Days Gone – E3 2017 Trailer | PS4

Days Gone – E3 2017 Trailer | PS4

Get him inside. DEACON: What happened? COPE: Got hit again;
squatters off the highway. We gotta get some men together
and go after them. DEACON: Don’t look at me.
It ain’t my problem. COPE: They’ve got Manny. DEACON: You sent Manny
on a supply run? COPE: I just run
the camp Deac. I don’t tell folks how
to live their lives. DEACON: Go to hell Cope. [MOTORCYCLE REVVING] [MUSIC PLAYING] DEACON: Out of the way. MAN: Hey, hey, man. [THUNDER] [GROWLING] DEACON: No.
That ain’t him. Oh. Come on. [GROWLING] Oh crap. Come on.
Come on. [SQUEAL] Son of a bitch. Ugh. [COUGHING] MAN: He’s down.
He’s down. MAN 2: Let’s do this. Yeah. You want some of this? [GRUNT] [GRUNT] [GRUNT] DEACON: Yeah. Hiyah. [SQUISH, SQUISH] [GASPING] [HEAVY BREATHING] [HEAVY BREATHING] DEACON: That’s
Manny’s bike. Yeah.
You shut the hell up. MAN 2: Thank you.
You shut up. WOMAN: Okay.
Shh. I want all of you
to shut the hell up. What is your problem? MAN: No.
Shh. Shh. Shh. There’s something out there. MAN 2: Ah. Shit. Oh. My leg. Get it off.
Oh, god. Get it off. WOMAN: Shut up. [OFF SCREEN SCREAMING] [GUN SHOT] [GROWLING] [GROWLING] DEACON: Some more. DEACON: Okay. Easy fellas. [RUNNING WATER] [DISTANT SHOUTING] There he is. Still alive. How the hell am I — [MUSIC PLAYING] DEACON: Hell yeah. Come and get it.
Dinnertime. [GUNSHOTS] [GUNSHOTS] MAN: Drop it. Now,
or I’ll kill him. DEACON: Do it.
I’m not here for him. I’m here for you. [UGH] [BAM] DEACON: Oh, my god. MANNY: Deac? DEACON: Hi, Manny. MANNY: Hey. So, do it. DEACON: Yeah.
Come on. I wasn’t going to
let him kill you. Besides, who the hell
else around here knows how to rebuild
a carburetor? [GROWL] DEACON: Just back up nice and slow. Don’t make a sound. [RATTLING CAN] [ROAR]

100 thoughts on “Days Gone – E3 2017 Trailer | PS4

  1. Hmm… not that impressed. A lot of silly "press X a bunch of times" type "gameplay." Visually looks good, but I can't say the gameplay is there from this trailer.

  2. ormai tutti questo tipo di gioco sono farciti di filmati e poco più …praticamente se vado al cinema è uguale ….

  3. according to the ps Store this game will be available on Decembre 2018, can anyone confirm this?

  4. Promising but not a fan of how easily this normal sized man is able to snap someone's neck. The animation for chokeholds don't look good either. These are nitpicks but can hinder immersion which is part of what any open world game aims for.

  5. i'm gonna have to wait for a PS4, but to hold me over i finally got my ps3, and i'm happy with it, some guy parked next to me coming out of walmart sold me a bundle for a nice price, it was too good to pass up, $400 for the bundle, came with 5 games and a off brand wire controller, ha-ha sucker, got over on him

  6. Game looks great, and all, but. Is it ever going to be released? Around the time of E3 2016, the developers, said in an interview, that they had been working on it for four plus years I wanna say. And all we've gotten is one gameplay video, and a trailer, at E3 2016, and a gameplay video at E3 2017, and that's it. And we were told a month or two ago, that it WILL be released sometime in 2018. You can't even give us a release date? Come on sony, you've given the developers, MORE then enough time to finish it. Getting a little ridiculous. I mean come on. Why show a game off, and get people hyped, and then keep us all in the dark, for so long.

  7. Ive been looking for something to fill the void till the last of us part 2 is released, and this looks like it might be it!

  8. Out of all the places in the world the one they pick is America, real creative and fresh. I really want to see this kind of thing done with some other setting in Europe, South America, China, Japan, Middle East.

  9. Less than two months and we gonna see some new staff about this HUGE Game that I can't wait to play it!😬

  10. Gonna try this game out no matter what reviews say cause I never seen an free roam apocalypse game before (maybe last of us 2 gonna have it) also I heard there was no cosmetics so I'm hoping we can find defensive gear that change Deacon's appearance

  11. You can really appreciate this game when the guys that have never played a game in their lives won’t shut up aren’t there playing the game

  12. The hordes are pretty detailed and some cool animations too, unlike the final game all the freakers moving the same

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