Clash Of Clans Took ALL My MONEY! (Rushed Base) / The Adventurers Gaming

Clash Of Clans Took ALL My MONEY! (Rushed Base) / The Adventurers Gaming

hi guys welcome back to the gaming
channel and guess what this week we’re taking matters into our own hands I’ll
tell you right now I’ve been playing for like almost 5 years for no good in
battles for anybody I just I’m having these gems in here grab everything cuz
he just spent a hundred only upgraded to this is Jake’s base. Jacob has got a super rushed base now for playing something
totally different Katie and Jordan are out of town
Audrey’s at school it’s just the boys week he’d you see ty over there he’s
playing virtual reality games some sort of sports game he’s playing right now
Sports scramble is what he’s playing and Jake and I we were playing clash of
clans see jake has just started playing clash of clans in our clan and well
let’s just put it this way my clan needs some help it’s not doing too well we’ve
got beat every war yeah we were just like in this big long war battle
and it just see it as horrible I think we won one because the other team didn’t
even try and so I’m gonna try to recruit some players and so our clan is called
sons of knights all right and so it’s spelled sons of knights K N I G H T S
and it’s a purple shield with a black center and we’re a level 13 we’ve had
some awesome players in the past just right now we’re kind of in a little bit
of a slump and so what we’re gonna do Jake just started so he’s like one of
our weakest players here go to our clan I kind of show all of our our clan mates
here yeah so if you go into our clan castle you can see that as he Scrolls
down if you see we have Punisher who is our top he’s our leader
he’s also his uncle my brother and then as you scroll down you’ll see you you’ll
see me yt3 fam that’s me I’m in there and if
you scroll all the way down eventually you see gee I’ve been 23rd so I’m not
the weakest he’s another weakest but he’s pretty
close so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna cheat we’re gonna pay to
have him play and move all the way up so go ahead and let’s get you in there
we’ve never done this before in clash of clans I’ve been playing for almost five
years maybe even longer than that I can’t remember and I I think I’ve paid
once $19 to get some upgrades that was it Jake maxed out bro okay so he’s maxed
so what I want you to do is to start upgrading so let’s start upgrading with
your Town Hall yep just it’s just gonna max out bro okay so just start maxing
out your town halls maxing out everything I don’t know what to max out
start with your town halls so let’s just upgrade that we’re gonna what they call
rush we’re gonna rush it Oh me I had to get all these do location start building
all those so while he’s building those I can’t believe we did this
everyone’s gonna be like oh so Jake said go from like almost last place in our
clan to he’s gonna be one of the top players I hope I don’t know should I get builders? yeah get a couple builders if you need to maybe get one
get one builder yeah because that’s gonna because you’re just gonna back
some things up so you don’t need to have builders yeah and so the weight clash of
clans works is you have your base and you have to build defenses you have to
build your and take seven a lot of fun you have to build your gold and your
elixir bases and then you build your troops and then you upgrade your troops
and then you go to battle against other people and if you win you get more gold
more elixir which allows you to upgrade if you lose you lose status and ranking
and everything everything else so for the past one week maybe we can half
we’ve been trying to get Jake’s base up but it’s just taking forever so we
thought well heck let’s make a video let’s show people how to play
clan’s let’s try to recruit some players so if you’re out there and you play
clash of clans and you’re pretty good most importantly if you’re active we
want you we want you in our clan because we want to take this clan and be
one of the top clans in the game and this is how we’re gonna do it at least
for now Jake but I want to show you so Jake right now is upgrading oh my
goodness you got tons of walls before you do all the walls though are you
gonna build them okay yeah yeah just build everything so don’t worry about
this layout 322 okay didn’t do it
what’s the same grades existing gold storage hey need more gold storage with
the wood got that Oh Ty’s joining us now he’s like what are you doing alright
boom oh I just need to grab my gold storage because it says I don’t have
enough of gold to do so then do it dude I’m doing is telling you today I should
check if I play some users I can’t so right now he’s just flipping around as
you can see on the screen here he’s just upgrading these would normally take like
weeks maybe even months in some cases years if you did this without paying for
the upgrade but we want to advance him and get him up there so if you see
somebody in our clan go fighting let’s watch that yeah maybe I’ll do an attack
because I’ve got my account open right now and so soon as he does some
upgrading they’ll do it attacks you can see one of my attacks I’ll tell you
right now I’ve been playing for like almost 5 years I have no goal I’m not
the best player I’ve got like one strategy that I like to tak with and
that’s with Valkyries golem and wizards it’s worked for me I can use to get at
least a 2 star every once in a while I’ll get a 3 star which is a max on an
attack I prefer wait the 10 seconds instead of wasting one gem so you get
some strategies on building your defenses you’ve got wizard towers which
when they shoot it does like a splash so that’s a good attack to have or a good
defense that you want to max then you have a mortar which shoots a
big ball and it’s a splash attack so that’s a good one I think I’m out of
gold saw and everything’s just gonna cost gems now all right let’s gem it so
what time over yet when you start more and I’m on no five you were on a five or
four I was on five okay so he was a townhall five but a brand new five
right yeah okay so he hadn’t gotten very far
and now you’re what is six or seven six okay now he’s a townhall six and he’s
building his walls now I just built a mortar
he’s building a air defense so when people come at him with balloons I won’t
die check this out man he is operating so fast like this never happens you
can’t upgrade like this normally but because we paid for it now then we’re
gonna take a little bit of a shortcut see if we can get him up on our status
Oh and Logan’s like having so much fun because he’s hanging out with the boys
don’t keep upgrading ah no rest for you keep up do it do it bro oh you just
upgrade you just upgraded to a higher level nice so I got some spring traps
can’t get spring trap’s get the bombs all these little I call them accessories so
