‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Stars Talk Groundbreaking Movie

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Stars Talk Groundbreaking Movie

Hello you two. So this is your first time–
both of you, your first time here on the show. Welcome. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks for being here. This is your first
talk show ever. Ever. Ever. Like, this is insane. This is your first talk– There’s real people here. This is like– Yes. [LAUGHTER] Most of them are
completely real. [LAUGHTER] Some of it is mirrors to make
it look like more people. So we have to show
a body of your work. Because a lot of
people don’t know you. So this is what we do. So let’s just show
a little bit of– there’s your body. Oh, there you go. Yep. All right. Yep. There’s your body. Oh, OK. Ha! That’s a good one. We have to do that. Yeah, that was– It’s very important. Upside down yoga. Look at that. That’s very impressive. That’s pretty good. Do you do yoga? You’re very– My wife does. So I try to keep up. Once in awhile I’ll pop
in after three or four months of not doing it. So and you can just do that? I’ll just do one pose and– Wow. –take a photo just for proof. [LAUGHTER] That’s what you go to do. It’s pretty impressive. OK. How is this possible? This film– you’ve never
done anything else? This is your first movie? Yes. Yes. So I was from a
broadcast background. So I did a lot of investigatory
travel shows and stuff. BBC, Discovery Channel. So this is new. And she eased me in. She’s– No –the ultimate professional. He was such a natural. Because, I mean, just
oozing charm, you know. You just fall in love
with him the second you see him on screen. So you’re from where originally? So I’m Iban. So I’m half Malaysian,
half British. My mother’s from east
Malaysia, Sarawak. And Constance,
where are you from? Richmond, Virginia. Richmond, Virginia? And how long have
you been out here? About eight years. Eight years. Yeah. And you obviously have
a lot of experience. And here’s a guy that– I mean, this is a
big deal, this move. Because I think it’s the
first time in like 25 years. It’s an all Asian cast, right? That’s a really big deal. [APPLAUSE] We’re getting there. [INAUDIBLE] It’s kind of crazy
in 25 years– that’s crazy that it takes that long. And you’re both on the cover
of Entertainment Weekly. And this is a good
time for y’all. Yes. This is really a good time. Tell everybody what
the movie is about. It’s about a love
story between us. And sort of the
obstacles that happen when you meet the family. And the family is– what’s your family
like in the movie? So I play a
character, Nick Young. She is my girlfriend,
Rachel True. But unbeknown to Rachel,
he is an heir to a family– a very vast family
fortune in Singapore. So when we go back
for a wedding, she goes– she runs the gauntlet
of cousins, of crazy exes, of ridiculous mothers-in-law. Yeah. And all the girls in
Singapore want him. And I don’t know that. So I get there, and I’m bullied. Because they’re all– You’re a fish out of water. –trying to get it.

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  1. The most risky thing about the movie wasn't the fact that it had and all Asian cast. It was the fact that it was a RomCom

  2. Ooohh pls guys ur movie os not something wooohw compring with fr ex me before me a walk to remembr…..
    Sook much talk about it 😩😩😩

  3. Constance has a huge crush on him, lol. She behaves so differently in interviews with him vs interviews with other cast members. She speaks so softly around him!

  4. I dont like how Constance is being ignored here and Ellen doesnt even know her from Fresh Off The Boat?! Come on she is a great talent!

  5. I feel for the people who get asked where you from originally ( like me ) I'm proud where I'm from originally very proud but like do you have to

  6. I watch all ellen shows infact its my fav but this time its kinda off and plus i dont like the questions from ellen…dissapointed

  7. Could you imagine if a man had a talk show with a woman and said, "we need to show a body of your work" and then showed the woman in a bikini on the screen? women around the world would flip out calling for that man to resign and apologize and objectifying women. Ellen does it every single show to male guests and the women in the audience cheer and go wild. Such double standards.

  8. Лайкните типа чтоб американцы подумали что я типа что то крутое написала

  9. Seriously what’s the deal with Ellen showing shirtless pics of male actors when they come on the show.

  10. I'll credit Ellen for asking and not assuming they're Chinese like the majority do with us. I was born in the Philippines but raised in America. My whole life I've gotten Chinese to Vietnamese-Never assume, politely ask what our ethnicity is ☺

  11. So that would mean 25 years ago, The Joy Luck Club (also based on the Amy Tan book of the same name) was released with an all-Asian cast.

  12. Real talk, Ellen and Jimmy Fallon don't know how to interview Asian guests for sh*t. I'm not surprised, considering how few Asians guest they have on the shows, and every single time they do, Ellen relied solely on stereotypes for her humors.

  13. He looks dashing cause of mix for sure but sorry the heroine r out shape…. Nt pretty at all… Might select her of talent

  14. I'm so proud that he represented East Malaysia, Sarawak which is where I'm from. and I'd really love to meet him in person. he's such an amazing actor

  15. Hahaha when someone asks an Asian where are you from? You say West Virginia and they get confused…But they really meant to ask what your ethic background is 😂😂😂

  16. Ellen where are you from? Ellen you should know you are a migrant of European ancestry so remember that before you start asking awkward questions. Typical European American mentality.

  17. I'm still in love with this movie The Wedding scene is breathtakingly beautiful. Can't Help Falling In Love is my beautiful granddaughter A'Lyvia's lullaby, may this song always bring you peace and love. Ti Amo ❤️ Nonna

  18. Still Proud the way he said he is Iban and that's the confidence I really love😄💕my mother is Iban Sarikei but he is Iban from Betong but still OMG😆

  19. "Constance, where are you from?"
    "Richmond, VA"
    …I thought Ellen's next question was going to be, "But where are you really from?" 😂

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