computer games

computer games

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The console a dedicated games machine had now become the more popular form of computers in the home Although the PC was used at home by some it was essentially an office machine By the late 80s there were two competing consoles which would dominate the market Sega and Nintendo these machines were In many ways like computers. They weren’t like the pong machine. Which going to play one game they had micro processors They could play a whole series of games on cartridges they were mainly almost entirely marketed at children rather than didn’t have this kind of, you know, didn’t this attempt to appeal to Adult users, you know, they were just dedicated games machines, but they soon proved very popular Just how popular games had become was evident when games master the first video games program came onto our TVs in 1992 Presented by dominic diamond it attracted an audience of millions If you’re tuning in for the first time where have you been bought my how tall you’re getting you’re four weeks late But we’ve all taken turns keeping this lock warm for your arrival. So sit yourself down hop on mo get kama mo Get out your joystick and give it a love and caress because that’s what we’ll be doing here for the next half hour Meanwhile in the world of the PC things have become ever more sophisticated One of the original and most famous of the computer nerds Bill Gates and his now Multi-billion dollar company Microsoft were instrumental in turning the PC into a machine which could perform a multitude of tasks It was even beginning to challenge the consoles grip on the gaming market. That was until Sony introduced its PlayStation Did a brilliant thing they would go in all the clubs in Britain and with boot Playstations into clubs into the chiller rooms They would sponsor tents at rock festivals enough tents full of PlayStation and this just Branded the PlayStation as a cool older thing now a this means that late teens and adults think it’s okay to buy it’s not as embarrassing as going and buying a Nintendo but it also means that younger kids 12 13 You won to be cooler than their friends thing or let’s go. Let’s go for the older thing It really was the kind of bad danger disorder, brother

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