you’re gonna have to reposition it the cable
itself the braiding is well done enough that you don’t have to worry about
inking or anything else but I do like the rubberized cable on the original
headset a lot better well from a price per force perspective I can’t think of
anything else that comes anywhere close to it especially in the gaming headset
market that’s considerably overpriced these days and having said all that this
is a great combination for around $100 that gives you fantastic vocal clarity
and a really nice sounding headphone to that will make a killer gaming combo
I’ll leave links for all types of headsets including this and the
microphone and other options that you might consider in the description below
thanks much for watching let me know if you’ve experienced this pair and what
are your thoughts is it worth the hype and the $69 price point I mean that’s a
that’s a really good price point thanks for watching make sure to check out this
other relevant content I’ll talk to you next

100 thoughts on “Forget About Gaming Headsets! THIS Is What You Need!

  1. I can attest to these headsets jumping into the audiophile hobby a while back DAC+AMP+headset spending over $600+ for everything I keep on going to these for gaming. They are insanely easy to drive as well your onboard audio on Mobo is more then sufficient. O and there so damn comfortable! Can't go wrong for less then $100.

  2. Dude, I love my SHP 9500S been using em for a year now, and I got mine for 60 dollars. If you want really good closed-back headphones tho since the open back will leak sound out and in id get Audio Technica ATH M40X which are 99 dollars, and you can also change the ear cups, and add that same microphone.

  3. I don't live in a radio shack so having my mic sound like it's been stepped on isn't something I'm looking for, this mic sounds like that just trash.

  4. I've been using these headphones for years and they've held up better than every other headphones I ever bought as well as sounding amazing! Just recently added a Modmic wireless to it. It's so well-built I'm sure mine will last me several more years to come.

  5. I've been telling people for a while now that shp9500s and vmoda boom pro makes for an awesome headset

    I managed to pick up 9500s for around $50 on newegg last year. The stock cable sucks, but with the vmoda it doesn't matter.

  6. my brother has these and to be honest, i dont like the headphones because of the padding and the padding cover. they get uncomfortable pretty quick (for me)

  7. Can you do this headset versus a samson sr850? Its about $30 which way less, but it's semi-open (essentially still open) back headset and I just wanted to know how ddifferent it is.

    I hope they read this.. thx

  8. I put this headset together after watching Zeos talk about the “Ships” and the V Moda boom mic. I’ve never looked back since!

  9. I have been using this exact setup for 8 months now and iv had a few problems. first one is that the headband clip (the right one) came out and I couldn't get it to clip back in place and that the clamping strength gets weaker, but I have had no problems with the mic. this is my first open-back headphone and i have been loving it.

  10. In India this device costs ₹12730 which is more than double the price of a good razer or close to Logitech g pro x hypersonic headset .
    So it must be USA only deal

  11. SHP is ok for gaming, but if you want actual hifi that can also game you get KSC75/KSC75x with a parts express headband for round 20$.

  12. If you live in a country where V-MODA BOOM Microphone can't be obtain from local reseller, try a Hyper X Cloud II Inline Microphone that I bought you can buy for $15.

  13. And then you need to replaced the pads from stock with a custom bracket to even produce a modicum protruding padding to aid the inadequate clamping force and get a better seal. These fly straight off your head from any movement. "Engineered to fit the geometry of the ears" Yet I'm certain their model data overshot by nearly double. Not worth the hassle for a tinny monster like these.

  14. I’m trying to decide between this or the beyerdynamic dt 770 (32 ohm version) Just want to game and listen to music… maybe even watch movies. Can you fellas with experience help me out?

  15. Enthusiast circles have known about this for years. Only pcmasterrace tards buy junk headsets like the HyperX Clouds. A pair of AKG's with a vmoda is another good option.

  16. I tried these a while ago when I was playing lots of CS:GO. I didn't keep them because they weren't great for sound cues even at twice the volume of my Audio Technica cans.

  17. Love this channel but Zeos has been pushing this combo for years. Kind of makes you guys look like amateurs to be honest 😏

  18. Broke my original pair, bought two more when they were on sale. Also pair it with the vmoda boom mic, have been loving this set for years it feels like.

  19. I have those as a backup and they are amazing. I use the Philips X2s if you want a suuper nice pair, if you can ever grab them on sale.

  20. Im a HD 598SE (SR but functionally same as SE) guy. How do you think this compares to HD 598SE ? Your view will be very helpful to me, since you used to use HD 598SE as daily driver. So excluding price to performance factor of philips, would the philips headphones be a upgrade for me ?

  21. I had the boompro on my V-moda M-100s and it picked up all in game sound and was so loud, it drowned out most of my voice. And NOTHING would solve the insane echoing the BoomPro caused. No Windows setting helped and even discord echo cancellation was worthless. So is it the headphones or the mic? Never found a solution in 2.5 years. I bought a Corsair discord certified headset and never had any of those issues.

  22. I haven't experienced the headset, but I use the boommic pro with my vmoda LP2 to stream; highly recommend the mic for gaming with friends/randoms and wannabe streamers like me

  23. Still rocking my Philips Fidelio X2 (the Gibson version)… Hard use for, cant remember but a long time now and they are even nicer now than when new. Fucking awesome!

    So, yeah… I aint surprized that these sounds good for the prize.

    And yeah… Zeos made me buy them. 🙂

  24. Can anybody help me? I need a headset for listening to music, watching videos. I have a budget of 80 usd, anything is helpful. Btw I have been thinking for going for the audio technica ath ad 500x. Any suggestions?

  25. How is no noise cancelation on a mic while gaming a positive? Everyone will just hear you hitting keys while you speak. That sounds terrible

  26. I’ve been using these headphones for the past 3 months and they are amazing. Great for gaming and listening to music. Highly recommend

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