Extinction – Announcement Cinematic PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

Extinction – Announcement Cinematic PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

WOMAN: Legends speak of an
unstoppable army. Wave after wave of
merciless evil, destroying kingdoms, crushing armies, laying waste to humanity. Centuries ago this war was
fought by an ancient order. Now the threat has returned and
only one remains. [ROAR] [ROAR] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAM] This is no longer a war, it is an annihilation, and this soldier is all that
stands… …between humanity… …and extinction.

100 thoughts on “Extinction – Announcement Cinematic PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

  1. This could be 2020 game of the year after the inevitable delays, lack of information, and downgrade from he pretty CGI movies you've just watched above 😉

  2. Well since Kratos is a father now someone has to do it.
    Kratos be like "MY VENGEANCE ENDS NOW……………………….. well after I feed my son"

  3. The Hero = Ramos from Real madrid, haircut and beard = Ragnar from Vikings, gameplay and action = Assassins creed + God of war, the female on the background = Gaia ?✌?

  4. I like how unoriginal everyone is with their comparisons. Before Attack On Titan existed, huge bosses were a staple of GAMES. Now every time we see a large enemy people go "Ohhhh Attack On Titan inspiration!". No you idiots it's called basic videogame design tropes.

  5. have fun dodging and rolling 99 percent of the time

    the 1 percent is spamming the attack button on que

  6. lmao playstation: "Maybe if we change the titans to Orks we can just steal the franchise and no one will know"

  7. it's God Of War ripping out body parts and bone-crushing boss monsters head this is more of an $30.00 indie game.

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