First Appearance of KOREAN VERGIL [Yakuza 7] (English Sub) PS4 gameplay

First Appearance of KOREAN VERGIL [Yakuza 7] (English Sub) PS4 gameplay

Adachi san from this point Yeah, it’s already
Komijul’s territory I feel danger here Wait, what is it? Stop being serious
it’s freaking me out Stop being serious
it’s freaking me out Hey, wait Who’s that? Wearing sunglasses at night but she’s fashionable Yeah, she looks like a model Girl who looks like her
has a bad personality Beauty’s tend to be eccentric That’s their charm What’s that nonsense Hey, I can hear you Who’s she?
Maybe.. Komijul? Dunno Then let’s ask her directly Then let’s ask her directly Hey Kasuga Hey~
Your name? Hello~ Kasuga Ichiban and his jolly friends You already know about us? Yes, of course Of course? Hey guys! She doesn’t seem dangerous Meaning You’re Komijul? Right What do you mean not dangerous? Hey, hey Then you know why we came here? The evidence that
Laoma killed the manager The evidence that
Laoma killed the manager You’re looking for that, right? Is there such a thing as an evidence? Maybe..
I’ll guide you This is turning out well for us It seems so.. Beauty is not evil by nature That low mind will get you into trouble
some day This street feels empty
with no one around Kasuga I’ve never been here
this deep This is the core of Komijul’s homeground Yeah, I feel that too Me too There’s no turning back? What is it?
Murmuring behind me It’s nothing
Sorry Hmm? If you don’t feel like it
you can go back I’m not forcing you Bullshit You know we have no choice You know that very well Stop being mischievous You’r right Then, let’s just move on! OK Is that.. a cat fight? Scary.. What’s this..
It’s no joke Do you understand now? Why they’re called Komijul
is because it means spiderweb in Korea Aha I understand But What’s the purpose of
bringing those wires to this place? The thing you want is at the top of this place What! What’s wrong You freaked me out It’s just a roach It’s bigger than normal ones Hey everyone there’s something more surprising She’s gone Fool! Ichiban Why’d you take your eyes off You did that too! Hey, be quiet Someone’s here I saw it! The bowgun! Komijul’s memeber? They are not welcoming us Why’re they wearing those freaky masks What is it?
You guys are done with only one shot? Why are you saying nothing? Then this time
we go first! You did good, everyone It was awesome You? Can you forgive me for mistreating you? The one who saved us from Mabuchi You remember me
I’m glad Last time you helped us and now you’re attacking us? We have reasons fo that I apologize What’s this guy?
So annoying Huh?
You said he’s handsome Handsome he is but I don’t like him! I’m the advisor of Komijul Han Jun Gi Han Jun Gi? Why did you let your guys
attack us? I wanted to find out
your skills I ordered them not to kill However, they put their lives on it and I was nervous Bullshit We were OK
even if you tried harder So you found out our skills? Yes~ You guys are strong But.. I think I can handle you guys
just by myself What? I know what you came for You still don’t seem to know but you guys are in real trouble I’ll tell you all you have to know
since you got plenty of time You’re trying my patience Say it already
We’ve got no time This is very important If you don’t understand it
you’ll be in trouble So I’ll try to break it down
to toddler’s level I’m doing you a favor Are you trying to taunt me? Don’t care if I’m a fool I don’t care what you think of us I personally like your type of guy Then, come inside He’s looking down on us Let him babble as he want Really annoying handsome guy! It seems the handsome and beauty
are eccentric You can say that again that’s why you guys
have nice personality What do you mean? Nothing I don’t think a non-Komijul guy
has ever come to this place You guys are special guests So you can be more cheerful What’s this This is what brings money to us CCTV from the streets Secret agents hiding
and recording videos and etc allows us to
snoop around everything However, in order to run this system we have to have more than
the power plant here That’s why Stealing electricity from the streets Yes, as you’ve expected We’re the younget Mafia
here in Ijincho We lost turf war
against Sei Ryu and Hung Ping Ryu Man and the members who survived formed Komijul We use the info from this place
as a merchandise and also as a weapon to protect us Protect? Komijul is not large in number
as other Mafias We can’t take a head-on fight So Playing a role as a balancer
who watches the fight between the two mafias is our method to survive Balance?
What do you mean? For example if someone from Hung Ping Ryu Man trespassed Sei Ryu’s territory we tell that to Sei Ryu quickly We thoroughly investigate
the one who tried to break the balance and give info about the man’s family and friends
to the opposing clan Because of that we can settle down an upset quickly and it also doesn’t lead to a bigger fight So it’s not 3 kingdoms ruling over but two big kingdoms and the Intelligence Service in between them That’s why you say balancer That’s it Hung Ping Ryu Man and Seir Ryu are thanking us for that though I never got a
thanks letter from them But.. if there’s a man who caused fire the one who take him down
is also Komijul? It’s case by case it’s mostly done by us Sometimes we give them pain or wipe them out of this place But still, it’s all just a business Then you’ve already took care of Mabuchi? Laoma’s still alive But.. look at the monitor The moment before the murder happened it’s the front side of that place Laoma and his subordinates
are shown too This is a sure evidence We’re looking for this! I know that This video show that he’s the murderer Hung Ping’s boss will understand But you can’t have it right now I still have something to show you What do you mean? If you see it then you’ll know it Well.. it sounds fishy Don’t try to frustrate me.. please partner

12 thoughts on “First Appearance of KOREAN VERGIL [Yakuza 7] (English Sub) PS4 gameplay

  1. Game Memories is a Teletubby and Thanks for the Han Joon-gi translation! I love the fact that they brought back Korean Vergil (or should I say Korean Dante given the circumstance?) And made him playable as well.

  2. note: you might wanna substitute the word balance for truce. coz that's what laoma is trying to do: break the truce and start a war.

  3. I love that Korean Vergil/Dante's become such a ubiquitous name for this guy. They've gotta sneak some kind of half-reference to it into the localisation, surely.

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