FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

Development footage. Subject to change. Cloud! Quickly! Barret! Gimme a break! Jessie! Barret! Where you been!? Tifa! Let’s lay down some rubber! Crank that throttle! Okay, you got it! Who’s that? A SOLDIER. Can’t say this is quite what I had in mind when I asked for your help way back when. Feels like we’re flying high these days! Now more than ever! He’s a keeper all right. Yeah! I’ll see myself in, thanks. Aaand who are you? Now it’s my turn! Hello, Aerith. What do you want? Wait a minute… Those eyes… Corneo’s got certain…tastes. Don’t be shy, little kitten! Shimmy on over and give daddy some sugar! It’ll be fine! Right? After you! You led us on a merry chase, Aerith. Attention Avalanche! Resist and we will use lethal force! Got your lethal force right here! Look! President Shinra!? Now then, my dear sewer rats… Henceforth allies of wicked Wutai, our sworn enemy. Wutai? The hell we are! You still don’t understand your role in this. Cloud!

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  1. Will they have the Knights of the Roundtable and will I need to reset over 100 hundred times to breed the right chocobo? I sure hope so.


  3. … Okay, I'm going to be a groupie now ! I'm so impatient !! I just hope one thing and it will be perfect : japanese voices !!

  4. The best part of the game was the turn based fighting and they completely turned that into garbage. Just touch up the graphics and keep game play like it was. Booooooooo.

  5. When I first saw this as an ad, at first I thought it was some bullshit way to promote something., but I now I know that it’s serious.

  6. Revamp after remodel. A good indication that the software houses have finally run out of new ideas, and are resorting to remakes of all the old games to keep the money flowing into their overburdened pockets. Maybe they should concentrate their efforts into ensuring that hardware manufacturers don't leave previous customers out in the cold when new consoles appear on the market and older machines and their ancilliary parts, controllers, memory cards etc, become no longer available. People make big investments in software, and if left with nothing to play their old favourites on, are bound to feel frustrated and antagonistic towards the companies that have taken their money and then moved on. It is in the best interest of both console manufactureres and software houses that they continue to support the stuff that they previously produced and profited from, else people will be turned away from gaming, and then where will such as Microsoft and Sony get their future profits from ?.

  7. I'm gonna have to get used to all these new voice actors. I've watched Advent Children so much all these voices are catching me off guard.

  8. Seeing Cloud turned into a frog and still having his buster sword strapped on his back is enough to convince me to buy this game!

  9. Game looks fantastic. Looks like they are going to change a lot of the story line though..not entirely sure how I feel about that just yet. Just throwing in a new soldier character seems like it could go poorly. But I'll keep my hopes up.

  10. Shinra Forces: attention avalanche resist and we will use lethal force
    Barret: I got your lethal force right here shots the helicopter

    Love how d game still funny did not lost its humor 🤣

  11. I am worried that this is going to suck and that they don't appear to have any idea what made FFVII special. Looks a lot like FFXV, and that game was a real crushing disappointment.

    I suppose I'll reserve judgment, but you should be cautious about letting yourself get hyped.

  12. Look man, I'm PC Master Race and as much as I love FF7 I'm not buying a PlayStation for this.
    Hurry up and release it on Steam.

  13. imagine a event or crossover where Noctis and friends goes to FF7 world and meet clouds gang(Noctis and Cloud could probably talk about Luna and Aerith before or after their deaths) and Noctis & Cloud goes on a mission where Noctis has a motorcycle with Armiger around it and Cloud has his Advent children motorcycle with the swords 😮 would be EPIC 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  14. did they at least make a alternate path where you keep aerith this time i mean its only fair to the fans and reopens the character for circulation not to mention a all new progression after that has a love triangle with a different outcome hell even if it was a dlc i would buy it

  15. I’m looking forward to kick sephiroth’s butt on that game just like I did in kingdom hearts 1 and 2 final mix on the PS4

  16. All the characters look the same as the classic PS1 version except Tifa!! Even dissidia NT uses Tifa's classic outfit.
    Couldn’t help starting a petition to bring back Tifa's original classic outfit to stay true to the original.
    chng dot it/qyV8VfvVwh
    Head to the link above to help support the cause. Together let’s make it happen!

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