Cyclocross Game Of B.I.K.E With Tom Meeusen

Cyclocross Game Of B.I.K.E With Tom Meeusen

– We’re here today for a Game of Bike with multiple time World Cup winner, but even better than that, probably one of the best bike handlers on the circuit, bar none. Tom Mayusen, welcome to the Game of Bike. – Thank you, thanks for having me. (swish) – [Host] Tom Mayusen is one
of the best bike handlers in the business. Known for his technical prowess and ability to jump
barriers as high as 80cm, he has made a name for himself on the cyclo–cross circuit as one of the most
gifted cyclo-cross racers of all time. Throughout his career he has won five elite World Cup rounds, been on countless podiums, and is a staple of the
international cyclo-cross scene. While we were in Belgium, we could not pass up an opportunity to challenge Tom to a game of Bike. [Tribal Drumming] – [Host] The Game of Bike is a challenge amongst friends where I propose a scenario that I do, and they come back and they do it. And throughout the game, whoever isn’t able to match
the other rider’s challenge, gets a letter. So if I don’t do what Tom says, I get B. If he’s not able to do what I do, he gets B. And so on and so forth. The first person to get B-I-K-E loses. – All right, so Tom, I see you have built a booby-trap here. What do we got goin’ on? – Yeah, we are in a very nice neighborhood for to ride cyclo-cross bikes, so, after a sand pit, we
make sometimes a barrier for to do it after some intervals so, yeah, we’re going to do it today. – So, you’re going to jump,
you’re going to come down here and jump this and then
you’re going to jump that second bit going down. – Yep. – Start it up. – Okay, thank you. (host laughs) (upbeat music) – You can go to the next one. (host laughs) – [Host] Wait. My god. (laughter) What do you think? I mean, I did it. It didn’t look as good
as you, but I did it. – Eh, you lost a few seconds but, (laughter) – You want to go a little
higher, or you want to just kee- you want to just do something different? – We’re going to go a
little bit higher, I think. – Okay. Okay. (upbeat music) (laughter) – Okay, tom, that was insane, um. Just for your guys’ depth perception here, this is above my kneecap. This is at least, yeah. If I wear 32 inches on my leg, it’s to here on my leg. Uh, and I’m almost 6 feet tall. That was really high, man. I just want to give you the B right now. You can have it. But I’m going to try. I’m going to try. But, I’m going to give
you the B right now. Now, this is not a- Like I said, humbled. – Oh, no. (upbeat music) – [Tom] That was not a fair contest, yeah? You jumped next to it. (laughter) – I, I know. I’m going to give you that one. – You are too smart for this – I’m going to give you that one. Yeah, my body said no. (laughter) Okay, I’ll take B. (bell) – Okay, I’m thinking here, this knoll, let’s get sideways, let’s
like kick the bike out from, on the side. Is that what you guys call it? Okay. – A CX whip. – A CX whip? – Yeah. – I love that. It’s new terminology. All right, I’m going to start this out. I’m going to go off this
and I’m going to see, we’ll see what I can do. (upbeat music) – [Host] Oh, he’s coming in hot. Ho, ho, ho, okay. What do you think about going down? – Yeah, it’s nicer, you have the more to feel you about jumping. A little more air and the flow is better. – Yeah, yeah. When you’re out riding with your friends, you just like, you’re pumped. You feel good. – Yeah, and – And you just, yeah. – Yeah, going out for a bike ride, after a long time, you’re always happy, and then, ay, you do a wheelie, do a whip. So yeah, that’s a, what is this about. – That’s right. All right. Perfect. Let’s, I’mma try to beat
you on this next one. – Okay. – [Host] (laughs) okay. (upbeat music) – This is fun, though. – (laughs) yes. Carlo, what do you think? (bell) – All right, we’re going
to give you that one. Apparently, that’s what they did. That’s what Carlo thinks. After a review of the tape, that’s what he’s saying. So, all right, so it’s your turn. What do you think? – We are in the sand capital of Belgium, almost, I think. So, we have to do some
air out of the tires and go for sand turns. – okay, so what we’re going to do here, we’re going to come in, jump over this log, come down here, go through here, and then go through these sticks, is that what you’re saying? – [Tom] Yuh. (host laughs) – Okay. – Don’t put your feet on ground. – Okay, no feet on the ground. Okay. – That’s the most
difficult thing, I think. – Okay. And this is fast. yeah, it’s like downhill – It’s easy. – Left hand, no, yeah. I know. (upbeat music) – Ah. – Oh. (laughs) (beep) – All right, Tom, so, you’re going to at a gentleman’s agreement, when I cross over this, with my front tire, pick it up, then you press the start button, we go around here, and then we come back up and then we stop. And then the person with the shortest amount of time is the winner. – Okay. – Okay. – Pressure is on. – Okay, okay. (upbeat music) – Perfect. 26 seconds point three. Point zero three. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – What did I have? – [Cameraman] Twenty-six o-three. – Ah. Twenty-one o-five. (bell) (mystical music) – So what we have here is a sand, is a slalom. Is a sand slalom. – Sand slalom. – The world’s first sand slolem. Okay. We we’re going to start up there, and we’re gong to come down like this. – And we put it downhill so it’s famous from the skiing, and now it’s sand slolem. – Yeah, okay. This is the new, at the DVV, this could be the new opening competition for the start gridding. – Yeah, we have to get
something on the Olympics. – Yeah, I think so. They would actually probably take this over the sword. We’ve been trying for
so long with the sword, but then they see this, they say, these guys are brilliant. – It’s a summer sport. (laughter) – We’re going in the Summer Olympics. That’s perfect. – (laughs) (upbeat music) – He’s coming in hot. Holy crap. – You’re going to win this. I need one more chance. Please, please, please. This was so bad. The pressure was too high. – Twelve nineteen is the time. – [Tom] Okay. (quiet intense music) – You’re beat me. (laughter) (beep) oh, this is terrible. I lost in the sand. (laughter) – What did I get? How’d I do? No, not for you to say it’s high. – Yeah, yeah, yeah you have nine point 75. – Okay. – So three seconds faster than me. – Okay. – I put it away. 9.75. (beep) I lost. – Okay, Tom, so I’m thinking now, jump that, come back through the slalom course, up through here, around that log and then we’re jumping this and then jump over that. Fastest time. – But I think you get too much confidence. So we have to put the
five-second bonus here. I need something I can make grand to you otherwise you’re going to beat me. – I don’t even know if I can jump this to begin with. This is a push for me. – So you have to be five seconds faster. – Okay. Let’s do it. (suspenseful music) – Maybe gain composure. For this. I’m already out of breath. (laughter) – I think you took the five seconds. (laughter) – Maybe 25 seconds. – So you have 29 point 63, but you took the five seconds extra, so I have 34 seconds to clear it. – Okay, okay, okay. – That was fun to watch. – Okay, he’s coming in hot. Okay, timer’s started. Oh, no no no. (suspenseful music) (laughter) my legs. – hey, dude, yo, no competition. You crushed it man. – This is no game for a (mumble), man. (laughter) – 21 o-three. (bell) (slow roaring) – That was a perfect day. In the (foreign word) sand pit, this is your turf, and you defended well. – No this is not my turf, Stillbalt and Vanderpool and Bauels and all the great riders
from this neighborhood, – They trained here. – So it’s not my neighborhood, but I like it a lot here. – I feel lucky to have been able to spend the day with you, man. You tore it up. You showed us why you are one of the best bike
handlers in the world. Thank you so much for having us out. And for taking us on on Game of Bike. – Yeah, I liked it a lot. It was a very nice game and we invented something new, I think. – I do too. I do too. If you guys liked this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you want to see other Games of Bike, check those out somewhere over here, and definitely leave us a comment. Let us know what you think of Tom’s skills and if you haven’t subscribed to GCN yet, please do by clicking right here.

