City Car Driving 1.3.5 Full Game Review – with Kia Ceed, Lexus GS 350 F Sport 4×4. HD 1080p 2014

hello first i just wanna see thanks for
all the great support on my videos I really enjoyed waking up each day with
around ten new comments to read and it rly keeps me uploading more
videos so again thanks to you all who showing such a great interest in my
views by liking commenting and sharing them around to your fellow human beings alright so city
car driving driving simulator that will
put your skills to the test featuring reality like physics smart traffic
AI and modern graphics if you get bored of
the regular cars there’s always a large amount of highly textured real-life car mods easy to install
anytime and new ones are being made almost every
day by the popular City Car Driving forum community this game is not a
realistic simulator in terms of car handling but it gets the job done sure enjoyed
being behind the wheel it’s not too unrealistic either as the grip varies from the weather conditions and
you may often find yourself braking too late with locking brakes
going too fast in a bend and the car starts sliding the sliding the
feeling of car is a bit weird guess it’s because of all the other
aspect such as the sound and the force be back which isn’t very good if you were to
compare this game with a racing simulator like Live for speed for example this game is far behind in
advanced physics so if you’re looking to be a
professional driver who can handle a car with ease in any situation on the racetrack then you go for Live for speed but if you’re
looking for a boost or help to pass your driving test then this game is great as you need
to sympathize with other really smart AI traffic and obey various different road signs and regulations I still really enjoy doing someillegal highway racing though as no other realistic racing game can do it or just cruising along with my BMW m5 hear the engine roar as you overtake other traffic once in
a while the game map is actually quite large I would say it’s almost like one of
those four different islands in gta san andreas it features a smaller
town a large city a country road off-road
courses mountainous area and of course a highway
stretching around most of the map which has some long straights allowing you
to reach max speed of your Lamborghini Aventador up to 250 KPH which I have a video on actually have a
lot videos on this game so feel free to
check them out and take a seat to ride along with me the main menu allows you to choose between
career mode free driving modes the profile menu and the game settings menu the game settings menu will allow you to do a variety of things like adjust resolutions change the graphics quality of various
textures and FX set the sound levels toogle windowed
mode assign custom controls and more for example you can now say set
to use DirectX 11 with the new 1.3 update
in controls you have the option to use a keyboard mouse and keyboard mouse
combination and a steering wheel or joystick but
there are barely any force feedback settings unfortunately and profiles
will track your progress as you play the game aswell as log your violations as you
accumulate them in the career mode you will begin
with the training mode that shows you how to get your car
started and how to switch gears like in real life vehicles with
manual transmissions will require users change gears as you drive with clutch or not
while in automatic you need hold the brake to be able to change between
reverse park and drive the car also slowly glides
forward like in real-life automatic cars the game will put you
through the motions of putting on your seatbelt turning the engine on
removing the parking brake changing gears using turn signals toggle
in headlights everything you’d expect in a normal
vehicle basically you’ll be able to look left and right aswell behind you
which can be done with buttons or the mouse there’s also support for facial
recognition like trackIR trackIR and option to let your view go with the way wheel are turned Turned third gruesome you available will
help you out in tough spots once you get used to driving
mechanics you have to get through different challenges without
going over so many violations or getting into accidents training courses will help you to
fine-tune your parralel parking and steering free driving mode lets you pick between
a few different cards some of which have auto
transmissions some of the vehicles are locked and require you to earn achievements in order to unlock them
there is however unlocking cheat if you don’t want to progress through
the career mode or you find yourself getting stuck be sites being able to choose car
you’ll be able to adjust weather effects set traffic and pedestrian density pick your starting location and sliders for aggresive or calm traffic behavior in free driving mode you’re
is still expected to follow the rules of the road checking mirrors before remain changing for
example But these violation messages can of course be turned off if you just want to race around or don’t understand the russian or UK road signs so well There are some features I’d like to see added to the game. There isn’t that much to this game other than to drive around around or doing carreer missions. Police cars some times appear but just drive around legally with there lights on and sometimes not the same goes for ambulances. it would be cool if the user could be pulled over in game and be cited for various infractions and after enough of them, an arrest could result that would end your free driving mode. it
would certainly add to the educational theme of the game message to teach
younger drivers what it would take to be banned from
driving altogether despite the above-mentioned missing
features city car driving is a good way to get
you into the mindset driving an actual vehicle while
a simulation could never take the place of the real thing as it lacks a lot of aspect it’s still
gives you a great help in taking a driving licence changing lanes for example requires
turn signal and the game lets you know when you forget it cars beeps at you angrily when you
stopped in the middle of the road from no reason and some cars stop to to let me turn
even though they had the right of way your car takes damage as you get into an
accident but is not visible from the inside it doesn’t affect the car in anyway and the sound of a crash is absolute
rubbish as I said earlier the sound on this game is one of the worst I’ve heard it
definitely needs improvements as you drive you kinda get used to it and don’t notice it so much you can drive in the rain but there’s no
no option for snow there’s however some snow modifications
but they are very complicated to install
overall city car driving is fairly good simulator that I could see being
used in schools or at home for teenagers just learning
how to drive when used as an educational tool it
will deliver the basics those seeking for a more realistic game
however in terms of racing or car handling should look for
something else the game currently going for $25 USD witch right now when the dollar is so weak
is actually pretty good price city car driving just released a new
free 1.3 update with the most notifiable things are improved force feedback
improved AI traffic left and right and better instructions I
would give this game a 6 out of 10 compared to other more popular during
games but considering the fact this game is made
by small company they did a great job with it and the score might crank up to 8
out of 10 hope you enjoyed if you have any
questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment on happily subscribe to you as i answer it again
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