Console Wars – PS4 | Flashgitz | MASHED

Console Wars – PS4 | Flashgitz | MASHED

You stand trial… for the grievous sin of putting the disc for “The Last Of Us” away in the wrong box! Your flippant disregard of tradition means that when anyone else wants to play “The Last Of Us” They have to go through all the other boxes until discovering that you never even put it in a box at all… but left it face down on the coffee table AND NOW IT IS SCRATCHED!!! It was a lapse in judgement! I have dishonoured myself! Sony! The ship is headed straight for an iceberg we have to change course! Playstation hasn’t changed course for four generations POWER THROUGH THE OBSTACLE!! Speak up damn you!!! How do we catch Sony? Grrrrrrr he Knacked all over me! We probably wouldn’t understand his eastern gibberish anyway Mr Dukes! Wonton his ass! Gladly Captain! *splash* Captain! The PS4 sales are too high!! She’s getting away bro!! Damnit! We need to raise our own sales higher…. Captain… The connect- DAMMIT MR DUKES DON’T SAY IT!! It be weighing us down sir! If we cut it we’ll sale faster! .. drop the connect… DROP THE CONNECT!! Microsoft…. Do we engage the round eyes? NO! We stay the course! Our fanboys power us ever onward! Their lust for our games guide their chubby little feet Ju-ju-just a few more steps… I-I can almost taste him! I have to save this company from itself! OH NOOOOO!! *fanboys crying* What is going on? Why are we slowing down? ENGAGE THE RUDDY BASTARDS!! Standby for Titanfall… They’re stealing our fanboys! DESTROY THE ROUND-EYES!!! Earrghhh DUUUUDDEEE! MOBILE GAMING!! RUN AWAY MAAN! RUUUNNN!!! Damn! There goes all my sea shells! Du-don’t step on them! ALL IS LOST! ABANDON SHIP!! …and that’s how the consoles died… WHAT! But mobile gaming is %[email protected]# lame! I know, I know… muffintops.. Had the consoles united, perhaps things would have been different… But ultimately… Well erm… what happened on the other ship? Well… click on my penis to find out… Go ahead… give it a nice hard click… Thats right, I tell ya it’s full of content!

59 thoughts on “Console Wars – PS4 | Flashgitz | MASHED

  1. Looking back now looks like the consoles will die to streaming services after the next generation. Then again the streaming services will be built by the same people who make the consoles.

  2. We all know that the pc master race obviusly obliterates the rest, but we are all dumb so we fight each other to see who has more fps and all that stuff ( we are to perfectionists)

  3. 2:23 Is that "Nathanel Drake?" Hmmmm? No wonder he had two girlfriends in the series looking pretty good for a Merchant/Theif & Mercenary. Why he got shot in the neck like that?!😭😭😭😢😢😍😍😍😍😍
    #TeamSony🎎 who's side are you on? Put 🎎 For #Team Sony or 🎏#TeamMicrosoft

  4. Nintendo and PC: chill bros, we gonna ask the other guys if we can give ya free hentai and that shit, still, can’t we be friends?

  5. Heeeeeell to the no! 🤣 lol mobile gaming is THE biggest most hugerous shitshow to ever happen in the history of gaming 😤 Commit seppuku you mobile tyrants.

  6. Did you do a collaboration with Flashgitz to make this video? Because I first discovered this Series on their Channel.

  7. Tbh it’s not Sony or Microsoft fault… it’s ea’s(basically it’s a creative whole the major dev/design co. Fell into) and I’m pretty sure halo series is the only reason Xbox is even a thing still (idk so much about Sony anymore)

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