Does the Nintendo Switch have too many Indie Games?

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  1. I played all the indie games for the first time on my switch, did not even know about the existence of those games until I got them on NSW.

  2. I will shit in my hands and clap the day the switch can handle the new AC games without streaming. Black Flag or Rogue probably but Origins or Odyssey 😂 no freaking way

  3. I really started to get into indie games when hyper light drifter this year on the PS4 ( which I wish I would have waited now for the switch) and that opened the door for my switch. With shovel Knight( never played. Glad I did) Celeste ( absolutely adore this game) hollow night ( the most amazing metroidvania to me this year). I say keep em coming. I would love to get overcooked 2 for famliy play on the switch. Most days my PS4 has become for my triple A games. And Nintendo exclusives and indie games for my switch. And I love it.

  4. I agree. I have triple-A fatigue.

    Bring on the old school side scrolling platformers, the isometric a-rpgs, and the jrpgs.

    I cant wait to pick up Moonlighter and Dead-cells.

  5. It had been a long time that I played indie games. Getting the switch made me realize what i was missing out on. I have a PS4 all my big AAA games but man hollow knight is a master piece!

  6. draught? im now bussy with dark souls remastered on the switch…………. (handheld playing is so much different, and much more noobs ofcourse) but i have not even finished Monster Hunter GU either, and before that i was playing hyrule warriors still need to complete that one also….. and then i still have to finish yookah laylee aswel…….. but before i am going to make that, pokemon and smash are also coming………………. lol, you must be playing more than fulltime if you have nothing to play on switch anymore :d
    edit; forgot this video was from september…. hmm dont remember for sure but think i was playing mhw on pc that time

  7. Nintendo needs to add a rating system to the E-Shop because there is a LOT of crap up there that borders on steam shovelware tier bad.

  8. I didn’t buy a switch for fucking indies. Thats not to say all of the indies suck but there isn’t many of them that are good. Its annoying that i see more indies then i do any a-aaa games.

  9. What I want is more AAA titles, or at least more quality indies (preferibly not side scrollers or top down), things like Yooka Laylee or something, idk the sheer amount of crap that we have in the eshop is ridiculous and most of the games that are there feel like lazy copies of other games, there's gems, of course, like the ones mentioned on the video, but they're not very many…

  10. I bought Stardew Valley for PC and it still was on my wishlist games for when I got the switch. The same goes to Skyrim. Just the fact that I am now able to play some of my favorite games of all time in portable mode makes it worth buying twice.

  11. I mean, I could see why the indie games can be bit of a awash in terms of games that are not good to play. While some indie game can be really good.

    What should be an importance is to add more third party games. And maybe a little bit more first party games. We are doing pretty good in games right now in 2018 in terms of the switch.

  12. Although im just waiting for shin megami tensei v, I am loving the indie games on switch. Never played or heard of a lot of them like transistor and hollow knight. So glad I get to play them. Plus on the go capability rocks so much.

  13. I played Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight for the first time on the Switch and Axiom Verge has become one of my favorite games.

  14. can you tell me how you download all these switch games like stardew valley for PC cause its not in google play and i tried every way on the internet

  15. So wait are all indie games bad now? I’m looking at these comments and some people seem angry about someone in the industry putting out a project they are passionate about. I will not deny that there are a ton of crappy indie games but there are also a lot i have seen and played that are pretty amazing. I’m just confused…

  16. On the one hand, it makes the store a mess and difficult to navigate to find high profile stuff.

    On the other hand, this is a good system for indies, so I think just properly sorting things into categories instead of throwing every title in the same pool would fix it. Even the stand-out Indie titles get drowned out by a loooooot of shovelware.

  17. We could be playing SNES games instead… But… Who in the hell ask for 8 bit old sucking NES games. They had their time, it was good 200 years ago. Let's move on. I think it's stupid to allow new 3ds player to play super Mario world while I'm playing freaking 8 fkn bit sht super fkn Mario from fkn NES whit a torch to illuminate the room because that's how old It feel

  18. I never knew about a lot of these until the Switch ports. I mean have you ever tried to find good indie games on the Steam store?

  19. How can something have too many games? As long as they are categorized properly on the e shop. It’s not like Nintendo is making less games because there’s to many indies. We’re just getting more games. How could that be a bad thing?

