Console Players Will DOMINATE Chapter 2 Season 2! Here’s Why… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Console Players Will DOMINATE Chapter 2 Season 2! Here’s Why… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing Fortnite chapter 2 season 2, and more specifically why it’s
going to be so good for console and controller players.. So as we were expecting, the new season added
a ton of new stuff into the game. To be honest honest, without full patch notes
it was a little confusing at first, but I’m hoping by now you guys are starting to get
the hang of everything. And odds are if you’ve been on twitter, twitch,
or even Youtube since the start of the new season,, you’ve probably seen at least 1 person
say something along the lines of “oh man this new meta is so good for controller/console
players.” Well let me just tell you right now that there
is a lot of truth to that statement. So without further ado, let’s breakdown why
exactly that’s the case. Alright so in the intro I mentioned that a
lot of new things were added to Fortnite at the beginning of chapter 2 season 2,,, however,
probably the biggest positive change for console/controller players was a specific item being removed
from the game, damage traps. In the Fortnite community controller players
are kinda infamous for playing incredibly aggressive. When it comes to a close range 1v1 situation
mouse and keyboard players prefer for that fight to turn into a slow paced box fight,
ya know where both players trade edits and shotgun shots. Controller players on the other hand would
rather just spam a fully auto weapon, phase into the enemies’ 1×1, and then take a 50/50
shotgun or SMG fight because they trust their aim. And even though controller players would win
most of those 50/50 shotgun or SMG fights, mouse and keyboards players had a really deadly
possible counter in the form of traps. Unlike on controller placing traps can be
done in a fraction of a second on mouse and keyboard, so phasing into an enemies box has
always been a really a risky play for the past few seasons. But now that traps are vaulted for the foreseeable
future, the biggest counter to one of the biggest strengths of controller players is
now gone, and that’s obviously a good thing for us. Another huge positive for controller players
this season are the available weapons in the game, so let’s just go category by category
and break it down. So starting with the SMGs the regular SMG
was kept in the game, the P90 was replaced with the suppressed SMG, and two new SMGs
were added into the game, the rapid-fire SMG and a mythical version of the drum gun named
Midas’ Drum Gun which can be acquired by killing the boss in the middle island POI now called
“The agency.” So starting off, by swapping out the P90 with
the suppressed SMG, I definitely don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing for controller
players, but it also it also probably isn’t terrible, it kinda just comes down to opinion. I think almost everybody would agree that
the P90 is better than the suppressed SMG, but you also gotta remember those were purple
and gold rarity weapons so they were actually pretty rare. The suppressed SMGs on the other hand are
green and blue rarity, so even though they might be a little worse, they should also
be a lot more common. The rapid fire SMG is pretty rare, it’s only
available in specific locations, one of them being the new underground bunker in pleasant
park, and the fact that it has rapid fire in it’s name should indicate the type of weapon
it is, low damage per shot but fire incredibly quickly. Just to give you an idea, the P90 fired 12
shots per second while this weapon fires 15. So it may be pretty rare, but in the hands
of a controller player it is going to be just as deadly as P90 was for pushing and spraying
enemies. And then I don’t think I gotta go too in-depth
about the mythical drum gun. Just to put in perspective how good it is:
The blue suppressed SMG which most people would probably say is a fairly solid weapon
deals 22 base damage, fires 7.8 shots per second, and has a 30 shot clip size. The mythical drum gun deals 22 base damage,
fires 8 shots per second, and has a 40 shot clip size. So it does more damage, fires faster, and
has 10 more bullets per clip, I’ve been landing at the agency most of the season so far, so
I’ve used the weapon many times, and let me tell ya hitting 2-3 50 damage headshots in
a row with an SMG is just a crazy thing to see. And just to showcase that in a kinda funny
way, here’s a quick little compilation of clips displaying what the drum gun is capable
of. So yeah, probably the best weapon in the game
right now if you play with a controller. Moving on to the ARs which is another weapon
category that controller players are known to have a big advantage with, so it’s definitely
a positive thing that there so many good ARs in the game right now. Seriously you have the regular ARs, the SCARs
which there is now also a mythic version of named Skye’s Assault Rifle, there are the
suppressed SCARs, the AUGs, and the heavy ARs which also have a mythic rarity version
as well called Meowscle’s Peow Peow Rifle, not really sure about that name but definitely
a very powerful weapon. And I’m really interested to see how the high
end AR meta ends up playing out, specifically the AUG vs. the mythical SCAR vs. the mythical
heavy AR. And even though it’s not my personal cup of
the tea, the FAMAS’s are still available in the game as well. So definitely a lot of interesting and viable
AR options that console/controller players are probably going to have an absolute field
day with. Another important and kinda unexpected aspect
of the weapons available in the game is the fact that shotguns were totally unchanged. Nothing was added in this weapon category,
nothing was vaulted, and none of the damage numbers were altered in any way. I personally think that’s actually a pretty
big win for controller players because the tacs will still be just as good if not better
than the pumps,,,and as I’ve said on this channel a few times now, controller players
typically do better with spray shotguns so the tac still being really good is huge. And the final 2 interesting weapon changes
that I want to mention are the heavy sniper and minigun. The minigun is another weapon that’s really
good for spraying boxes and barrel stuffing players so it fits the controller playstyle
perfectly. And it’s kinda the same deal with the heavy
sniper as well. Sure it’s a really good for actually sniping
people, but it’s also is a really powerful weapon for controller players because it instantly
1 shots every type of build in the game even if it’s full health. So you’re bound to see at least a few crazy
plays where people use the heavy sniper to phase into a 1×1. Now let’s talk about some of the items that
got unvaulted as well. Probably the most important one is the remote
explosive aka C4. Now if you’ve played Fortnite for a long time
remote explosives may bring up some very bad memories because they used to be ridiculously
overpowered. However they’ve been nerfed so many times
now, it’s gotten to a point where they’re more of just an annoyance with one specific
purpose than a game-ruining item. And that specific purpose is to counter players
who either overbuild for high ground or constantly box-up in a 1×1 on low ground. And as we’ve talked about before, due the
fact that mouse and keyboard players have an advantage when it comes to building and
editing, building for high-ground and box fighting are 2 areas where they absolutely
thrive. So any kind of direct counter to that is obviously
going to be a big help for controller players. And then another item that was recently added
was the launch pad. Now I know it was added to the game a little
before chapter 2 season 2 began, but it was only available in regular game modes at first,
but at the beginning of the season they also made it available in arena and all the other
competitive modes. If you play competitive yourself or just follow
competitive players, you probably know that controller players love when launch pads are
in the game. And the reason is, when players use launch
pads they’re fully exposed while flying in the air, which means they can easily be sprayed
down with ARs and that’s pretty much the controller player specialty. So even though we should definitely expect
the weapon and item pool to be tweaked slightly as the season goes on, as of right now it’s
about as good as it can possible get for console/controller players. You have a lot of good SMGs, a lot of good
ARs, and box fighting has been heavily nerfed due to the removal of some weapons/items and
the addition of others. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. If you’re a console/controller player, how
are you liking chapter 2 season 2 so far? And to make it more simple give it a rating
on a scale of 0-10. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

