Cowboys Fans During the Lions Game

93 thoughts on “Cowboys Fans During the Lions Game

  1. I mean really. Them injuries at the end was coming out of no where. Glad there wasnt any serious besides Anthony Brown but sheesh

  2. Every cowboys game:

    Win: we r winning the super bowl!!!

    Lose: Fire everyone/garret!!!

    Still love your videos though. Hilarious everytime lol 😂

  3. I have a theory that Jerry Rice has been covering all of the Cowboys’ game balls with vaseline and that’s why our receivers that get 100+ yard games like it’s nothing drop so many easy catches

  4. I mean…. we (Cowboys) have a chance to beat the Patriots. …….We barely beat Detroit, lost against the Jets….. but we have a chance…


  5. Playing the Pat's in Gillette stadium will be three times harder than playing them at home. Philly almost won and we're better than Philly. Gillette is hallowed ground to Brady, especially with our team injured and poorly coached.

  6. Questions Science still can't answer
    What's inside a black hole?
    What happens after we die?
    How did the Dallas Cowboys lose to the New York Jets?

  7. Bruh he killed me with the camera angles lmao I said the exact same thing during the game, it’s amazing how accurate he is 😂😂😂😂

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