E3 2018 PC Gaming Show Conference Highlights

The PC Gaming Conference gave us some insight on fantastic new titles, stunning indie games,
and some more insight on highly anticipated titles at this year’s E3. From Star Citizen to new occulus rift titles,
here’s the low down on the highlights at the PC Gaming Conference this year. Insomniac Games wowed audiences with a look
at Stormland – a collaboration with Occulus Studios, which is an open world game in VR. It had some spectacular gameplay footage. You play as an android, and the things you’re
capable of are impressive – it’s a set of fluid mechanics that allow you to move through
the world at your own pace, soaring through the slipstream to climbing cliff sides, to
engaging in combat. There’s tech you can attach into your android’s
arm, too. It’s an ever-changing world – there’s an entity
in-game called the Tempest that re-arranges everything every week, making everything you
find totally unique. The studio behind Goat simulator, Coffee Stain,
showed off their new game Satisfactory � a first-person co-op game building game that
looks like the polar opposite of Goat Simulator but still contains some of the same charm
that the studio is known for. Chance Agency �s Neo-Cabs screened a trailer,
a futuristic cab driving simulator meets emotional survival game about staying human in a world
disrupted by automation. Automaton games were at the conference and
showed off Mavericks: Proving Grounds – a battle royale game. But how does it differ from other Battle Royales? Well, it’s more depth in terms of environment
and boasts a larger amount of players (up to 1000 people). It’s got a whole lot of detail, too, like
seeing footprints created by other players, and foliage moved around when others have
come into contact with it – the game is supposed to be a full world, not just a map. We got to see Star Control Origins at the
conference – its an open universe action RPG space exploration game with unique planets
and stars, featuring a ton of aliens to interact with. It’s set to release in September. Tripwire showcased both Killing Floor 2, Summer
sideshow Treacherous Skies and Man Eater. The latter was a big hit with the audience
-it’s an RPG where you play as a Shark. Raw Fury’s neo-noir detective drama titled
Night Call debuted a trailer at the conference where you play as a cab driver in a dark,
boding world. Raw Fury also brought us an open world desert
exploration game with an incredible art style titled Sable – it’s a game about solitude. You play as a girl named Sable who travels
around on a hoverbike, learning about the culture and the history of the world as you
go. Cloud Imperium was the developer we were all
waiting to see at the conference, and they didn�t disappoint. We got a new trailer for Star Citizen. It’s a first person universe with the promise
of boundless exploration, awe-inspiring ships, and intense combat in space and on the ground. It’s been a game long in the making, and highly
ambitious, Genesis Alpha One was previewed, and sounds
promising – it’s a space disaster sim where you can splice DNA and create new life forms
as part of your crew from alien DNA, along with other experiments. But it’s not just that – it’s a shooter, a
base builder and a survival game, too. The Walking Dead’s final season was also teased,
and the graphics are really stunning, and you now have more agency to explore the environment
via your camera movement. Clementine’s journey comes to an end with
Clementine discovering a secluded school with no adults, deciding to settle there, but that
just opens up a whole lot of new troubles for the character. The game comes out November 6th. Two Point Hospital got some coverage, too,
outside of Sega’s showcase – it’s the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, which it looks
just like, except now featuring more mechanics and new graphics. You run your own hospital, training up staff,
and building up that hospital. Expect the game to have all the same great
humour we’ve come to love from Theme Hospital. We got a first look at Ooblets’s combat system
– the game inspired by Pokemon and Animal Crossing. The trailer for the indie game also featured
a lot of other neat gameplay mechanics. We got the world exclusive of Rapture Rejects
– inspired by the webcomic cyanide and happiness comic, it’s a battle royale game of a different
sort. The trailer was not only hilarious, but the
game looks like a lot of fun too, and you can sign up for the alpha today. The conference ending off with the new trailer
for Hitman 2 – a game that was teased leading up to E3 – a game that many have been long
awaiting. Make the world your weapon by using your environment
to your advantage, from objects to disguises. It will be released November 13, 2018 for
not only PC but PS4 and Xbox One. There we have it, friends! Want to keep up to date on everything E3 2018? Be sure to subscribe to Top 10 Gaming – we
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