100 thoughts on “Cyclocross Game Of B.I.K.E With Tom Meeusen

  1. Tom's bunny hop is incredible. How high can you bunny hop? Who would you like to see Jeremy take on in a Game of B.I.K.E next?

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  4. Great vid, so much fun to watch. Crazy bike skills both of you but Tom can really bunny hop HIGH. Jeremy, you add a lot to the channel keep coming back.

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  6. You can’t beat videos like this. The guys are legitimately having fun, it’s awesome. I’ve never seen Jeremey laugh so hard as when Tom performs that epic bunnyhop; priceless! This is the stuff that makes cyclocross and its stories amazing!

  7. if you turn the sound off and ignore the scores it's totally obvious by their smiles that they're both winning the entire time. Fun= win!

  8. J-POW just did not have the POW’r to get over those logs. The Pro’s make this look so easy and it is a awesome just to watch (take Ollie for instance haha). Makes me want to get a cross/gravel bike and start working on trying it myself.

  9. I've never watched so much Cross content ever!!!! J-Pow and the Cross discipline have been excellent additions to the GCN platform.

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    Joining to the wishes of many commenters I would like to see MVDP too even for a chat…

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  13. That Lazer helmet still is the ugliest thing on the market, but man when you see Tom's skills and fathom the difficulty of those courses, the incredible height of those jumps and from a sandy turf at that you forget everything else and just smile in amazement.
    That was so FUN !
    You were so right to add Jeremy to the team, his output & your production proves to be a great match.

  14. is it just me or does the fact the Tom doesnt have his Right helmet strap done up correctly bother them? Its driving me nuts watching this video

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