Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol: Santa Eats Children – PART 1 – Game Grumps

Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol: Santa Eats Children – PART 1 – Game Grumps

Arin: I wrap stuff. Dan: I deliver that stuff! Arin+Dan: Naughty or Nice it’s the Jingle Grumps! Arin: Hey!
Dan: Hey, welcome. Dan: Arin and I have been giggling at this Dan: This menu for Dan: A couple minutes now. Dan: Umm. Arin: ‘I wanna eat it!’ Dan: Welcome to “Delicious Emily’s Christmas Carol”, do you think Emily herself is what’s delicious? Arin: Like ‘Delicious Emily’?
Dan: And that- Dan: That’s why the mom is so excited, because she can’t wait to eat her child. Arin: She’s not of age yet, but I can tell she’s getting very delicious. Dan: Yeah. Dan: I can’t wait for my child to ripen! Arin: Select your name. Dan: Oh!
Arin: Uhh. Arin: ‘Eustus’ Dan: That’s not how you spell that! Arin: Sure it is. Dan: Okay. Arin: How do you spell Eustace? Dan: I believe with a ‘C-E’ (yep) Dan: At the end.
Arin: ohh. Arin+Dan: It’s her! Dan: Emily O’Malley! Arin: Oh she’s Irish! Dan: And Paige! Dan: With Patick, Edward, Dan: And Francois Grace Sharon Angela Mary George and Holly! Arin: I’ll remember all those names! Dan: Special Guest; Santa Clouse! Arin: Oh ho ho ho! You better have my check ready! Dan: Oh ho ho ho! Dan: Emily looks delicious! Arin: Get out of here! Arin: Get out of here children! Dan: Silent fear, oh… Arin: Uhh I don’t know if it will still here appear. Dan: Oh this does look familiar actually, I think I saw Ross play this one time. Arin: Really? Arin: “IT’S… SNOWING!”
Dan: Yeah. Dan: Well, isn’t everything just fabulous? Arin: Oh? Arin: What’s this over here? Dan: Emily, go hop into the pot! Arin: “Well hi there, little angel!” Arin: Don’t you look del-
Dan: You’re looking creamy and- Dan: -Filling. Arin: ‘He want’s to eat you? Well you’re not ready.’ Dan: Yeah. Dan: You’ve got nothing to fear, Emily, until your seventh birthday! Arin: “It’s simply the most wonderful time of the year!” Dan: Everybody knows Santa only eats children seven and up! Arin: ‘Well that was magical! Goosebumps every time.” Arin: We’re out of here! Arin: No tip?
Dan: Fuck this shit. Dan: “Ah ha ha!” Arin: EEEEEEE Dan: Yeah- “FRANCOIS!” Dan: He doesn’t even throw it, he just mashes it into her face. Arin: “Francois… Don’t you dare… FRANCOIS!” Arin: Oh he’s gonna get her. Dan: Yeah. Arin: Oh boy. Dan: Well then! Dan: A Puerto Rican guy’s making love to your mom, Dan: I’ll just show you how to make a snowman! Arin: “And how was your first day at preschool today, young lady?” Arin: Daddy, daddy! Guess what? Arin: “I’m gonna-” Arin: Pre, dude!
Dan: Pre! Dan: I knew it! Dan: Aw, it serves you right, fucko! Arin: Oh, Francois. Arin: I’m allergic to snow! Arin: Get my Epi-Pen! Arin: Oh, Francois! Dan: Water, my only weakness! Arin: “And how are YOU doing, young lady?” Dan:”Well… I couldn’t have hoped Paige’s first day of preschool could go any better!” Dan: Unless it lasted two hours longer so we could fuck! Arin+Dan: *Slurping sounds* Dan: Aw fuck yeah. Arin: “Do you want me to explain how this works again?” Dan: First you take the cock in your hand-
Arin: Uhh… again? Arin: “Well, let’s see… Arin: “It all starts when people come in…” Dan: Okay… Dan: Hi I’m people! Arin: First you prepare their order…” Arin: I got the order. Arin: “…then you hand it over.” Arin: Take it. Arin: “Have a great day!” Arin: “Err, Emily? Aren’t you forgetting something? Don’t they have to pay?” Arin: Fuck you! Dan: Oops! Arin: I didn’t know what to do! Dan: Ha ha ha ha ha, if you ever Dan: Ever give our goods away for free again, Dan: I will bury you in this snow! Arin: I’m gonna do that, and i’m gonna do that, and deliver it to their tablay! Dan: Okay, sweet! Arin: They’re eating. Arin: “Now, this time I WILL put the money in the register.” Dan: Ha ha, you’re goddamn right you will. Arin: Don’t put yourself down because this fucking ass- Satan: -Misogynist prick male gays motherfucker doesn’t respect you! Dan: I will— I will bury you. Arin: “Just remember: the happier the customers are, the bigger their tip will be!” Dan: And the bigger MY tip will be if you know what I’m saying. Arin: “Now there’s only one thing left to do: clean the table!” Arin: Maybe you should handle that! Arin: No, you do everything! Dan: Yeah. Dan: I would but I’m very busy at this ‘Standing near the snowman’ situation. Arin: “Hey! it’s Carl, our housemouse!” Dan: That’s right! Arin: “Hey little fellow, are you coming with me?” Dan: Into the pot? Arin: he’s eating and contaminating all our food! Arin: That makes it better! Dan: Catch it quickly for a rat feces bonus! Arin: “So, you still know what you’re doing!” Arin: And if I work fast, I can serve more than one person at a time.” Dan: Hey! Arin: “Customers usually give me something extra for that.” Arin: I’ll give you something extra for that. 😉 Dan+Arin: “I’m totally ready!” (The world’s longest cutscene ends) Arin: How I- alright. Arin: “Keep every customer happy (or better]” Dan: Mmm, okay. Dan: Sounds good.
