Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Back to the Future: The Game for more point-and-click adventure game action. We
are right back where we left off we’re playing in the garage here we’ve got to
find some evidence to try and convince the doc that we are really are from a
different time line and I think that evidence is probably going to be here on
these monitors or at least around it. If you notice that I sound a little bit
different, I’m using a slightly different headset for a bit. I had to get a new
laptop because my old one broke and they headset that I usually use doesn’t work
on the new laptop so I’m waiting for a particular adapter to come through and
it’s a long story. So yeah it’s been a bit of an ordeal but we’re we’re back
making videos and the usual mic will be back soon so let’s take a look at this
bat that that’s not one of our bats is it no no McFly’s never use aluminum bats
curious oh wait don’t touch it it’s evidence of what of what we need Oh
why would anyone do a thing like that to a nice sectoral citizen like me last
thing you remember I was sitting right here copying another
incriminating scene onto my case my taint for what happened to my tapes
stay calm dad all right see him they’re in a box marked raw footage right we’ve
gotta look for the box then it’s probably no that’s the tape case our
footage is the one but there will come wait a minute you see I told you you
were just jumping to conclusions all these dark suspicions about thieves and
attackers went all the time it was just empty Wow
there’s no tapes but I’m sure they were in there before before whoever it was
whacked you in the head and took him oh my gosh I’ve been mugged in Hill Valley
they can’t get away with it oh don’t worry dad we’ll get to the bottom of
this who who could have done this to me your enemies mum Biff Etna I’m guessing
it’s probably Biff right let’s go trouble for you since like forever
Biff this ever since the Browns took an interest in him back in the 50s he
hasn’t caused me a lick of trouble besides thanks to the citizen plus
program he’s as gentle as a kitten these days Oh No tapes are gone all I can do
is hope against hope they don’t surface and land me in trouble come on dad we
can’t just give up and a struck grilling people let’s go to the police
let’s look for more clues I reckon we’ve got to look for clues that’s probably
the best thing to do maybe there’s some more clues around here what’s the use
even if we find out who took the tapes we’re not gonna be able to get them back
without attracting attention to ourselves there’s got to be something we
could do to get our hands on those tapes well we can make new ones
we can sure it may take a while but if you’re willing to help your old man out
it shouldn’t take us more than say six months six months but I need those tapes
now but we don’t have six months so what I mean is you do that bit faster
I’d hate for you to lose all that work I’m worried for your safety justice must
prevail I need to give it to citizen Brown let’s try it out because we’re out
I told him I was gonna furnish him with proof that Hill Valley isn’t as happy as
he thinks it is and I was in his office just before I came here you had an
interview with citizen Brown it wasn’t easy to dress me I had to break all
kinds of rules you’ve been breaking rules harboring street dogs
yep look getting caught with moms flask that is the most far-fetched story I’ve
ever heard it’s true you forget looking on your
cameras I know your history yeah well history’s changed prove it I
will if I can get the flipping what do you call it’s the tapes oh we have the
demerits don’t we can give those to him maybe read them and weep
it was the only way I don’t understand listen to me I mean really listen you
and I both know that things aren’t right here citizen Brown might have started
with good intentions but his Hill valleys just made everybody miserable
Shh you said back to him basically yeah oh there go our privileges no wait
I got him to listen daddy and he’s gonna make things right for you and Mom and
all of us I can’t explain how you’re just gonna have to trust me on this okay
but first I have to show him your tapes to prove my point
oh no no no no this scheme of yours yep you know what you’re doing I can’t say
but leave me out at I don’t like trouble I can’t handle it it’s not in my genes
but do it for your family do it for citizen Brown do it for Arthur do it for
your family family I am and I don’t want to see my family relocated to sector X
with all the other hopeless cases well the hell is set to X okay do it for
citizen Brown them it’s your civic duty dozen citizen Brown always tell us to
keep our noses clean and that’s what I plan to do
I will do it for all so then do it for your father
my father yeah aren’t they McFly I know his name
didn’t you have something escaping and you know way back when yes yes he did
where do you hear about that it was way back before citizen Brown cleaned up the
town before I was even born everyone lived in terror of Kent Annan and his
goons but dad stood up to him he had evidence of kids guilt see and he risked
his life to deliver it to the authorities never be afraid to do the
right thing that’s what he always used to tell me and what are you doing well
