Dogfighter -WW2- Battle Royale Mode Trailer | PS4

Dogfighter -WW2- Battle Royale Mode Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “Dogfighter -WW2- Battle Royale Mode Trailer | PS4

  1. Ehmmm… has anyone forgotten the mode that was called Last Man Standing?

    I do not know why many games use the word ‘battle royale’ when they almost do not know what it even means. It just seem they just the title to get players hooked into the game because it’s ‘battle royale’.

    Plus the game did not look exciting, I really thought it would be a game you play as a bomber crew that you have to survive through the battle as you reach your target.

  2. This is a copy of ww2 and, it's not even battle Royale..
    Jeez if it's not a battle Royale, why name it battle Royale?
    It's just a freakin deathmatch

  3. Glad EA didn't make it them we would have pink spitfire and a fortnight bus heinkel me 109 with english Chinese woman snipers firing and gliding into air while listening to kpop

  4. I would really love to see a Birds of Prey or Birds of Steel title on PS4. I know War Thunder is there but lets face it thats designed with PC players in mind.

  5. Poker Battle Royale
    Uno game night Battle Royale
    NBA 2K Battle Royale
    Need For Speed Battle Royale
    Pokemon Battle Royale
    Golf Battle Royale

  6. QUESTION, Does this game support the thrustmaster t.flight hotas 4? the only officially supported ps4 flight stick?
    Somebody please help lol, ive searched far and wide, no answer.

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