Family Island: Download New Game from Melsoft Games!

Family Island: Download New Game from Melsoft Games!

hey everyone, I’m Ola, and today we are
going to play the new game! this time, we are not going to play My Cafe, but
I’m going to show you another game from Melsoft Games. Actually, there are
several teams in the company which develop different games. And one of them
is My Cafe, which we all love and play, and another one has just released
Family Island: this is a farm game in the Stone Age settings, so I’m going to show
you the gameplay and describe the main features that we have in the game. Please
feel free to download the game in the description, and share your opinions
about it in social media, and right there I’m going to show you my Island
and introduce the family to you. actually, our family consists of four
people: this is dad Bruce, you can take a look at him right here.
Caring and loving dad, he’s very strong yet very simple, and take a look at his smile!
oh that’s nice! Also we have mom, we have her right here: she’s very smart,
enthusiastic, and she’s always full of good ideas of how we can improve the
island. Look at who’s hiding here behind the building.. this is actually daughter
Lizzy. I think she’s a little shy because she’s hiding from us, and we also
have a kiddo, that’s a boy, Timmy: he’s also a little one, and he’s so funny and
naughty actually from time to time. You’re going to talk to them, they’re
going to reveal the story of that Island. Something bad happened to their initial
island where are they all lived with the whole tribe, so they had to flee, and that
was a real big storm, so they appeared on that island all alone, and started
building their home from scratch, and trying to reconnect with that tribe. So
when you first get into the island, you don’t have anything but your Hut. And you
have to improve it, you have to make the life of your family much more
comfortable. So, you start collecting resources with the energy that you have
in the upper right corner of the screen. And with those resources you start
making buildings. in the buildings, you can start making different things: you
can make ropes, you can make wood stacks, you can make food for your pets…
yes! you do have pets here: you have chickens, they bring us something, you
have goats, and they all bring some resources to you. actually, you can grow
and cook food here, just like that: it’s easy. And then
you can cook some goods: you can fry potatoes, you can make eggs sunny-side up, and
you can make broth, and I can even make steak here. that’s not actually limited
to that, just at my level 17 I just have only that. You can also feed your family
and it will bring them some extra energy to keep going. And you can also make new
buildings and upgrade them: for instance, I just have an axe here and I use it..
and I think I’ve got a carpentry, so I can start making needles right now, let’s
do it. so, actually you have a lot of things to
do on the island, because you want to make the life of your family comfortable.
But you also have some helpers. First of all, you have a merchant: he’s very
extravagant, just take a look! Does he have a ring on his moustache? and yeah! so,
this guy actually brings you some gifts with energy and some rare resources in
exchange to the goods and resources that you sell to him. And we have
that strange grandpa.. well actually, this is a shaman, his name is Ozzy. He’s a
little shy, and he’s not opening up from the start, but this is his Hut. And he
also gives some resources in exchange to the energy and rare goods
that you can use for developing your island, it’s really nice. I really like it
that you have different gifts scattered around the island, which bring you extra
energy, resources, and experience. The gifts are really a nice thing that you can
find, but you’re not limited by this island: actually, you can open up the
whole of it. Also you can travel to other islands when you reach certain levels,
and right now the Lilac island is open to me, so let’s go there! And here you can
also discover it: you can fulfill some special missions. For instance, right now
I need to chop down all the trees like that to get the petals for the shaman,
because he wants to make some spells here. The good thing that you can also
take resources from there for developing your main island, and you can also
discover some nice huts, and some rare things that you wouldn’t find on your
initial island, so there is always something to explore. I’d say, it’s really
a beautiful game in my opinion, so we can easily spend a lot of time there just
looking at the diversity of the graphics and talking to your family, etc.
Take a look at that: so, Dad had really strange dream last night, they lived
in a gingerbread house… well, their stories can be really strange from
time to time, they have some sense of humor,
and it really keeps you going in an easy way through the game. Besides that, we
have the social media for family Island where you can always learn some tips or
share them as well, share opinions about the game, share your progress, and maybe
find some new friends. Actually, a lot of them may already be playing the game
because the game is available worldwide right now, so maybe your friends are
already waiting for you there. So make sure to download the game in the
description! Thank you so much for watching this video, my name is Ola
it was nice sharing this game with you, I will be happy to answer your questions,
and see you in family island game!

16 thoughts on “Family Island: Download New Game from Melsoft Games!

  1. Lo estoy probando, hace casi 2 años que juego my cafe así que veré si me gusta. Gracias por seguir entreteniendonos.? Saludos desde Argentina.

  2. Already downloaded & up to lvl 10…I think. Love the graphics and the combination of task variety and planting/farming that refills energy for free. Definitely curious how it's going to develop!

  3. Everything will be overpriced as in MYCAFE i can guarantee that. So unless only if ypu are rich and wanna spend real money and waste it you shouldn't download the same.

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