they’re like the skeletons the spring traps the bombs the air air fly bombs
thingies they they just hope kind of slow down when you’re getting attacked
but oh okay my gold upgrade them golds bro get him upgraded whoa
did you just do it yeah okay well we just have played it upgraded to level 25
now nice I’m level seven in okay he’s town hall seven this is beautiful you
should just be like okay now let’s max up before you go to a higher Town Hall
max out all your defenses max oh man I’ll cut down a lot of trees see the
problem is if you upgrade your Town Hall and you don’t upgrade your defenses and
everything you’re gonna just you’re at a higher level now and these other players
who are at that same level or again come in and see you and go dude this guy is
totally rushed his base rushing your base is bad
anybody can come in and just take you out so don’t rush your base you never
want to upgrade unless you maxed out everything on that level
once you’ve maxed out then it’s okay to upgrade because then you’re powerful
enough and you kind of built your base where you can support that next level
when you rush one nobody wants you in their clan because rest bases are
horrible they kill the stats because you just get beat up you’re no good in
battles for anybody because you’re just you’re just a sitting target that
everybody can three-star yes so pro tip don’t rush your base if you want to be
in a good clan or you can pay in every upgrade the defense without already
inside the base just upgrade everything bro upgrade everything let’s get er done
I’m right you’re almost out of gem he’s almost out of gems are you kidding me
Ok focus on defenses yeah because you’ve maxed out okay this was Jake’s
allowance for like I don’t know what a month so he just he just spent it all
on clash of clans so soon as he gets these upgraded we’re gonna show you a battle
what that looks like oh wait I need these yeah you do come on yeah yeah we
got to be able to make better I’m all my wizards and stuff
yeah see when you upgrade what are you upgrading? right now I need to upgrade my
elixer your army bases in army camp yeah I saw you braid the camps that
allows you to make different different troops and then also hold more troops as
well so before he couldn’t build even wizards I mean it was horrible
all’s he could go to battle with was was Giants and archers I just I’m having
these gems in here grab everything do what you have to do bro I think I’m
gonna upgrade these videos I never call him bro what I call you bro I am like
gems okay I would focus on defenses yeah I get those defenses up you’re like wait
week okay he’s got a rushed base so I guess if you want to max out your base
this would probably cost a thousand dollars cuz he just spent a hundred and
only upgraded to bottom shot no you’re not you have no permission
dude again I got some how to take away his permission so you can’t do it
because katie is gonna get a text from EA saying that $100 was just spent and
she’s gonna be like texting me here I’m surprised she hasn’t already saying what
are you guys doing because she’s probably gonna figure it out I’m gonna
be honest here let’s show them a battle real fast so go I’m gonna I’m gonna
start a battle online why are you home oh I know I should have upgraded my
base do you have a free builder I don’t have any gold okay here watch my
battle I’m gonna have you challenge my base okay so this is my base he’s gonna
attack my base I’m using the troops I had before sir this is my little five
truth okay here we go protect me turn okay this is my level five troops right so this is my base here again this
has taken me almost five years of my gaming playing which I don’t play every
day but I do get on and try to get one battle in I see how well Jake can go against my
base I’m a town hall oh this is my other account this is my lower account so this
is a town hall 10 Twelve is the maximum you can be I
have another account so my other account is a level 12 no it’s a it’s a level 11
which is the second highest and it’s almost maxed out ready to move up to townhall
12 and last time so you didn’t even get through the walls dude walls are too strong
that’s hilarious okay all right well he tried this is sad
because we just spent $100 Jacob has got a super rushed base now he’s gonna be
like mocked and scored y
he’s you know he’s gonna do a challenge this is me attacking yeah it says this
is me attacking in this last battle check this out I got a three-star I had
to tack down a little bit so I’m actually taking somebody who’s a little
bit weaker than me but they are a town hall 11 and I’m a town hall 11 but
they’ve kind of rush their base so if you look at their walls the walls are
like really weak their defenses are relatively weak so might as they rushed
I was able to attack him because we have the same Town Hall level but his
defenses are pretty pretty weak that way we take still weaker but as you notice
as I come in here this two double speed I deploy all my heroes and I bring in my
big troop so I try to bring in my my ones that can take all the shots and I
bring in my wizards and my Valkyries last because they come in there and just
start wreaking havoc on everything as you can see as I go around all my my
troops start going around all of his stuff and just taking out one by one and
I got a three-star so yeah I filled up all the war castles so if you join our
clan so if you guys again if you play clash of clans and you’re at least a
townhall 5 you get up probably at least be a townhall 5 if you’re less than I
just keep playing until you get higher and then join our clan sons of knights k
ni GA yes it’s a purple outer shield with a
black inside we’re at level 13 we’re an awesome plan it’s me and Jake it’s his
uncle it’s a couple of friends that I had from work back in the day and we
just have a lot of fun but we need some more active players you
can get up to fifty players I think we only have like 24 right now like over
those 24 they’re like 12 or active so if you want to play we want you on our team
we want to have you guys join us there are a couple of people on here that know
that we’re youtubers and every once while we are now going to be recording
these and putting them on this channel here so if you want to be famous if you
want to be fun if you want to be awesome join our clan alright guys $2 for four
thousand dead no no more purchasing you got to earn it alright guys thank you
guys so much for watching thanks for watching us cheat our way into crushing
his base I can’t believe we’ve rushed his base 100 dollars basically put him
in a worse situation he’s in right now because now he’s got to spend all this
time to try to build it up and I’m not gonna let him continue to spend money
because that’s crazy alright guys thank you guys so much for watching and peace
out we’ll see you later

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