Fighting in Mr Beast’s $100k Youtuber Battle Royale

Fighting in Mr Beast’s $100k Youtuber Battle Royale

(booming noises) – [James] Hey, are you gonna make a
video about this? – [Jaiden] Mmmmm…. Probably not. Are you? – [James] Mmm…only if something
interesting happens. ♪ (Beethoven, “Ode to Joy”) ♪ I want to tell you all this story
about what happened at MrBeast’s $100k YouTuber Battle Royale. This is gonna be quite a long video so some of the drawings are gonna
be done by other people and I’m gonna be recording this
on different microphones so sorry if I sound different. I’m not that sorry, I don’t care. And I want to tell this story
in its entirity. I don’t wanna cut anything out
or split it into two videos ’cause the story I’m talking about
is already up on MrBeast’s channel, so what’s the point of making people
wait for a conclusion when you could just go and
see what happened? If you’ve already seen MrBeast’s video
(which a lot of you probably have), then this story has already been spoiled
for you and you know how it’s gonna turn out. But you should still stick around
because I’m gonna go into detail about the events that led up to
the big fight and sprinkle in just a healthy
amount of embellishment. And if you live under a rock and
don’t know what I’m talking about or who this “MrBeast” character is,
then pull up a chair and let me explain studios, cuz
this is gonna be quite the video. This is MrBeast: A 20 year
old YouTuber that after a couple of years of making
cringy Minecraft intro compilations and “How much money does X YouTuber make?”, he started uploading some unique challenge videos. But they weren’t your normal challenge
videos you see on YouTube like the Cinnamon challenge or
the In My Feelings challenge. He challenged his endurance
by making videos like reading the dictionary in one sitting, or counting to 200,000 (Road to a Million). Then he started one-upping his
challenges by making some big and questionable financial decisions like
buying a hundred T-Rex costumes or literally giving out tens of thousands of
dollars to people. His videos got insanely popular,
which meant he earned more money, which meant he could spend even
bigger quantities of money on videos and in turn get more views because
of how crazy they were. And then he got more money,
and the cycle just continued making him one of the fastest
growing channels on YouTube. In 2015, he celebrated his 7K subscriber milestone. And in 2019, he’s got over — – [voice-over] –16 — – [James] — million subscribers. The dude’s been blowing up.
And about a year ago I sent him a Twitter DM saying, “Where do you buy so many things
in bulk, like, uh — random example — Sprinkles?”
cuz I just, I needed to know. I just wanted to know who his
supplier was, because Walmart… banned me. (chuckles) We ended up chatting on Discord
for a bit and he told me that the reason he makes videos is
to entertain people, and with the amount of money he’s giving away
and the fact that he’s probably losing money on
some of these videos, it’s obvious that he’s not making
these videos for the money and I respect that. Also, in the call, he told me he
was playing Fortnite and I said that my favorite
video game was Tetris and he said, “Yeah, you seem like
the kind of person that would like Tetris.” What’s that supposed to mean, Beast?! Well, who’s laughing now? Tetris is the best battle royale
game out there. Tetris 99. Download it for free on the Switch today.
(They don’t sponsor me.) So that’s who Mr. Beast is, for the six people
watching who didn’t know. Fast forward to February 2019.
I’m at VidCon, London. Me and Dave from Boyinaband
were getting ready to perform “Life is Fun” in front of a bunch of UK blokes.
And I was browsing Twitter and I saw this tweet
from the Beast himself. (as MrBeast) “Attention, epic gamers. On March 6th I’m hosting an in-real-life
YouTuber Battle Royale with airsoft guns.” (sigh) (normal voice) “Royal.” That says “Royal.”
I’m just gonna use a computer voice. – [Computer voice] “Winner gets $100,000. It will be in LA and similar to Dude Perfect’s
video (which, btw, I really enjoyed). Reply if you’re a YouTuber and want in.” – [James] The tweet was only
sent ten minutes ago. It was pretty fresh,
and looking through my pocket calendar I wasn’t doing anything that day.
I can make it to the event. I asked Dave, “Do you think I should do it?” I forgot what he said, but
he probably said something like, (as Dave) “Oh yeah man, you’d be
so great at it. Where did you get so handsome?