  20. Well, in my opinion. I love nindie games. Not all but there are a lot of great games ex: monster boy, hollow knight, celeste, stardew valley, stick it to the man, flipping death, owl boy, among so many! I never even heard of them until I got my switch. Plus they are cheap compared to AAA games. Example: Hollow knight 15 dollars and its a game that will keep you for quite some hours. Im not a pro but im stubborn. So I have put in about 90 hours and yet I have not 100 complete 🎮 with all the extra FREE DLC! Thank you TEAM CHERRY!!!! 😍 But my point is: Nindies, Keep them coming! 😉

  21. My thoughts on this is, while I'm not against Triple A games and get and play them eventually, I don't like how most of their publishers have been trying to milk and dime the consumers and have been rushing games out while they're still in a buggy state to meet a deadline. Unfortunately, this makes up over half of the AAA games these days.

    Because of this, as a multiplatform gamer who owns or has owned most of the dedicated gaming devices from the major players as well has been gaming on PC since the mid 90's, I find myself skipping many AAA games at launch waiting for them to drop in price or to get them free. Instead, I spend the bulk of my gaming funds picking up physical copies of previously digital only indie games and niche Japanese games as I figure those will be harder to find if I don't get them early on while I wait for the bigger games to get sales. Heck, I even wait for sales on Nintendo and Playstation games many times despite both companies having a solid record of quality releases without all the micro transaction money grubbing BS that most publishers have due to the fact that there's so many other games I want that are releasing that could end up going rare and I only have so much time and money.

  22. I'm definitely burnt out on switch shop. Hyper light drifter is way over priced for an indie and I've played it three times on other platforms, the hell do I have to pay $25 cad for an indie game that came out almost a decade ago? Japan CTOS forcing indies to be 3x more on Switch than other markets is really pissing me off lately.

  23. Call me cynical, but I just feel the vast majority of the eshop is shit no one wants to play. In the video you only reference a bunch of 10/10 indie games, I dont think anyone is complaining about those, they're complaining about everything else.

  24. I finally bought a switch 2 weeks ago and omg I love the switch so much I mostly play docked but I actually enjoy playing portably…also I love having indie games…I am not a 2d side scroll type but steam dig 1 and 2!!! And I've never played stardew valley but I've known about it but since I've bought the switch I am buying more games because I can take them with me anywhere that's so cool. I do have LOZ BOTW and Mario odyssey of course which I also love. The switch is making me WANT to buy more indie games then I ever did on steam or xbox just because I can play it on the couch or anywhere. I wish I could do that with xbox games and what not

  25. As of now, 90% of my Switch playtime has been on Breath of the Wild (I only got my Switch a few days before Christmas of 2018), but I have purchased Hollow Knight and will be playing that for the first time on the Switch, so I'm happy for it. I'm also looking forward to finally playing other great games like Stardew and Celeste. So it's fine with me. 🙂

    Edit: Oh, and I'll be getting Odyssey soon as well!

  26. Switch is the indie king. I don’t mind buying 5-25 dollar indies to help out the indie developers. They sometimes have better gameplay and/or replayability too.

  27. There is quite a bit of saturation in the indie game scene, in both look and design. You know when I say "The game is a rogue-like metroidvania adventure game with an 8-bit aesthetic" or "The game is a souls-like 2d side scroller" and you say to yourself which game is he talking about. Then that tells you there is a saturation in the market with a lack of originality which kind of ironic. Not knocking somewhat original ideas in games but I think you catch my drift. The indie market has basically fallen into the same problem as AAA studios. Lack of original ideas.

  28. I bought most indie games on steam because they were so cheap on sale. But tbh, I haven't played them yet because i prefer to chill on a sofa. Its such a bummer that you can get the best 5 indie games for 10 euros on steam but nintendo sales don't go higher than like 10 procent. I am playing stardew valley but i just don't enjoy it as much just because its on pc. So when i get a switch i definitly think i will rebuy it.