trying to remember which is the right feed feed to water yesterday the
surveillance camera the one in the yard wait a minute wait a minute you have a
surveillance camera trained on yourself of course yeah we already saw that
demotions help me figure out which monitor I’m on okay do you have to
fiddle around with these that one’s been busted how do we do the diet look these
are the one that’s trained on us none of them are at the moment where’s the right
switch that’s what we want it’s not that not that no it’s that thing again okay
so it doesn’t know like it’s on that monitor I don’t think this monitor has
hooked up to the camera yeah you don’t say my II thank you for her obvious
little common there okay yeah this one’s different
I see if it’s on this one yep there we go figured it out let me go so can we
click on the VCR so the surveillance tape must be on this
VCR this must be before the attack let’s see
I remember cleaning the playback heads at 5:30 the attack couldn’t have been
very long after okay yes if there is it can’t be him Plus program has rendered
him as gentle as a kitten huh I mean that was a very light tap on
the head yeah it will be it was supposed to behave why even the
old Biff what you do here what’s that weird flashing on his wrist let’s find
out I knew this zoomin in flash eight you
would come in handy someday cost me a bundle at the hobby shop it’s
a digital watch wonder why it’s doing that
hey wait wait stop the picture I wonder if someone’s controlled anymore x11 you
know what that means not yet Lorraine lay into me George I’ve
got something I’ll give it to say and then I’m going to be leaving again got
something important to say too I was a tax Android about you isn’t it you can’t
just wait and listen to my news oh no you have to go and beat me to the punch
that’s right sort things out I’ve got some business to attend to okay you guys do whatever you’re doing
after your argument and stuff we’re off got a go and see citizen Brown I guess just guess
more and more confusing doesn’t it excite maybe Biff is being controlled
remotely you would want to do that by that’s the
question who would want if to become controllable to commit crimes you beat
up my dad we have a problem here citizens yes sir just a little
misunderstanding I’m sure we can work it out right Martin
sure okay let me know if you need any help mr. Tannen tell them of this yeah
let’s all right why’d you beat up my dad why’d you hurt my dad Biff you never did
anything to you in this timeline timeline what are you talking about
don’t play dumb I saw you on camera I can’t hurt anybody
thanks to citizen plus I blow chunks whenever I even think about doing bad
stuff so maybe he doesn’t know he’s doing it see
okay interesting where were you when my dad was attacked then if you didn’t beat
up my dad then where have you been for the last couple of hours well I was I
was right that’s strange I don’t remember hmm what
is the last thing that you remember them what’s the last thing you remember
before your memory loss well I was handing out flyers for the citizen plus
program just like I’ve been doing all day
I just finished giving some leftover baloney to a cute little squirrel when
Miss Edna came by Edna hmm she wanted to run a diagnostic on my citizen plus
watch I must have fallen out okay because when she was done it was an hour
later and then your mom came by so i said ‘no etna was fitting with your
watch the last thing you remember before my dad got beat up is Edna fiddling with
your watch yeah that does sound pretty bad doesn’t it yeah can I see it bit
your watch he’s actually Levin mean anything to you x11
is that a new band or something stuff it’s not a band Biff it’s a mode on your
citizen plus watch weird I’ve never seen it look like that heck I could barely
get this thing to stop blinking see hmm oh can we so we can do things on it x11 unless we’ve got changed the load
okay x11 what now yeah okay that’s weird
so now he looks through a miserable and angry what’s wrong with you what’s wrong
with you oh wow okay did you attack my dad do you attack my dad now we’re
getting somewhere so you can’t even talk why why did you
attack my dad who put you up to this he can’t answer questions like this
where’s my dad staged my dad’s tape oh he’s got a cycling bin
oh the de cycling bin could you go and get it do me a favor and go get my dad’s
tape right he’s gonna go and get a tape right hey mister ten what’s up does that
McFly kid bothering you don’t know what that noise was can’t go in there get out of the way while he’s fooling in holy smokes what
happened to him I don’t know no one’s ever jumped into the de cycling bin
before well where does it go that information
is above my pay grade geez I’m in a lot of trouble now don’t move
away it’s not Ben I gotta go tell citizen Brown about this yeah you do
that I’ve got a really bad feeling about this
I guess we’re going it was nothing so it’s not Hsieh business like it leads to
somewhere that’s interesting mystery deepens agai guys did I do something
mr. Tannen owed a lot of work into holding you as the first citizen plus
what on earth possessed you to assault a police officer and dive headfirst into
the de cycling pin I do all that Lord I thought your father was dim no really I
