Choosing the Best Approach : The Merryweather Heist : GTA V Guide : XBOX 360 PS3 PC

Choosing the Best Approach : The Merryweather Heist : GTA V Guide : XBOX 360 PS3 PC

Whichever approach you choose the outcome
of the mission will be the same. The freighter approach involves some sniping
and putting bombs all over the freighter. A little later you have to drive a submarine
to pick up an item. The offshore approach involves flying a submarine
to the ocean with a helicopter and picking up an item with the submarine. You will also
have to defend the helicopter from some enemies.

40 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Approach : The Merryweather Heist : GTA V Guide : XBOX 360 PS3 PC

  1. Well the offshore mission is a waste of time, I did not receive anything at the end….. Really annoying, and I suspect that some people will stop playing after receiving again nothing for a mission (the lack of money gain in mission is really annoying)

  2. Wait for what?? For a new mission or receiving anything from that mission? (btw just finished the third heist, only got 4.4 ton each…)

  3. If you do offshore you still get the helicopter which otherwise you'd have to buy. when it comes to money, they are the same. the offshore mission does get you more actual rewards, but the ship mission is definitely more fun.

  4. Well that has nothing to do with this mission, and yes I got a lot of money in the end, but really that was way to late, because giving so much money in the end does nothing. I cannot even spend the money with Trevor because I already got all the businesses with him (except golf, but not going to grind 150mil for that….). And I am only missing 1 theater with Michael.

    And don't use saying's on a international website, because clocking a game does not make any sense if I translate it.

  5. It's not a saying, but it makes sense. I understood what he said, I think you're just a kid with little life experience to understand what he meant.

  6. Just what I'm looking for. Straight to the point, no intros, not stupid HeY gUyS wAnA jOiN mY fReE gIvE aWaY!?.
    Awesome dude, just awesome.

  7. you know why this is the best cause you just say it ……..other youtubers make it like 20 minites to say so thank you

  8. This is literally the best video ever you didn't spend twenty minutes explaining why they are the same thanks

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