ESCAPE THE NIGHT SEASON 3 | Official Trailer

(energetic intro music) – [Joey] My friends,
I’m going on an extraordinary adventure. And I’m in need your help. And so are hundreds of others. – [Safiya] There’s a town
in stuck in the 1970s that we have to save. (crowd screams) – It’s your lucky day,
the carnival’s in town. We have a strong man, a snake
woman, dolls with knives. It’s like bloody
Christmas every day. (maniacal laugh) – Just enjoy the
carnival. (screams) (“Sympathy for the Devil”) – There’s constellations
on the wall. I need you guys to
give me that code. (maniacal laugh) – Look Manny, hi!
– Hi, honey! ♪ Pleased to meet you ♪ – If they find out my
secret, I’m ruined. – She just so happens
to have cards, in the event that we need
to vote each other to die. ♪ Pleased to meet you ♪ ♪ Hope you guessed my name ♪ – Please, stop, please! (surprised scream) – Is Joey on our side, or is
he just trying to kill us? – Come here, Daddy. (high-pitched scream) Done. ♪ Pleased to meet you ♪ ♪ Hope you guessed my name ♪ – Here we go again. – Enjoy the ride!
(maniacal laugh) (Carnival music)

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