don’t remember doing anything like that the last thing I remember I was showing
that nice McFly kid my watch then blam I’m down here and you’re yelling at me
Oh rumbled here we are Nick fly Strickland so she’s running
some operation from down here give me the tape Sedna mr. Tannen please
restrain our guest oh stop oh no headlock what do we do here use left stick to
look around well there’s Einstein in the cage
what’s this as a video game monitors some cigars those your favorite cigars
Cubans Tannen focus what he spoke there okay girlie mags your favorite magazines Howard tanyon obey your programming you
see mr. McFly thanks to the enhancements I’ve made to the citizen plus program I
can bring even the most rabid of dogs to heel
if you say so where else do we have monitors your favorite show Dan what
would really get Biff’s attention down here all right we need some it’s gays
attention candy candy no no he doesn’t like candy
Edna’s there if monitors what about the video game
license plates play to your car loves a car
Hanan I didn’t go behind mine ambi pamby husband’s back soon Oh vices damn it
I think beer love beer beer beer yeah beer man did it work
Tannen listen to me babes looks like he games up Etna oh no come
on fight it Biff come and you can do it ma’am fight it is control Wow okay did
we just cause you to have a complete mental breakdown break a break you sound
like my wishy-washy husband always trying to find them good in people’s
never wanting to accept the fact that some people are just born bad maybe but
that doesn’t give you the right to turn them into zombies now give me my dad’s
tape so I can you mean those tapes I erased while you were struggling with my
zombie what zombie oh no she raised them damn it come on utopia’s are fragile
things mr. McFly especially when overseen by minds as a distractible as
my husband no did you overhear what are you doing here please told my head
please tell me okay I was concerned there might be a flaw in
my citizen plus program imagine my surprise when I found my wife oh he does
know it yes come on all those years all our struggles to cure society’s
illnesses just to create a world where free will can be turned off switch oh
please Emmett you wanted this just as much as I did remember if only we could
tell someone to stay off the grass and so help us they would never tread foot
on a well manicured lawn again citizen class does it makes rules unbreakable
I only gave it that’s a dictatorship we will not have this discussion here go
home and wait for me go and talk stand your grind you can change things ma’am
help us out Wow that was dramatic don’t be so hard on yourself I’m sorry
about Edna your father wouldn’t blame you don’t be so hard on yourself man
don’t be so hard on yourself this hill Valley may be a little messed up okay a
lot messed up but you were just trying to help people Oh was I just entranced
by the challenge of transforming the human psyche like so many chemicals well
I’m sorry about Aetna I’m sorry I told you she was like that seem so bad back
in 1931 no she wasn’t when we were first dating she was whole
spirited principled compassionate when did I lose her what did I meant that
your father wouldn’t blame you for this I’m sure he wouldn’t blame you for all
this doc he was so happy but I gave up my childish dreams in favor of Edna’s
more practical pursuits are you proud of me now that’s more like that don’t you
know but me you’re not what what do you mean your notebook from the other
timeline not this back look you can use it to repair the time machine and fix
all this so it never happened everyone can be back the way they’re supposed to
be you Edna Jennifer my parents doc he once told me if you put your mind to it
you can accomplish anything well accomplish this come on Doc there’s a
lot of empty pages the only one you need is right here a flux capacitor see you can do it but this this could work
it’ll take time of course but once it’s done we’ll have all the time in the
world haha Doc Martin we must get started here
once come on we bring any along the dog horse
you know I used to love dogs before heads I came along
you don’t say preparing a lab and they’ll be furious but who cares we’ve
got a time machine to fix that’s right well here we are
and that seems like as good as place as any to call it for the episodes so it
seems like we’ve talked doc round he’s a scientist once again and hopefully he’s
going to help us get back to where we belong and fix this broken timeline but
that is gonna do it for this er sorry that is gonna do it for this episode
guys so again sorry about the mic audio it’s gonna be like it for probably the
next couple of videos maybe the next week’s worth or so until my adapter
turns up and go back to the old one but at least we’re getting videos out again
which is something I wasn’t able to do without a laptop so baby steps as they
say here so as always guys thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed
the video click on that like button it really does help channel to grow sir I
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  1. 8:00 yeah that WAS a very light tap on the head lol. Biff right into the decycling haha. The girlie mag shoulda done it! Brain overload. 20:00 dramatic indeed!

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