Daniel’s Most Outrageous Drinking Games – Tosh.0

[patriotic music]♪ ♪[engine revving] [gunshot] – Chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug. – Ahh! [all screaming]♪ ♪– Oh, look out! [fireworks booming] – Oh, my God. [laughter] – Come on, Sauce! [all shouting]♪ ♪– Ahh!
– Oh, my God! My God! – I’ve always said
binge drinking wasn’t dangerous enough. Are you too much of a pussy
to give that a shot this summer? Then try one of my fun, safe alternative drinking
games, ya squares.♪ ♪Filters out all the lead and
forces you to pace yourself. It’s perfect for freshman.♪ ♪The horrific smell and taste prevent any man from taking more than a sip at a time. It’s so vinegary. I’m gonna barf. Guys, get this…♪ ♪A ski is the only way to appreciate a fine vintage red.♪ ♪[slurping] The wine ski pairs nicely with a cheese ski. [laughter] [audience ohs] – Is that taser set to
“tickle”? That’s the most fun they’ve had
since their wives died. Aw, those guys are always
welcome to wet their whistle at my dive bar
and grill and mattress store. How are you guys doing?
– Good. – I wanted to let you know, one of our regulars
would like to buy you a round of tequila
shock shots. – Nice.
– Hey, don’t get too excited. The first thing I’m gonna
need you to do is sign
these release forms. Yep. There you go. – All right, bottom’s up.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That’s not how the
tequila shock shot works. I need everyone to put on
an electric dog collar. Red for the lady.
– Seriously? – I will electrocute
the [bleep] out of you while you take the shot. When you finish,
begin barking. Once everyone is barking,
I will stop shocking you. Bottoms up. [overlapping chatter] [barking] – [screams]
– All right, all right. – That was great. – Oh, he wants to buy you
another round. – Yeah! Thank you.
– Yeah, thank you. – They’ll really be
shocked to know my dog roofied
all of them. – Ahhh, yeah, folks! Fat man. Here he is. And right here,
for your viewing pleasure, i’m gonna drink, mmm,
this bowl of gravy! Ah, yeah! – Ah, yeah, folks! That fat man is fat man, and he’s the internet’s
foremost gravy enthusiast. He talks about gravy
so eloquently that it inspired me
to create a drinking game. I gave everyone
in my audience [as fat man]
a bowl of gravy. Go get your own
bowl of gravy if you want
to play along at home. Now, i’m going to show you
the rest of the video, and you have to take a drink every time he says
“bowl of gravy.” Ready?
Let’s begin. – A bowl of gravy, folks. – Mmm. Enjoy. – [sighs]
A bowl of gravy, folks. – Vegetarians,
quit being such prudes. Make an exception.
Experience life for once. – Nice, fresh bowl of gravy. – Gravy has 300%
of your daily salt requirement. – Ah, yeah, folks.
It’s a bowl of gravy! Shut up, dad.
[laughing] Ah, yeah, folks. – He drinks gravy!
Deal with it, dad! – A bowl of gravy! Got anything else
you wanna say to the fans? – Bowl of gravy.
– Bowl of gravy! – Delicious. – Ah, with tits like those,
who needs a job? – Bowl of gravy. – Mmm! – Ah, yeah, folks,
a bowl of gravy. – [laughing] a nice bowl of gravy.
– Bowl of gravy! – Until next time, folks! Bye-bye! – Bye-bye, buddy. Keep on living every day
like it’s Thanksgiving.

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