Edge of Tomorrow Game Android Review – Androidizen

Edge of Tomorrow Game Android Review – Androidizen

Hi everyone. This is Edge of Tomorrow, a free
to play movie tie-in game which doesn’t actually suck as hard as you might think it would. Overall, it’s actually a pretty good game. It sort of
has this endless runner vibe going on but in a first-person shooter kind of
mechanic. Essentially you’re a dude presumably the lead dude in the movie who has an XO suit, that’s basically a mechanical suit that you strap yourself into, a little bit like the walker from Aliens. Now the whole idea here seems to be a kind of
D-day landing kind of thing. Aliens have either taken over or invaded or who knows what and you are a super-soldier along with a load of other super-soldiers and you’re going to have to defeat this
alien menace. Now the graphics are actually really good
for a free to play game that’s a movie tie-in, the animation and everything is pretty
well done apart from on the aliens which just look a
bit weird when they’re attacking you. They sort of flail around all over the place. But
what I really like about this game is the kind of interactive nature of the world. As you’re kind of moving forward, attacking and trying to, you know, stay out of the way of the alien menace the environment changes around you with things like helicopters crashing, jeeps exploding and
all of these things could kill you. If you die you kind of go back a little way and you start again and the
whole idea seems to be that every death means you learn something. Now I can’t quite work out how this game kind of fits in as to whether I’m actually growing stronger or faster or doing more
damage each time I die but certainly the game does feel like
it’s getting a bit easier each time you reset. Now in part that might be because you’re
kind of learning the environment and where certain events are going to occur so you can kind of dodge round them or be a little bit more prepared for the
alien attacks but overall the game works really well. The shooting mechanic is not so much aim and fire as just aim and the auto firing will take over for
you and make sure obviously if your reticle is on the alien that alien is going to get pumped full of lead. Now I love what they’ve kind of done here for eschewing
the usual it’s a movie tie-in game so it’s going
to be a really boring quick cash-in. This actually feels like the developers have put some love into this. It’s still a movie tie-in so hey it really would like you to go and see this movie. They’ve actually got a game here that’s
worth playing. I originally picked this game up thinking I would play it for you know, 5 or 10 minutes, see what it was like, and actually half an hour later I’m still having loads of great fun with it. It’s one of those weird sort of games that kind of just
pulls you in especially because of the difficulty and how
you kind of are overcoming that difficulty each time you die. It works surprisingly well.

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  1. By the way, this game has also desktop version. Desktop version you can play here. http://www.pacogames.com/action/edge-of-tomorrow/en

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  3. At first i was like "Are you kidding me? "Actually has good graphics"? but then i realised it was an android game… and then i was ok….
    I was hoping it was a pc game, and if that were the case the graphics would be pathetic! 😛

  4. Hi, nice video! Please take a look at the game I released a few days ago. It's really addictive, I think you might like it!

  5. i  finished it  but the movie was so long where  is the rest of it 
    it's   just the first 10 minuses of the story  

  6. Thx for the review. I was going to buy this until i heard about in game purchases. That's bullshit. That game like 7 euros and then I have to pay more…WTF?!!! I'm soooo fed up with in game purchases, the only thing that kinda justifies it is when game is free.

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