Death From Above! | YouTube Makes Games (#3)

Death From Above! | YouTube Makes Games (#3)

The winning comment in the last video was
from Nicolas Vaz – instead of the blocks just disappearing, make them fall down and that’s
the way to kill the enemies. And, we have that now! You can check the build through the link in
the description, and if you’re a patron you can take a look at the source files. We have a couple design tasks now that have
to be solved, though. The first one is enemy behavior – how should
they behave? Right now they just stand still but obviously
that’s not how it is supposed to be. And there are many more possible solutions
than the standard goomba-esque ‘walk left and right’! The second one is – what should happen with
the player when they are in contact with enemies? It doesn’t have to be death necessarily! And the last but not least – how to prevent
players from getting into an unwinnable state? If it happens that you drop all the blocks
but didn’t kill an enemy, what would the players still be able to do to still be able
to play? While solving these issues it would be a good
opportunity to think about what will be the actual GOAL of the game? What having platforms fall on enemies will
help us achieve? So write up your comments with ideas and vote! And since we have several design issues, it
is a perfect moment to mention that if you are a 5$ patron, every month you will be able
to write up one idea or solution that’s gonna get in the game without any voting process. The thread for September is now open on! Thank you everyone for watching, and a special
thanks to my patrons! Make sure to like and subscribe and share,
and write up your ideas regarding what to do next and like in the comments your favorite
ideas! Cheers!

8 thoughts on “Death From Above! | YouTube Makes Games (#3)

  1. Even though we have several design issues, I still would like to ask the comments to be granular and not try to handle everything, for consistency sake. Same applies to the skip-the-voting requests that the 5$ tier patrons can make on the Patreon page. Thanks!

  2. Idea: Each destroyed enemy changes our energy

    Bonus: Different enemies (or even other destroyed things) could give different amounts of energy

    What can it be used for (secondary ideas):
    – to end the level when full
    – to use for secondary abilities at certain thresholds (which would allow for example to reach more difficult places on the level)

  3. Solution: new mechanics: world slowly scrolls right to left (or up to down).


    Explanation: why is this good?

    First of all it solves the third issue you mentioned of destroying all blocks, as new ones will be generated as the world scrolls in.
    Second, it opens up possibilities for future level design richness, such as different scrolling speed, patterns of generated new blocks, direction of world movement etc.
    Third, this will act as a form of 'timer', so you will never be able to fully sit down and reflect, instead, having to think on your feet…
    Last but not least, it gives a potential "goal" to the game: run left to right on platforms that come into the screen and eliminate enemies below who shoot at you by timing your jumps to drop blocks on their heads.


    This will require thinking about how to generate the new blocks that enter the screen. More specifically: in what pattern, as these blocks must always be a "potential path" the player can take. If, lets say, they appear as a vertical impassable wall, it will be a situation where the player is guaranteed to lose. Not fun.

  4. But how can we make it FEEL like we're a red cube? Honestly what about a door or gate or something similar, that we can unlock by killing all the enemies(via a key or something that gets granted).

  5. Enemies jump around like the player and blocks drop down when they hit them as well, this can create short puzzle oriented levels and somewhat a time limit as well

  6. Calling them 'enemies' is already a pretty strong bias! they could be 'helpers' as far as I'm concerned since they did not do anything to you just yet 🙂
    If the goal is to remove all green cubes, then the black ones could simply be trigger bonuses OR maluses (penalties) when hit by a green one falling.

    ex: black cube explode and burst out new green cubes all over when hit
    ex: black cube explode and take out surrounding green cubes

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