Mmm, you’re the best!” (normal voice) So I replied to the tweet,
“I can make it.” Then I got added to a group chat
with six other YouTubers, so I wrote “Hello competition,” and the very next thing I saw was, “MrBeast added Logan Paul,”
and my mind went: [loudly shrieks] Logan Paul? YouTuber’s number one storytime
animator, Logan Paul? Recently came out as a flat
earther, Logan Paul? That Logan Paul?! But then Logan Paul left
cuz he’s a coward. So in the group chat, MrBeast
explained the rules. It would be an airsoft battle and everyone would
have three balloons attached to them, and once your three balloons
got popped, you were out. This match wasn’t going to be a
free-for-all like The Hunger Games. We were going to be on teams of three. So I was gonna get paired
up with two random people. I mean, I would have preferred if
one of them have been a Paul boy, but no big deal. Hopefully whoever my teammates are
would know what they’re doing and carry the team cuz, I sure as heck wouldn’t. Jaiden Animations was also at VidCon and I told her, “Guess what I’m doing.” – [Jaiden] “I saw your tweet.
That’s pretty epic, James. You’re the best,” – [James] she said. I said, “Jaiden, the battle is gonna
be in teams of three. I don’t know anyone else that’s going.
Do you want to go to war with me?” Now this was a first for me.
Never in my life have I ever had to ask someone, “Hey, do you want to fight in
an airsoft battle royale against a bunch of other YouTubers
for the chance to win $100,000?” And Jaiden said, – [Jaiden] “Yeah, sure.” – [James] I asked Mr. Beast, “Are you still looking for more people for the YouTube Royal? My friend Jaiden is interested
and I think it would be good if me and her were on a team because
our channels are so similar.” And he replied with, – [Computer voice] “Yes, she got Poods in Rewind,
100% want her in.” – [James] And I was like,
“Oh, yeah, she did do that. I probably didn’t have to send you her channel.” So Jaiden never publicly said she was
going to be in the fight, but she was. Surprise. Mr. B sent us a list of people that
still needed to be on a team. Since it was only me and Jaiden, I gotta pick someone from the list
to be the third member of our team. It made me feel like the popular kids
when they got to pick teams for kickball. First time I got to feel that
experience, actually. I noticed one name on the list: Anthony Padilla. I’ve been to conventions,
and I’ve seen how young some of you are, so I got to explain who Anthony is.
Just bear with me big kids. Before some of you were born, there was
this big YouTube channel called “Smosh,” and when I was 12, that was one of the
YouTube channels that I watched. So imagine how gleeful I was
when a big part of my childhood asked me to do a couple of
videos with him to go up on his channel. Since Anthony and I had already done two videos together, and he’s done one with Jaiden,
and he pet my dog, I thought we were close enough
to have him on the team. Also, two of the three people on
our team are vegan so we decided to name
ourselves “66% vegan.” That’s actually not true.
I made that up. The day was fast approaching and
I’m gonna level with you, we did not have high hopes for winning.
Anthony tweeted out, – [Anthony] “Tomorrow I’ll be in Mr. Beast’s
100k YouTube Battle Royale with my teammates, TheOdd1sOut
and Jaiden Animation. Between us we see a total of
3 hours of sunlight a week. Please, send us words of
encouragement and support.” Everyone in the group chat was
hyping up how good they were at shooting guns and how
seriously they were going to take this. Meanwhile, between the three of us, we had played a total of two Fortnite
games and a lot of Tetris. We showed to the arena and I barely knew anyone. Keemstar was there, for some reason. I don’t know if Keemstar likes me, though. At first I wasn’t too worried
about getting hurt, because people were gonna be aiming for
our balloons, not our bodies. But when I saw the gear, the balloons were
just about right over our heads. So everyone was gonna have to
William Tell our balloons off. No big deal. None of us really need our
heads anyway. No big deal! Before the main fight there were a couple of practice rounds that were happening on a smaller field, and during the practice round,
our team went into this little fort. Anthony’s gun wasn’t working, Jaiden didn’t know how to put the magazine in, and I… didn’t know how to aim. As soon as we left the fort all of
our balloons got obliterated. – [Kid] OHH, BABY, A TRIPLE!!! OH YEAH!! – [James] Like I said, we didn’t have high hopes. Whenever I go to an event, a
question I get asked a lot is, “Will you make a video about this?” and every time I answer is always
“If something interesting happens.” Look, I’m sorry kid. I’m not
just gonna make a video like, “Hey guys, so, I went to this school and talked to
these kids about being a YouTuber and everyone was well-behaved and super nice. Anyway, that’s gonna do it for this video.
Be sure to check out the video where I went to Australia and signed
posters for two hours.” So I asked Jaiden, “Are you gonna make a video about this?”
and she said – [Jaiden] “Probably not, but if you want
to, you can.” – [James] and I said, “Yeah, only if
something interesting happens though.” and Jaiden, I just want to say, thank you so much for giving me this. After the practice round our team
sat at a lunch table by ourselves cuz we didn’t have any friends. And Jaiden and Anthony talked to
each other about being vegan and I ate my chicken pesto
sandwiches as discreetly as possible. We also talked about potential strategies, like if someone started shooting at you,
then just shake your head as violently as possible. So that way they can’t hit your balloons. “Yeah, that will work,” We told ourselves.
