Extinction – Launch Trailer | PS4

Extinction – Launch Trailer | PS4

A dying man asks
himself many questions. What will happen to
those I leave behind? Does a new life
lie beyond this one? Will I find peace there… …or more pain and
more suffering? Life is a bloody
savage battle… …and death does
come for us all. [MUSIC PLAYING] There are a great many
things I do not know. But I know one
thing for certain… I am ready to die for my people because humanity must survive.

99 thoughts on “Extinction – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. It sucks apparently. But no one knows that they're getting ripped off because reviews only came out late yesterday.

  2. …well yeah cool concept,but no decent game… just slicing enemies who keep getting stronger and repetitive abd boring after a while…delay it a year fix some stuff and a GIGANTIC skill tree a bit more realistic graphics(keep it cartoon-ic but a bit more decent) and some proper elements and stuff and yea itll be decent make it open world (gigantic map since its not harf to do on such graphic type/quality) rpg elements or maybe just an rpg… Stronger stroy with different charecters not only for humanity… Make it a bit emotional and yea…OP
    …like thit it feels like a mobile game.

    Like if u guys agree to spread the message(but well what shall we do…its out now.. Future updates maybe)?

  3. This is 30 FPS compared to the PC 60 FPS. A PS4 Pro should get this on 60 FPS easily. Consider that before buying this game full price, there are better game with more value around at the moment!

  4. I found this game last month on disk at my smiths market place in there electronic section lol also this game should have been 30$ not 60$ soon it will be one of those free games on the PS store

  5. I'm sorry but gameplay and trailer seems to indicate that this game is boring af. Just because it's Sony doesn't mean it's automatically good. Never forget that Sony released Life of Black Tiger

  6. Guys if u want a game save for monster hunter world or better yet god of war come out next Friday this game not worth 60 tbh it’s fun combat but empty u keep doing the same thing y’all come on

  7. Looks pretty bland and meh tbh….and for 60$? plenty of excellent games coming out this year better save it.

  8. Looks good but $60?…don't get me wrong you gotta give prestige to your work but they're being bold with that price.Definitely a surprise.

  9. Hey can I say something stop charging us for ps pulse you should just make two copies of games online on and normal it would get lot more money because people would rather buy a game that they need to pay only once to be on one game that to pay over and over when they barely have games your online market would skyrocket

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