Drake – Money In The Grave ft. Rick Ross

Drake – Money In The Grave ft. Rick Ross

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  6. Nunca ouvi falar até ele vim ao rock in rio. Cara medíocre palhaço idiotia ainda tem gente que idolatra esse cara 🤨

  7. here check of this hope ya like it too

    so witta dis to the duss

    when ya wheel in the dealan

    hit it witta feel of the vealan

    macken it under the cover

    when ya body in a huva

    of the blood of the dolla

    skin counta vamp

    of the swing batta bang

    like money in the grave of the grin

    of the chopan of the wack

    like im dropan of the count

    forgot a fuckin nummer

    hangan on her chin

    like a pin of the chilli

    rippan of the reaper

    zippan up and down

    wita booty all around of the beat wita pound

    witta skit of the skid dad'el

    in a bit of the battle

    like a gatta to the stata of the static

    up and a down in the attic

    like a smatta to the data boom in a scatta

    like it doesnt even matta

    witta chik of the ka bam

    last word of the chik

    witta pit and a cave

    sayan audious witta wave

    same side so wit it when i got it

    like a ducket den put it in a bucket

    like a spitt of the tune of chiky in a chain

    rippan of the cord

    like a spatter witta grin

    but ya look again at the chik witta bam of the boom

    like a double check it

    lkike a deuheye fucka deuheye

    color ropbe like a burpull is a black

    but a stain of the red when ya dead on her lip

    sippan of the wine like a rummy

    feelan like a deuhme

    rushion for the rule of the bett

    witta trigger to the self

    just to drink her down

    and ringker up

    like she down under ground in a sewer drainan

    and its stainan to your cup

    and the washen of the bath

    and its rainan on the double

    like we ghost playan of the card

    like a double of the dice

    but a deuh to the liver

    if ya giver of the rhymen of the timen

    like a slicker of the slymen

    and the quicker of the nicker

    to sicker of the seeken

    den you might be peekan like a peek of the booh

    awe the way through

    and awe the way up and awe the way down

    even when the earthily world

    look like nobody else around

    but ya check and chill

    cuz the lyfe is like a poe

    and a giff wita boh

    and i just thought ya should know

    its a whole hail of a lot deeper than it sounds

    when the money rotted to the puff and the blow

    busted as the rusted never ever found

    but the chiky neva make a sound

    that i didnt already know

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  9. Yeah, okay
    Lil' CC on the beat, mmm
    Yeah, yeah
    I mean, where the fuck should I really even start?
    I got hoes that I'm keepin' in the dark
    I got my niggas 'cross the street livin' large
    Thinkin' back to the fact that they dead
    Thought my raps wasn't facts 'til they sat with the bars
    I got two phones, one need a charge
    Yeah, they twins, I could tell they ass apart
    I got big packs comin' on the way
    I got big stacks comin' out the safe
    I got Lil Max with me, he the wave
    It's a big gap between us in the game
    In the next life, I'm tryna stay paid
    When I die, put my money in the grave
    When I die, put my money in the grave
    I really gotta put a couple niggas in they place
    Really just lapped every nigga in the race
    I really might tat "Realest Nigga" on my face
    Lil CC let it slap with the bass
    I used to save hoes with a mask and a cape
    Now I'm like, "Nah, love, I'm good, go away"
    Ain't about to die with no money, I done gave it
    I was on top when that shit meant a lot
    Still on top like I'm scared of the drop
    Still on top and these niggas wanna swap
    Niggas wanna swap like it's Slauson or Watts
    I don't wanna change 'cause I'm good where I'm at
    Mob ties, so I'm always good where I'm at
    Word to Junior, Jazzy, Baby J
    Tell 'em when I die, put my money in the grave
    Couple figures, killers call and collect (collect)
    She fuck a nigga, then she on to the next (next)
    Really livin' large, she in awe with a Mack
    When you niggas thinkin' small in the mall with a rat (rat)
    Roll with us if you really wanna get it (get it)
    Go get a half a million in the Sprinter (Sprinter)
    Phone ringin', bitches know a big tipper (tipper)
    I got the hookup and there's really no limit (no limit)
    Dead broke is in you nigga DNA (DNA)
    Rickey Smiley's in Decatur with the yay
    Lil' nigga, just another state case
    Bury my motherfuckin' Chase Bank, time to bounce (bounce)
    Gotta count on my allowance (gotta count on my allowance)
    You niggas snitches so I gotta reroute it (so I gotta reroute it)
    A nigga drippin' like I got a zillion dollars
    Got the trap jumpin' like Zion when I rebound it
    Then I'm out (then I'm out)
    And I'll never talk about it (about it)
    The homies quiet, but we all smoke the loudest (loudest)
    Rich niggas and I'm really bein' modest
    'Cause the way I do my deals, never treated like a artist
    Want the house (house)
    You could DM my accountant
    My per diem six figures and I'm countin'
    Nine figures was the goal 'til I hit it
    These niggas ain't livin', so bury mine with me
    Ross got it (Maybach Music)
    When I die, put my money in the grave
    I really gotta put a couple niggas in they place
    Really just lapped every nigga in the race
    I really might tat "Realest Nigga" on my face
    Lil CC let it slap with the bass
    I used to save hoes with a mask and a cape
    Now I'm like, "Nah, love, I'm good, go away"
    Ain't about to die with no money, I done gave it
    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: Aubrey Drake Graham / William Roberts
    Money In The Grave lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

  10. I think he sneak dissed Kendrick on this one with the “niggas wanna swap like its slauson or watts” line following it up with the “good where im aT” with the Kendrick vocal inflection. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Yo y’all boys go checkout my most recent song roll up on my channel on god you won’t regret it ik alotta ppl say that but I promise u gon fuck wit it

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