Arin: What do you want, Arin: What do you want, what do you want, what do you want, what do you want, hurry up and decide! Dan: What do you want.
Arin: Hurry up! Arin: What do you want?! Arin: What do you want! Ah fucking dammit why didn’t you just say so in the first place you stupid, fucking Arin: Garbage person! Arin: Garbage person! Dan: And what do you want, tiny garbage person? Arin: I want the Arin: The cookies and milk!
Dan: Man, thank God everyone here wants the same piece of Dan: Frosted bread and pretzels! Arin: That does look really good Dan: Cause that is all you serve.
Arin: I’m not gonna lie. Arin: We want this! Arin: Fuck you. Dan: You gotta make the cake though! Arin: Yeah. Dan: Oh God. Arin: Plus the presents! Dan: Oh God. Arin: And deliver that fucker to the table, Arin: Bitch. Dan: Full order. Arin: Alright.
Dan: Just like Susan. Arin: But who is Susan? Arin: What is her relationship to these folk? Dan: Susan’s our house proud town mouse! Arin: House proud town mouse? Say that four times fast. Dan: House proud town mouse how pro po- fuck. Arin: Yeah it’s hard right? Dan: Uh-oh! Dan: Hurry an interracial couple is coming next! Dan: I can feel it. Arin: Give me all your mons. Arin: Stip me- Tip me lots of mons. Arin: And then that, and then that, and then that Dan: There you go!
Arin: And deliver the food! Arin: I’m gonna be the fat ass eating the whole cake, she’ll just have a pretzel. Dan: Two cakes for me please! Arin: They’re all mine! Arin: Oh no, we’re closed! Arin: Oh I gotta clean the table first.
Dan: You get the hell out of here, young woman. Arin: Is that- Oh yeah! Arin: I thought you were talking to this person. Dan: I was. Arin: I was like Arin: “Neither woman, nor young.” Dan: Oh is that a guy? (No) Dan: Yeah it probably is. (It’s not) Dan: I was mistaking the ear muffs for hair. Arin: Clean the table! Arin: And collect the money. Dan: Uhh don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Dan: Don’t let the door-
Arin: Yes! Arin: I got three stars! Dan: Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you! Arin: Yay! Arin: I took that picture on the beach! Arin: My boyfriend told me I looked real cute. Arin: “Paige, sweetheart, why don;t you tell daddy the exciting news?” Arin: I’m gonna be eaten! Arin: “Yes, and it’s a very special one too. It’s their 50th anniversary!” Dan: ‘Wow, you don’t look a day over seven’, said Santa, mouth watering. Arin: “And it’s based on a true story, right sweetheart?” Arin: Yeah! The story of the little girl that was eaten! Arin: “I can’t wait! Our own little musical star!” Arin: I love talented meat. Arin: “Presents, present, presents! I LOVE Christmas!” Dan: Oh my God! Dan: Aw yes, yes! Dan: I love it when our daughter hugs strangers. Arin: “Emily, your Uncle Antonio and Brigid say ‘Merry Christmas’ from the Bahamas.” Dan: Ba ha ha hamas. Arin: “I am SO jealous – I would LOVE to get away for the holidays.” Dan: Just imagine how funny they would’ve found that if she had said a joke! Arin: “Not having to take care of everything and everyone… Arin: “For once.” Arin: eyeballs, fucking, this douche. Arin: “What do you mean? No Christmas in Snuggford?” Dan: Oh God. Arin: “Mom, I don’t mean every year… Just once would be nice…” Arin: You fucking bitch. Dan: What a bitch. Arin: Let’s put our Dan: Mom is Satan
Arin: Daughter to sleep. Dan: Real?
‘Go to sleep.’ Arin: Man I don’t know why we gave our daughter the entire living room for her bedroom. Dan: Yeah this is an enormous bedroom. Arin: Alright time to sleep in the closet. Dan: God I gotta get into the fucking one pretzel selling business, this house is fucking huge! Arin: “Can I choose what I want to be in the musical?” Arin: As long as it’s edible. Dan: Yeah. Dan: “Maybe, sweetheart.” Arin: *More slurping sounds* Aw fuck! Arin: “Stop it! Stop it!” Dan: Ha ha, you can’t stop this cock! Arin: *Even more slurping sounds* Dan: Sweetheart, I love you, but I assure you, regardless of what you say or do, Dan: This dick is going in your mother tonight. Arin: Okayy. Arin: Should I do the bonus round or the regular round? Dan: I don’t know, it’s totally up to you man! Arin: Alright, I’ll do the regular one. Dan: Okay. Arin: The shop! Dan: So many cho-hoices. Arin: Wow, look it, she’s looking at all the things! Arin: What’ll fatten me up the most? Arin: Chocolate bar! Arin: The chocolate bar makes Emily walk faster for ten seconds. Dan: Wow! Arin: Fuck yeah! Dan: Sweet. Arin: Mmm. Dan: Check. Arin: Chocolate! Arin: Alright well next time on Game Grumps! Dan: Yeah, fantastic work!
Arin: Or Jingle Grumps. Arin: We’ll play more. Dan: Yeah, it’s gonna be great. Arin: Goodbye. Dan: Goodbye and Merry Christmas. Arin: Mer Crms SUBTITLED BY —N
Dan: I’m Dan: Not saying ‘Happy Holidays’ Dan: Cause there’s a war on Christmas! Dan: And I won’t be a part of it! Arin: Yay! Dan: Merry Christmas. Dan: Who cares!

