Fight’N Rage – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Fight’N Rage – Gameplay Trailer | PS4


97 thoughts on “Fight’N Rage – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. This trailer was hard to freaking watch with all the colors and effects…someone was trying a little too hard lol.

  2. Really not a fan of the filter they used for this trailer and (I assume?) the full game. I get it, it's like you're playing on an old CRT or arcade cabinet but it makes everything hard to see in my opinon and doesn't add to the games actual visual style.

    I'm sure others will like it but its personally not for me. Hope you can turn it off

  3. If you wanna get your beat ‘em up fix before SOR4 comes out next year, this will be that game. There’s another beat ‘em up call The Takeover but that is still awaiting approval.

  4. Why do people refer to Mai when talking about Gal, anyway, I would immediately compare her to Blaze , which has been in a beat em up and has big um assets also ?

  5. Hey guys don't have you think that it would be cool if ps make an avengers game and X-Men game when avengers fight X-Men it can be similar to mortal kombat11 and Injustice2 give me your opinions on. It please and thank you.

  6. Waiting for Streets of Rage 4 but you better believe I'm searhing for Gal on every Rule 34 site I frequent…. Which is a lot.

  7. Looks amazing, i love (and miss) side scrolling beat em up games! So glad indie devs are bringing back 2d gaming =)

  8. Alright I played it. There's alot of depth to the combo system and it's definitely gonna take you awhile to master 1 character.

  9. Whoa i love this character shes awfully seductive coool

    sees her in game
    Every… Pixel…. Of… Her????

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