100 thoughts on “Console Players Will DOMINATE Chapter 2 Season 2! Here’s Why… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

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  6. Has anyone noticed an huge increase in bloom and getting 0 first shot accuracy most of the time? Also aim assist is bugged for me and not working at all.

  7. Controller on pc will. Console will continue to get shit on because of cross platform and sbmm. Especially right now since pc can get stretched res and console cant

  8. this is wrong information Gronky , on console my aim literally hasn't been the same since the update , liner aim assist dont work anymore. input lag has gotten worst , turbo building doesn't work either, okay yes maybe controller on PC is dominant but your title is literally misleading / click bait. do your research

  9. Is anyone else on bell home hub 3000 wifi and theyve been getting constant 120+ ping since one month ago around 7 to 11 pm EST ? anyone know how to fix it?

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  13. C2 S2 is hands down the best season I’ve seen for console players and I’ve played since C1 S3. It’s a long time coming but be prepared for MKB players to complain nonstop

  14. Every since this update my aim hasn't felt right and none of my ar shots would hit on controller I switched between a controller and mouse and keyboard and I took the time to line up my shots in the body while a guy was standing still and when I starting firing only one shot out of 15 hit


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  18. Bro This is fake. Just because they put in like 4 spamming guns doesnt mean its gonna be completely good. Our frames and ping are literally horrible, im playing squads and solos on 134 ping

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  22. Console has gotten worse for me in season 2. Lag spikes, especially when encountering other players, building and editing fails, sweat infested 'regular' lobbies and it feels like SB matchmaking has been removed all together. More pc players than in season 1 in my games and they all annihilate me because of the lag spikes and input delay. I think the season is pretty cool and I agree most game related changes favor controller players but console feels even worse than before.

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    That has always been the case and still is today.
    In fact network speed from what I have experienced has never been more apparent as it is now to winning those 50/50 encounters.
    In my opinion the stability of Fortnite since the latest update at least for console has never been sketchier.

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  26. What he meant to say was PC Controller players will dominate chapter 2. Console players, we're going to continue getting our ass beat. Sad thing is when you know your against a M&K player and your better than them but can't kill them because your 30-60 frames and added input delay from playing on console won't allow it. Enjoy these early season mixed skill level lobbies while you can.

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