But deep down we knew it wouldn’t work. “I just hope we’re not last,” I said.
“I’d be happy if we made it in the top 10.” There were a total of 13 teams. I would have been happy
if we were in the top TEN. I didn’t expect to pop anyone’s balloons. Just as long as we didn’t lose
horrifically, I’d be happy. So I know how
these videos work. About 40 people showed up to the event. There’s no way that everyone was going to
have an equal amount of screen time. If you’re not interesting, then
you’re not going to make the cut. So realizing this, our team also
wanted some screen time. I drove an hour to get here.
I didn’t want it to go to waste Some people took 14-hour flights
from Australia get here, so I hope they had a fun time… yay… The match was about to start and
our team got dark green balloons, and we saw another team
that had lime-green balloons. We talked to the other green team which consisted of
What’s Inside?, his son Lincoln, and Caspar Lee. We joked with them like
“Hey, other green balloons! Since no one can tell us apart,
maybe we should team up? Hehe. Ok, see you later.” But the way the match played out was interesting.
We didn’t get to choose where we started. The map was split up into 13 different
zones, and before the match started someone on your team would
pick a number out of a hat. Whichever number you got would
be the zone you started in. That way, when the match started, the teams
would be equidistant from each other. And to make it more interesting, you
didn’t begin the game with any weapons. Those were scattered around the
field and the closer you went into the center of the map,
the better the weapons were… …supposedly. That’s what
they told us. (chuckles) So we all put on our paintball
masks and GoPros. One of The Hunger Games workers
walked us to our zone. We looked around and saw
one gun super close, one gun at a medium distance, and
one gun pretty far away. – [Anthony] “Ok, Jaiden and I will
get the close gun. You go get that medium gun and
cover me while I get the far gun.” – [James] Then an airhorn blasted in the
distance… (horn blares off-screen) …and the game began. I ran to the medium distance
gun, quickly snatched it, and ran back to where the group was.
Jaiden had her gun, but Anthony was empty-handed. – [Anthony] “Someone already grabbed the far gun!” – [James] he said. And the team that grabbed
it was the white team. And it didn’t take long for
them to start sending bb’s our way. There wasn’t a structure we could hide in
and Anthony had no way of fighting back. (Anthony speaking) [James=blue
Anthony=green] – [James] The white team pushed us into
a corner of the map and a chain-link fence stopped
us from retreating any further. Looks like we’re not gonna make
it in the top 10 after all, vegans. But then we saw the team to our right and
it was none other than the lime-green team. With very little options, we walked up
to them with our hands in the air like we just don’t care, hoping
that they remembered the very unofficial agreement that we had
between us greenies, and fortunately, they took pity on us. They let us walk past them without shooting us
and they gave Anthony a crappy handgun, and we all agreed: “Ok.
Let’s not shoot each other.” We later found a better gun for Anthony, and we also found a pretty good hiding
spot that let us shoot out other teams while also keeping our
precious balloons covered. Every seven minutes the reps would close
off part of the map, making it smaller, forcing the teams to get closer
to each other, just like The… Hunger Games… but in the meantime,
we were perfectly fine waiting in our hiding spot for the seven
minutes to go by. (low conversation) – [James] And then after the seven minutes the
map shrunk and we and the lime-green team got
a little closer together and What’s Inside? asked one of the refs, “Hey, is it okay if we team up?” and the ref said, “I don’t know.
I just work here.” So cool, we teamed up. It was funny because we still didn’t
completely trust each other. One time, we moved locations and Casper told Lincoln,
“You go in front and I’ll be in the back so if they try to shoot you, I can get them.” (What’s Inside? speaking)
[What’s Inside?=red] – [James] Well, there go
my murder plans… We shot at other players and
they shot back. Lime-green team lost some balloons,
but I still had all three of mine. The map kept getting smaller and smaller and one of the staff told us that we had to
be behind this line of caution tape. But when I bent down to go under the tape, my three
balloons got caught and I was stuck. I think other people were shooting at me. But one of the workers saw my helpless
self and decided to free me from his trap and surprisingly, none
of my balloons popped. (low conversation) Are these things made out of metal?! Casper and Lincoln, unfortunately weren’t
as lucky. All their balloons bit the dust. Our team and What’s Inside? moved into a
bunker. Anthony had one balloon left, Jaiden had two,
and I still had all three of mine. I got hit in the head, back, had contusions, and
fractured my neck, but that’s not important! The only thing that’s important is that I still
had all three of my balloon — (loud pop) Oh, phew, it was someone else. We found out what was inside
What’s Inside?’s last balloon. It was helium.. and shame…
He was standing in the bunker with us! Any one of our balloons could have been
popped, but death picked him. Our lime-green brethren were out. (as What’s Inside?) “Look what’s inside my hands.
