Convertible Car Game Ⅱ[Trailer] 全ラオープンカーゲーム with美女 [予告編]

Convertible Car Game Ⅱ[Trailer] 全ラオープンカーゲーム with美女 [予告編]

So… We have a returning guest today! Sorry I’m late! I’m YouTuber Aimin, the Beautiful Lady! Nice to meet you! Why are you taking those off?! What’s this? The goal is Echigo-Yuzawa! In Niigata?! That’s right. What! It’s cold! It’s so cold! What is that?!

100 thoughts on “Convertible Car Game Ⅱ[Trailer] 全ラオープンカーゲーム with美女 [予告編]

  1. Oh come on, like they will go any further than a swim suit. There will be no nipples that people want to see.

  2. yes! Aimin is back! and cats! you really know how to lure me in! I love this channel so much! Thank you so much for your hard work :3

  3. this really pisses me off cause people are only going to are going to watch this for the girls; as Soon as they see old guys stripping theyll dip… Megwin's content is already bad enough without this shit going on

  4. 関口いわく「もう二度とやりたくない企画」だったらしい。ツイッターで言ってた。


  5. 関口さん、お疲れ様です笑 頑張りすぎですよw


  6. なんだよ結局色気仕掛けかよ!!まあ、、ぜったいみるけど

  7. this is gonna be AWESOME!… even the cat agrees. Aimin and Meteor, really think this group will have an awesome dynamic feel to them

  8. 「そっか〜オープンカーゲームが1周年だから記念に新しくするのか〜」って思って動画再生したら2年ぶりって書いてあってびっくりした!


  9. The car game again with a sexy Aimin power up?!  okay, I'll watch. I was going to anyway but yeah… looks fun!

  10. If Ami wasnt going to be in this series it would have went down more than half the views XD
    As a Canadian currently living in cold times I give u my condolences (although this is currently the warmest winter in canada i have ever experienced)

  11. おおおー!!

  12. When I first looked at the thumbnail, I thought it will be Megwin's or Bandy's boobs like what you guys did in MEGWIN TV's channel where you put a nice ass in the thumbnail which is actually Megwin's and Bandy's ass XD

  13. will be a fun thing to watch, especially now when siberian wind has hit here and its -30 c outside. Brings a proper atmosphere to it.

  14. めっちゃ楽しみ♪

  15. The moment I saw the thumbnail I was hoping it'd be Aimin. Looking forward to this one, looks like a lot of fun.

  16. 寝ないチャレンジに続き、また参加させて頂くことになりました!!チェックよろしくお願いします^^私のことを可愛いと書いてくれてるコメントもブスと書いてるコメントも全部嬉しく読ませてもらってますよ…ふふふ。

  17. Glad I finally got watch this, I first saw you guys on "YouTubers React" and I subscribed because you guys seemed like a batch of funny M.F.s. But I never took a chance to watch your videos…until now. Looks like this'll be a shitload of fun come next Friday.

  18. This was my favorite of the games on the channel, so I'm excited to see it again. Especially with the added bonus of a woman this time.

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