CHRISTMAS PICTIONARY GAME (or any topic) for kids

welcome to Wright ideas with Susan! today I have a really fun simple game to share with you that I did this past week and
it went ever really well and it’s the old fashioned game of Pictionary. so first I’m
going to show you how I organized the game and then at the end of the clip
I’ve got a funny story to tell you about so let’s get started. I planned this game
as a review game and I gave it about 12 to 15 minutes of my lesson and I had
four of these little white boards with textas and in a little bag I put clues
for them to draw that’s pertain to our lessons that we’ve been studying the
last couple of weeks which pretty much was the life of Jesus from birth to when
he got baptized by John so basically the Christmas story so I called four kids
our kids at the front and they started drawing their pictures and then they
would reveal them and they would pick someone to try to guess what they’ve
drawn and then that kid would be able to come up and they would pick a clue and
then they would continue to draw and so I chose 12 clues which meant 12 kids got
to come up and draw and different kids got to answer the questions and here are
some of the great pictures that they came up with I do have a funny story to tell you. one
of the kids got up and drew this drawing here and different kids who are trying
to guess what you know the answer was and I was sitting there going what did I
put in that little bag that has to do with Pizza Hut? I’m trying to think if
finally I got it close to him when I whispered, “what are you drawing there?” and
he said ‘manager’ and then it dawned on me that he had misread the word ‘manger’. so I
thought he did a really good job drawing a manager huh? anyway if you like
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your lessons

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