Elmo Teaches Abby to Pretend | Sesame Street Full Episode

100 thoughts on “Elmo Teaches Abby to Pretend | Sesame Street Full Episode

  1. The message I'm coming away with is that if you can use magic or virtual reality, you have no use for an imagination.

  2. All these gibberish replies are from babies😂 It’s so cute my baby cousin does them all the time whenever she has my phone😂💗👶🏻

  3. I was just skipping through this whole video thinking, “Where the hell is the hot potato scene?!?!!!”

  4. I turned it off and when I saw John Legend. There is no way I will let my kids watch a child predator sing to my kids. #QANON

  5. Throughout the whole first 10 minutes of this episode, I was saying IT'S MAKE-BELIEVING. And now you guys got Gordon saying making-believe…

  6. Murray: What’s the word on the street?
    Me: pretend
    Murray: And what does pretend mean?
    Me: to do something fake
    Murray: guess what I can do that’s fake
    Me: you can pretend to be a ventriloquist doll

  7. Thomas:🎵1,Edward:🎵2,Henry:🎵3,Sir topham hatt:oh I wonder what is is,
    Gordon:🎵4,James:🎵5,Percy:🎵6,Sir topham hatt:the suspense is killing me
    Toby:🎵7,Duck:🎵8,Sir topham hatt:maybe It's the next one,Donald:🎵9,Sir topham hatt:not yet,Douglas:🎵10,Other engines:10!,Sir topham hat:Ha ha that's it the number 10 ha ha,Engines:10! 10! 10!,Ten:I'm 10 I'm a 10 hah,Sir topham hatt:finally the ten-sion is broken laughs just kidding,Ten:that's okay I'm 10 I'm a 10,Sir topham Hat:hey.

  8. Omggaaa I used to watch this when I was in prewar school and I’m in 6th grade lol Cookie Monster is my favorite

  9. I love the part where Abby sings about being friends with kids. But being friends with everyone, including Aliens, are nice, too.

  10. The character "Abby" has a slight case of "Asberger's Syndrome". If the makers of Sesame street want to explain what Autism to kids, they should explain that it can be very SEVERE. The person can even be nonverbal. I am not impressed.

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