  29. People dont realize nintendo is just one company. For one, it actually releases tons of games. And also people dont realize nintendo is just ONE COMPANY lol. How do other companies releasing games for their platform (indies) delay their production times? They dont… And yeah, i would rather have 1000 bad games with 200 good ones to play than 200 bad ones with 40 good… (The wii u problem)

  30. I just hate this fucking facination for "pixelated art", dammit why not use another technique for indie games? Hollow night, Mark of the Ninja, Agis, Overcooked, these games are here to prove its possible to creat indie games more polished, with a high quality and a great history! At this point, we talk about quality subject and in this point, part of indies games in the nintendo switch library is just shovelware. I like indie games, I can handle with pixeled art but I can not handle with a weak game or a game that appears ported and inserted in a system for just inflate numbers. So I have a question, hurts from a great job in the creation? I think that's the point! So my answer is yes we have an indie fatigue cause by these "bad indies" or shovelwares. To reach the grand finnaly of my comment i ask, why not think outside the box and explore more technics when do the indie game? why not use a better art, better sound? Ok we have people like "old school games" but we have people who like the "new school games", they need to deal with this balance and don't blame the people just don't like the game or the job did on that game Why do many indie studies think in the same way? Why do not they think outside the box? I will use the pixeled art as an example. Again, we have good games with better graphics that run in low spec console so don't come to me with the old speech "its for low spec or old school game". Yes, for me graphics have a huge impact on the experience in the game and this insistence in use a pixled art add to other point mention here cause a big indie fatigue.

  31. I’m glad it has tons of standout indie games. I wish the eshop had more retro games from the older eras, like the Wii U did, and indie titles instead of all the other garbage that’s on it

  32. Yes the switch most definitely has too many indie games. I like the good ones but too many crappy ones on eshop. Seems like anyone with a computer can develop a switch game which can be a good thing when they are talented but it also saturates the eshop with subpar games.

  33. The problem is that the ratio of indy games to big AAA titles is like a billion to 1. And for every Shovel Knight or Undertale there seems to be a million crappy mobile games. So it's more like there aren't enough AAA titles and the eShop seems overrun with shovelware.

  34. I am another perfect example of someone that played my first indie game which was hollow knight which is absolutely amazing. Glad to be opened to all these amazing games now

  35. Honestly don't do AAA unless it's a Steam sale or used but I do love indies thought the PS4 was the best for them.

  36. It's not the indie games that bother me, its the amount of shovelware on the store.
    Its a bare bones store SEVERELY lacking in QoL features like user reviews and searching by quality.

    The store supposedly has over 1000 indie titles, but 80% of those at least are just junk and bloat to pad out the numbers, that really should not be on offer.

    They need to curate them better and if they are not up to snuff don't list them.

  37. Too many crappy games I'm not interested in on the eShop, most of which just look like they were made 20-30 years ago. Sadly.

  38. Also Ubisoft are at least porting AC3, even if it's like Ubisoft's poorest selling Assassin Creed title.

  39. The switch is my main console. The eshop is my gateway to whats out there. I use the switch as an indie machine, retro console and sometimes checkout a modern AAA title. My N64 is my supplementary console.

  40. More games is never a problem. What is a problem is not being able to filter, rate and review the games on the platform itself to see what is worth buying and what isnt.

  41. I know you tried to be funny there, but I have to point out that you don't need to be a thief to play any Zelda game on a PC. In fact, you CAN buy the game and play it on an emulator nonetheless. Shocking fact!

  42. Outside of exclusives, indie games seem much more fun to play then AAA games. They are more unique, take chances, look beautiful and are simply more fun.

    Stardew, Hollow Knight, Dead cells, Rocket league etc are just a blast to play and fill roles that triple A games have neglected.

  43. I feel bad for people that still spend 60 bucks on shitty CoD games. These people gave no standards and very low self respect as a consumer. It's like getting spit in the face, paying for it and asking for more.

    All EA games are the same too. Incredible graphics with shit shitty gameplay and loot boxes.

  44. honestly im tempted to buy hld on the switch but uh, i did the 300 or whatever dash for the cape and i never ever want to do that again ever in my entire life

  45. Hollow Knight ended up becoming one of my favorite games….ever. I play it more than Smash and Mario Maker. Which freakin' BLOWS my mind tbh lol

  46. I own terraria on iPad, 3ds, and pc. I own cave story on 3ds and I’m about to get it on switch. People 100% buy their favorite indie titles multiple times

  47. I'm one of the people who don't game on my PC, and I haven't owned a console in years. So all these indie games are great for me. I haven't played them before.

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