(English Sub) [Yakuza 7] GOODBYE KIRYU.. [Part 35]

(English Sub) [Yakuza 7] GOODBYE KIRYU.. [Part 35]

Nice timing~ Seong-hui I’ve got a request from that guy He wants to know fast
what’s going to happen in Ijincho What’s going to happen? Yes To find out about it
he asked us to find people related to Aoki Ryo He’s saying a big change will happen And you’ve found it Right though, it’ll take some time
to fully bring back the system we can still track on a specific target Target? A killer.. We’re looking for a killer from outside of Ijincho Killer coming to Ijincho? Why? Sawashiro was the one to kill
the President of Sei Ryu Clan And that order was given by Aoki Ryo And since Sawashiro is now in custody to Aoki, he’s a nuisance to be alive even if he’s not talking anything to the police Sawashiro is a nuisance? So Aoki hires a killer for that? Aoki Ryo is more than able to do so My informants say so Your informants are the remains of the “Fixer”? The guys who controlled the Shōwa period? While finding the killer.. you’ve investigated on me too Well, you’re right You really are the Legendary Dragon.. Let’s keep that talk for later But the Gomijul’s Intel is amazing
just as I expected You’ve done good work Well.. I’ve said too much Then let’s get to the point This place? Where is it? Behind Snack Street From here, it’s the other side of the river A footage from 5 hours ago
there’s a familiar face Chou would recognize him Huh? I know him? The guys from Omi But the man in the middle
looks like their guest The one with the suit and holding a suit case Switch the camera You know him Yeah, I know that face Mirror Face Mirror Face? Eh? What? Famous guy? Yes Famous killer After he kills he makes the scene look like
an accident or a suicide He’s called
when a guy needs to be killed quietly He’s also good at disguise
and hide himself among the people Really a pro of pros Aoki Ryo hired that kind of guy? Targeting Sawashiro?
But how? Sawshiro is now in custody To kill him he’s got to disguise himself as a policeman
and get inside the police station That kind of disguise is a piece of cake for him Isn’t that too easy? Young master still doesn’t know The fact that Sawashiro is his real dad we must let him know Even if you tell him.. what difference does it make? What? What do you mean? Even if he finds out Aoki Ryo will destroy all that hinders him He’s more than able to do so
looking at what he’s done Killing Sawashiro.. That’s young master’s next move? Are you sure? I told you to think carefully If I think this over and say that “I was wrong” are you going to pretend
it never happened? I don’t think you’re that kind of guy OK Then can you help me a bit more? Having you by my side I feel really assured.. I can’t do that Kasuga.. I’m only allowed to help you this far I was told it’s a “breach of contract”
if I put myself into this any longer Breach of contract?
Who said that? The remains of the “Fixers” Fixer? Who’s that? How about you tell him all? Kasuga.. People each have their own important duty to do You already know that, right? I for keeping my precious one safe promised to be like a “nobody” In other words I’m not supposed to exist in this world So, if I take part in this anymore or reveal my identity that’s no longer being a “nobody” W, What are you saying? You exchanging blows with me what did you feel? Well that’s.. you’re really strong.. and that you’re the real deal Thanks I also found out a lot about you You’re still not there but.. I thought one of these days
you’re going to be the real deal That fight was not to find out who’s the winner To find out if it’s OK to put trust on you that was the purpose of the fight Trust me and keep trusting your team and go forward That’s how you can become the real deal (Kiryu~~~ chan) Then I’m counting on you Seong-hui you seem to know about him Remains of Fixer and etc It’s just like he said.. A dead man, not to be alive That’s why we didn’t see anything You don’t need to say this to anyone You know what I mean? Yeah I’m OK with that You’re so compliant It’s not like you Is that so? But By keeping and believing his word I think I can move forward too Absolutley amazing.. That man.. Leader! A movement from that place It’s real time footage There’s a cab near the building
where Mirror Face is.. This guy.. Ishioda! Sawashiro said this guy killed my boss It’s obvious! Aoki Ryo is using these guys
to kill another guy! And the target is definitely Sawashiro If they’re thinking of infiltrating the police station it’s going to be at night at daylight, too many eyewitness Meaning They will do it at night time? It’s better to stop Sawashiro as fast as they can If I were Aoki Ryo, I’d do so Shit But I’m not gonna let young master
have his way I’ll not let him do so! Seong-hui, please keep monitoring
the surviellance cam We’ll be heading to Ishioda’s place This is counterattack from Ijincho! Ishioda Kasuga You bastard How did you find this place? The Intel of Gomijul
covers every place even now Our forte is having a strong web for a long time The one who killed my boss.. Was it you? No, it’s not like that Killing Arakawa is a “rule” of yakuza Yakuza group isn’t negligible
to let a traitor walk around freely What! What’d you say just now? Hey! You! What! There’re two Adachi san?

39 thoughts on “(English Sub) [Yakuza 7] GOODBYE KIRYU.. [Part 35]

  1. Yakuza 8 needs to be about Kiryu again with how he's getting involved with knowing who seong-hui is and all that, This mirror face hitman is worst than rubber bullets lmao, you will see in the final chapter

  2. Yakuza 8 Probably focusing about Ryuji Goda. On the quest to find her sister Kaoru. Who knows probably She become a mother after Giving birth to a Baby Boy or girl, and guessing he/her father is not other than Kazuma Kiryu

  3. Kiryu: "You probably did some research on me as well"
    Seong-Hui: "Yeah, you're the legendary Drag.."
    Kiryu: "STFU, we don't talk about that here"

    I don't why, but I just found that hilarious

  4. 2:43 That scientist is one lucky bastard

    At the end: No wonder. I was watching a video of someone doing the Ishioda boss fight and I was like "What the heck is Adachi doing on the enemy's side"

  5. I'm probably one of those in the minority here, but I really don't think Kiryu was really necessary in this game. At least not in the main story. While it's debatable to say his story should've ended in Y6, I feel it should have ended much earlier, like Y3 or Y4 earlier. But at least it was one more chance to properly say goodbye to him.

    Plus this was also a passing of the torch moment. Though at least it moved the story along. Though I am interested in learning about the Fixers at some point later on in the series if it gets that far. Especially since Seong-Hui knows what's up.

    Thanks for the translation as always. You're next Ishioda.

  6. so that's why mirror face was pretending to be adachi… or likely it's was just a trap to kill ichiban, ishora and everyone else

  7. Still wishing that Tataya Kuroda would speak english for Kiryu in the dub. I want to hear Kiryu speaking more english with his japanese voice.

  8. Agent 47 will not be impressed of someone doing the MO of his. But I don't think Masato would get contact with the agency to do so.

  9. Kiryu: It’s a breach of contract If I help you further

    Ichiban: who said that?

    Kiryu: Ryu Ga Gotoku 7 developer. This is your game not mine

  10. Well seeing how this is titled "Good-bye Kiryu" and not knowing what will come next….Here's something to remember.


  11. By “Fixer” I’m assuming the sus politician from the end of Yakuza 6, correct? Or am I wrong? And again that’s it then….. The Dragon of Dojima has officially passed down the torch. I don’t know how to feel. Both happy and sad. Lol

  12. 5:44 This "Goodbye" from Kiryu was not only to the MC but for the loyal players.
    I cant believe how well written is this scene. Not only you could take it as a "4th wall break" but at the same time it is definetly not, since still matches the story. Awesome.

  13. I wish in the next game ichiban can help kiryu to meet with haruka once again, i mean haruka and haruto must be really miss him

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