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  3. they played this last year! (not complaining cause it was one of my favorite play throughs) but i'm so damn shocked at the amount of lovelys that don't remember! not shocked that GG dont remember lol

  4. Wait, didn't they play this exact same game last year for Christmas?  Or is this an incredibly similar looking sequel to that game?

  5. quick question, how can Arin ram stuff if he isn't a freaking reindeer??? way to break the continuity of the show T.T

  6. As someone who has legit played the entire Delicious series, this is HILARIOUS how much they just don't get it. And also the cheese. Because these games are pure cheese and feel good cheese.

  7. Sick reference to an underrated Pink Floyd song, Dan.
    (The line “house-proud town mouse” is from the Floyd song “Pigs [Three Different Ones] from the album Animals .)

  8. When dan was reading the People’s names and I saw Evelyn (my name) I was so happy like “Frick yeah I’m gonna hear dan say my name” then he didn’t and I was like “FUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK”

  9. Someone please….. I havent been on the internet for a while and I come back to some weird butternut squash cult taking over the comments… What is this???

  10. Unless I missed it, why didn't they mention they did this already last year on Steam Train with Barry, Suzi, and Arin?

  11. stay away from the comments on this one, it's nothing but a bunch of retards thinking they're really really funny for quoting some other dumb video

  12. I’ve been playing Delicious Emily games since before Emily had a child and before she was even married so it was hilarious watching this and what you guys say especially when calling the Little girl by her mother’s name ???

  13. dudes and dudets (ALL OF YOU AT GAMEGRUMPS) you play a spin off of the main series that started this? Diner Dash? why not bring Flo back, i guarantee you'll have something cool to talk about… or shit on, last time i checked Flo made it to ps2 and ds, though form their the app-grab yanked her from public view, #BRINGBACKFLO

  14. "Hey it's Carl! Our homosexual!"

    For some reason that's how my brain registered it the first time, and I had to read it twice.

    "Housemouse." Got it.

  15. OMG I was ROFL at the very end. I swear,I am going to go around the neighborhood next December and sing that in its entirety!

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