DayZ PS4 PVP |FR| #32 – Chernarus m’avait manqué !

Did he see me? I’m afraid there is another a player is dead and he will loot the second I haven’t seen him again, direction airfield I think a player is connected next to me really ? I am bad oh f*** ! oh noooo oh no no no it’s strange it’s not him that I killed too strange military bob and shotgun in the back when I had it in my scope and there he has a chapka intact impossible impossible the chapka is intact if it was he who took a headshot it should be destroyed we have another corpse ahhh here is my kill voilà ! damaged ok 300m is too much i dont like this scope they try to turn my brain over he doesn’t want to move what is this shi* sniper frankly worst weapon on the planet can’t touch me buddy the other is still hidden he shifts me he is upstairs ? I don’t understand where he is

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