They’re bullets. I want you to have them. And
also, what’s inside my heart.. is my faith in you guys. (cough, cough) Avenge meeee…” (rapid gunshots firing) We had gotten shot at a bunch of times,
yet somehow we were still in the game. The amount of teams that were
left were getting small. Someone was shooting at us from our old hiding spot and Anthony knew that there was an opening on
the side he could use for a surprise attack. So Anthony stealthily walked out of the
bunker and flanked the other team. And at that moment, I thought of how cool it was that someone I’d been
watching for 10 years was one of my teammates. I remember voting for what food he was
gonna use back in food battle…2009?… He’s one of the pioneers of YouTube! He inspired countless young
creators like me to start making videos! Did you know in Jake Paul’s book?
(You gotta want it.) Jake actually credits Smosh for inspiring
him and his brother to make videos as well (slow-mo pop) (James gasps dramatically)
ANTHONY!?? (Anthony coughs) – [Anthony] I… I got him. – [James] Was — was that the person who
killed all of us in the training round? – [Anthony] Yeah, I forgot this isn’t a video game,
and when you shoot someone’s last balloon they can still shoot you before they realize they’re out.
Man, this whole balloon system seems kind of flawed. You have to keep asking people: “Do I still have balloons?” cuz you can’t see
how many balloons you have yourself. And there’s no way of telling
if you’re in or out. – [James] Anthony, take one of my balloons. – [Anthony] Shut up.
You have to win this for us. For Team 66% vegan. No… team… 50% vegan… (deathly grunt) – [James] Only Jaiden and I were left.
The map was incredibly small at this point and we were hiding behind this box and
water cooler things sticking up. Alex earns to him a big fan of by the way,
Turned the corner and I shot his last balloon. That didn’t make it in the final video,
so none of you would have known that. But then I ran out of ammo. (reloading noises) Jaiden didn’t have any extra on her
so I couldn’t do anything. We were getting shot at and I
had nothing to fight back with. I thought, (low conversation) (pop)
(scream) Okay, so they are poppable. I’m surprised they made it this far.
But then something horrible happened. Jaiden said, And with that, it was over… (MrBeast yelling off-screen)
[MrBeast=pink] How are we gonna pop other
people’s balloons without bb’s? “Well, this looks like it’s it, Jaiden, it’s over. Why are we still here…
♪ (Metal Gear Solid 5: Just to Suffer Theme playing) ♪ just to suffer? Every night I can feel my leg and my arm… even my fingers… the body I’ve lost…the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… it’s like they’re all still there… you feel it too, don’t you?
I’m gonna make them pay –” (music abruptly cuts)
(loud pop) – [James] Jaiden wanted me to tell you that
it sounds like she’s crying here, but she wasn’t crying cuz she doesn’t cry. And then the second game happened, but that —
no one cares about that one. And that’s how Team 66% Vegan won
a hundred thousand dollars! Splitting it three ways, we each got thirty three
thousand, three hundred and thirty three dollars and 33 cents, but then we had one penny
left so we decided to donate it to charity. Okay, but for real I do plan on doing
something with the prize money. But that is another story for another time because this video is getting way too long
and I just want to be done with it. Actually, can you leave some
suggestions about what I should do because I’m not entirely sure
what I should do? Big thanks to Jaiden and Anthony for being awesome teammates. But also, big thanks to Jaiden for firing the
winning shot that won us a hundred grand! That was super cool. Also big thanks to our lime-green
brethren, because if it wasn’t for them We would have started the game completely
cornered and probably would have lost. I did not go in expecting to win this. I don’t think anyone in
the entire world thought that two animators and an OG YouTuber
could beat a bunch of gamer guys. In fact, here are some of the
naysayers that didn’t believe in us. Bet you feel real silly
right about now. Anyway, I’m gonna be doing some events in the near future. More info will be in the description. But if you’re watching this in the late future you can check out the events
tab on my website to see what I’m up to. Thanks to everyone who worked on this video
and made it look aesthetically pleasing. They’re the best. And also big
thanks to MrBeast for organizing the event and giving me some content for this channel. That’s it. I hope you all enjoyed the
video and drive safely.

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  1. Update: I donated my earnings to Mr. Beast's #TeamTrees Fundraiser. Lets plant 20 million trees before 2020

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