Does This Go Wrong? (GAME)

100 thoughts on “Does This Go Wrong? (GAME)

  1. The cats one is explained easily. Dressers have a backing to each drawer, and the cats have to do is scoot back enough, pushing the back in to close it.

  2. Me:watches the balloons like it’s all going to be fine.

    Balloons:Damn my life is hard floats towards the wires explodes

    Me:thinks I’ve gone blind


  3. Ah, yes, there will be a helium explosion. Helium is a noble gas, and is therefore unable to burn, which is why it is used to fill balloons rather than some even more bouyant alternatives like hydrogen.

  4. Men. How in the world could ANYONE think DIVING into a cactus with needle-like spikes the size of knitting needles could be a good idea?

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